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Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Syria diaries

Here are my related diaries on Syria, those I think most significant are in bold:
07/24/2017Free Syria joins flags of the world on Venice Beach
07/10/2017Russia admits sarin used in spite of Sy Hersh fantasy
07/07/2017Seymour Hersh exposes Russian & Syrian lies about sarin attack
07/06/2017Syria, Seymour Hersh and the Sarin denialists
07/04/2017Sy Hersh's incredible secret source
06/27/2017Putin: More chemical attacks being prepared in Syria
05/16/2017Since Khan Sheikhoun: Murders holocaust enablers don't argue about
05/12/2017Dr. Ted Postol misreads the HRW Report on Khan Sheikhoun
05/10/2017Are Scott Horton & Ted Postol holocaust enablers?
05/07/2017The Syrian Cause and Anti-Imperialism
05/07/2017Chomsky and the Syria revisionists: Regime whitewashing
05/05/2017Who runs Syria? Why are more sarin attacks coming?
05/04/2017Informed Interview with Anand Gopal on Syria on Democracy Now
05/03/2017Reading Comprehension 101 for MIT Professor Dr. Ted Postol
05/01/2017Postol's Apostles & the normalization of chemical weapons use
04/30/2017Dr. Postol's "correction" shows he still needs Reading Comprehension 101
04/30/2017Google correct the record: Little girl was beheaded by Assad not ISIS [GRAPHIC!]
04/28/2017Please Re-Tweet as Ted Postol beats a hasty retreat
04/27/2017Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now says Assad now best for Syria
04/26/2017Sincerely yours, Theodore A. Postol
04/24/2017A valuable admission: Russia controls Syria & Putin runs the war
04/18/2017Why is Russia Today attacking Rep. Maxine Waters?
04/16/2017Why would Assad use sarin in Syria now?
04/13/2017Democracy Now debuts new lie about Khan Sheikhoun sarin attack
04/09/2017Trump's strike against Assad: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
04/05/2017Noam Chomsky regurgitates 2012 Putin propaganda to excuse latest sarin murders
04/04/2017Dennis "the Menace" Kucinich
04/04/2017After Trump drops "Assad removal" from US goals, Assad drops sarin again
12/19/2016Bana Alabed has been evacuated from Aleppo
12/18/2016General Wesley Clark & the Bruce Tanner Standard of Evidence
12/12/2016Save the civilians of East Aleppo SaveAleppo AleppoIsBurning
11/20/2016What's next for the left's troubled relationship with Syria?
11/07/2016For America & Syria’s Sake, Don’t Vote Green
09/30/2016Russia's war against Syria one year on
09/29/2016Chemical Weapons attacks expand beyond Syria
08/22/2016The World’s Naked Disgrace
08/20/2016Amy Goodman should address this extremely important statement by her guest
08/19/2016The picture of little Omran in Aleppo
08/16/2016Russia now "carpet bombing" Syria from bases in#Iran
08/14/201640 years after 'Vietnam' napalm returns to human skin in Syria
08/13/201697 civilians killed by air strikes in Syria yesterday
08/10/2016Meet Green Party's Jill Stein, Putin sock-puppet & Assad apologist
08/06/2016Aleppo pays dearly in Syria’s unwinnable war of attrition
08/05/2016By abandoning Aleppo, the world has empowered jihadists
08/02/2016Breaking the siege of Aleppo - 21st Century's Paris Commune
07/25/2016US Air Strike on Syrian maternity hospital kills 28
07/25/2016Syria: Reasserting Dignity in the US Antiwar Movement
07/25/2016the most noteworthy success for peace of recent years
07/20/2016212 Syrian civilians killed in US air strikes as GOP calls for crushing ISIS
07/19/2016In spite of UN deal Assad continues to make & use chemical weapons
07/17/2016"Good Cop" Obama coming out for Assad with "Bad Cop" Putin
07/01/2016One hour from Istanbul: The bombs you don't hear about
06/28/2016VIPS to rescue as Dissenting Diplomats oppose Obama's courtship of Assad
06/11/2016From the Syrian Revolution: Important Statement from Manbij City Council
05/14/2016Democracy Now discovers the Syrian Revolution
05/13/2016Daraya yesterday: People waiting for food are denied, then shelled
05/12/2016Andy Berman, long time member bids farewell to Veterans for Peace
05/06/2016Leaked docs reveal: Assad & ISIS played us on Palmyra
05/02/2016FYI Aleppo Is Burning while you are kept ignorant
04/29/2016Robert F. Kennedy's Jr. Andromeda Strain
04/11/2016Code Pink changes a logo, will it now also change its stand on Syria?
03/30/2016Burning Country coming to Los Angeles
03/27/2016Friday protests roll on in Syria, the Paris Commune of the 21st Century
03/05/2016104 opposition rallies across Syria on Friday show revolution lives!
02/04/2016Peace talks stall as the slaughter of Syrian civilians continues
02/01/2016From Luna Watfa: Under The Mercy of Potentials 2
01/29/2016Syrian Civil Society Declaration
01/25/2016The UN repeats mistakes of the past in Madaya
01/22/2016US gets its 1st air base in Syria
01/05/2016Luna Watfa: Enemy of Syrian State admitted sarin photos were fakes!
12/30/2015From Luna Watfa: Waiting for the reunion
12/28/2015Happy New Year from Linux Beach
12/24/2015From Luna Watfa: "Do not stop, keep going ... keep moving!"
12/15/2015Truth Revealed: 2013 East Ghouta sarin attack was done by aliens!
12/14/2015From Luna Watfa: Death accompanies you on every step
12/12/2015From Syria refugees Luna & Basel Watfa: Like living in the Stone Age
12/06/2015Assad le compra petróleo a Daesh en efectivo y se vende a sí mismo como su peor enemigo
12/05/2015¿Por qué occidente quiere rebeldes sirios "moderados"?
12/01/2015Assad buys oil from Daesh for cash while he sells himself as their worst foe
11/30/2015Why does the West want "moderate" Syrian rebels?
12/21/2015"¿Y qué hay de las bombas de barril que matan a miles?"
11/25/2015"Well, what about the barrel bombings that kill thousands?"
11/20/2015Qui profite ? Qui bénéficie des attaques de Paris ?
11/20/2015La Izquierda Imperial:¡al cabo de años, la misma cantinela!
11/20/2015Assad's Grand Mufti threatened Paris type attacks in 2011
11/18/2015¿Cui bono? ¿Quién se beneficia con los ataques de París?
11/16/2015Qui profite? Who benefits from the Paris attacks?
11/16/2015The Imperial Left's sarin song: still "Regime Change" after all these years!
11/09/2015Briefly on Chomsky
11/05/2015Are Obama's "boots" in Syria the result of lessons learned in Libya?
11/02/2015Obama still wants you to believe he thinks Assad must go
11/01/201570 killed, 550 wounded in air strikes on market near Damascus
10/31/2015Vienna Talks Heart of Darkness: "2. State institutions will remain intact."
10/31/2015ACTION ALERT: Tell PBS Frontline What's Really "Inside Assad's Syria"
10/31/2015JOINT STATEMENT Final declaration on the results of the Syria Talks in Vienna as agreed by participants
10/30/2015Refugiados sirios en Kusel: "Esperar no es sano"
10/30/2015A report from Luna & Basel, Syrian refugees in Germany: "Waiting is not Healthy"
10/26/2015Neue Spielarten des Kolonialismus und Krise der linken Werte
10/22/2015Zibechi: New colonialisms and left values
10/20/2015Ray McGovern shows the arrogance of the "anti-imperialists" knows no bounds!
10/19/2015Basel & Luna made it from Syria to Germany safely but they still need your help
10/14/2015Where are the anti-war protesters now?
10/19/2015"Руки прочь от Сирии" относится и к России
10/18/2015ارفعوا أيديكم عن سوريا" وهذا ينطبق على روسيا أيضا "
10/17/2015« Pas d’interventions en Syrie » s’applique aussi à la Russie »
10/16/2015"Hände weg von Syrien" gilt auch für Russland
10/16/2015"Manos Fuera de Siria" se aplica también a Rusia
10/15/2015“Giù le mani dalla Siria” vale anche per la Russia: chiamata per le adesioni.
10/11/2015Please join us by signing this statement "Hands Off Syria" Applies to Russia Too
10/07/2015Syrian opposition preparing to become the Resistance to the Russian Occupation
10/05/2015Blue Monday: Will Russian bombs become Syria's new silent killers?
10/04/2015Robert Fisk: Syria's civilians have disappeared..& there are no good guys
10/04/2015Free Syrian Army of Homs Statement on Russian Aggression
10/04/2015Patrick Cockburn: Let's welcome Russian bombs into this war
10/02/2015Has Russia already killed more civilians in Syria than NATO did in Libya?
10/02/2015Does White Helmet fumble prove Russian bombs don't kill civilians?
10/01/2015Hama rebel commander: Russia intends ‘to exterminate the Free Syrian Army’
10/01/2015Vijay Prashad's Hypocrisy Now on Syria and Assad
09/30/2015How FAIR is this support for Russian aggression?
09/30/2015Russian warplanes attack Free Syrian Army & kills civilians
09/29/2015Por qué sigo siendo marxista
09/27/2015How Democracy Now helped to create the Syrian refugee crisis
09/25/2015Obama's Two-Step U-Turn down the Memory Hole of Syria
09/24/2015Russian soldiers who mutinied against Syria deployment face 20 years
09/23/2015An Open Letter to the Authors of the UNAC Statement, "We are NOT Charlie Hebdo!"
09/21/2015Portside takes a backwards look at the Syrian refugee crisis
09/21/2015Holocaust, on-going: How Assad created the Syrian refugee crisis
09/20/2015s memory corruption behind yet another un-FAIR Syria story?
09/18/2015Is Assad Putin's puppet and did Russia offer him up in 2012?
09/11/2015The Syrian Revolution and the crisis of the anti-war movement
09/10/2015Change-Links new Syria list policy would make Putin proud
09/07/2015Does the "do nothing" Left want Assad to win in Syria?
09/06/2015Syrian refugees escape their cages in Hungary and walk to Austria
09/03/2015Tragically #AssadHolocaust now trending
09/02/2015Contradictions on Syria: Patrick Higgins Strikes Back!
08/31/2015Jacobin's "War on Syria"
08/26/2015Are 71 Syrian refugees found dead in Austria part of Assad's holocaust?
08/27/2015Bashar al-Assad threatened Syrian holocaust three years ago
08/24/2015Is Assad creating the first holocaust of the 21st century?
08/24/2015counterpunch delivers another low blow to the Syrian people
08/22/2015Assad worst than ISIS: Another 50 civilians murdered in Douma today
08/21/2015Bild.de: The truth about Assad's war on Syria
08/19/2015Report on Convention: Veterans for Peace gives Assad & ISIS a new tool
08/19/2015US air strikes against Free Syria Army kills 25
08/08/2015Booth & Banner @ Veterans for Peace National Convention
08/05/2015Critique of Proposed VFP Resolution 2015-3 Stop All Foreign Intervention In Syria
08/03/2015Hillary Clinton's early role in facilitating Bashar al-Assad's crackdown in Syria
05/31/2015As Assad loses ground, he gains a new air force
05/25/2015Response to Veterans for Peace on Syria
05/17/2015Obama on Syria this week: Like I've been saying...
05/17/2015Was ISIS "leader" Abu Sayyaf promoted posthumously by Obama?
05/10/201550 earthquakes a day in Syria ignored by the "Left"
05/06/2015Is the Syrian Revolution winning in spite of the "Left"
05/03/2015Calling out Bashar's Buddies on the Left by name
05/03/2015Dozens Of Anti-War Protesters March Through Hollywood
04/27/2015The "Left's" Crime Against Humanity
04/10/2015Crisis in Yarmouk: How Amy backs Assad's play
03/09/2015How Noam Chomsky cleans up Mummar Qaddafi
02/18/2015Why the revolutions in Libya & Syria failed(so far) - the short version
02/06/2015On Democracy Now today: Amy sends another Valentine to Bashar
05/05/2015Angelina Jolie and the Left
02/02/2015How the Left's shill for Obama's red-line con fueled the rise of ISIS
01/27/2015With Left support, Assad continues to kill in East Ghouta
01/19/2015Obama and Israel Love Assad
01/05/2015Happy New Year from Linux Beach
10/03/2015Why did Glenn Greenward moderated this comment off The Intercept?
09/28/2014The role of US Imperialism in Syria and the Left's Dilemma
09/24/2014What if FDR had declared war against both Hitler & Stalin
09/23/2014Obama's air strikes in Syria - a first look
09/21/2014Vijay Prashad's Syrian contradictions
09/16/2014How a 24hr truce to pick up bodies became a non-aggression pact between ISIS & Syrian rebels
09/14/2014Obama still seeking $500 million to arm Syrian rebels!
09/09/2014Are ISIS and Assad enemies in Syria?
08/28/2014If Obama doesn't want to do it, he'll go to Congress
08/26/2014Counter-revolutionary "Left"will again be with NATO
08/10/2014Air strikes can't beat ISIS but Free Syrians can!
07/09/2014Today's example of Assad's support for Islamic State
07/09/2014Why won't this story be covered like Israel's attacks on Gaza?
07/06/2014Juan Cole turns to the Dark Side
06/27/2014Will anti-war groups embrace US "hit & run" morality?
06/24/2014Phyllis Bennis twists reality to fit politics on DN
06/23/2014ISIS attacks Free Syrian Army with US weapons
06/22/2014O'Donnell's good question and Obama's bad answer
06/17/2014Bush, Barack & Bashar BFF to Islamic Extremists in Iraq & Syria
05/19/2014C.I.A. Said to Steer Arms away from Syrian Opposition
05/12/2014David Swanson's Dream
05/10/2014The appeasement of Putin began in Syria
05/01/2014New Assad murders today as Aleppo market bombed killing 40
04/30/2014Update: World allows Assad's murder spree to continue
04/29/2014How the Left has helped radical Islam grow in Syria
04/26/2014Syrian activist Qusai Zakarya speech in Los Angeles
04/23/2014Assad's strategy & why exposing his crimes is so critical
04/23/2014How Seymour Hersh confuses Syria with Libya
04/17/2014Why does the mass media ignore mass murder in Syria?
04/14/2014Alternative Left Perspectives on Syria
04/13/2014After Hersh lays smoke screen, Assad lobes gas bombs
04/12/2014Mỹ Lai and Sy Hersh, a Reappraisal
04/10/2014Seymour Hersh's chemical weapons fetish
04/08/2014Seymour Hersh's Believe It or Don't
04/01/2014How #SaveKessab covers Assad's retreat in Latakia
03/18/2014Syrian American Council Revolution Anniversary in Los Angeles
03/09/2014UN: Assad sarin used in attacks | The Left's response?
03/02/2014Bringing David Swanson's imagination back to reality
02/27/2014MEMO | ISIS & the Assad Regime: From Marriage of Convenience to Partnershi
02/19/2014Dreyfuss on Obama Plans to Escalate the War in Syria
02/18/2014On Rob Prince's hostility towards intervention in Syria
02/10/2014Man behind the Curtain for al-Qaeda in Syria is Assad
02/06/2014Human relief means stopping the bombs from falling
02/04/2014While Assad's CW is 95.9% intact, Qaddafi's is 100% destroyed
02/04/2014Syrian's Bashar al-Assad Knows: Napalm Sticks to Kids
01/30/2014The Tet Offensive: a turning point in the Vietnam War
01/28/2014Ex-journalist Robert Fisk: One is reminded of Goebbels
01/27/2014Assad's Holocaust Now! [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT]
01/27/2014How Assad runs terrorist on "both sides" in Syria
01/21/2014Bashar al-Assad's Terrorism in Syria
01/20/2014Bashar al-Jihad: How Assad finances terrorists with oil
01/20/2014Is Assad running largest death factories since Hitler?
01/19/2014How Not to Be in Solidarity with Palestinians Refugees in Yarmouk
01/17/2014Mondoweiss: While you were neutral about Yarmouk
01/16/2014Why calling for “diplomatic solutions” stabs the Syrian Revolution in the back
01/16/2014Echoes of American First in anti-war movement today?
01/14/2014Did Syrian rebel who ate his enemy's heart have PTSD?
01/13/2014Re-examing ex-journalist Robert Fisk on the "Syrian Rebels"
01/12/2014ICUJP on Syria
01/08/2014The racist methods of Truthout's "anti-imperialism"
01/05/2014Bashar al-Jihad: Is ISIS a child of the regime?
01/05/2014The Syrian Double Revolution and the Euro-Leftist Double Impotency
12/26/2013 Fake Adra massacre photos expose bloody hands on Left
12/24/2013RT comments show genocidal mentality still with us
12/23/2013Syria: What does the Media mean by "rebel held areas?"
12/23/2013Aleppo school bombed as more killed by Assad in 8th day of slaugher in Syria
12/22/2013Through the Looking-Glass: Viet Cong Terrorism and Syria
12/20/2013Abandoned by World, Aleppo faces 7th day of Bombing
12/16/2013Assad Barrel Bomb Kill 28 Children in Aleppo
12/15/2013Kafranbel is coming to LA - Meet the Revolutionaries
12/15/2013Gaza fighters in Syria pose dilemma for pro-Assad Left
12/15/2013How the FSA attack on a convent was set up by Assad
12/14/2013Why doesn't KPFK care about this Syrian child?
12/13/2013Gen. Salim Idris still in Syria, rumors he fled are false
12/10/2013Clay's Conspiracy Theory
12/10/2013My Fallen Idols
12/09/2013Whose Seymour Hersh?
12/06/2013Beirut Nights: Notes on Syrian Refugees living in Lebanon
12/05/2013Is Obama finally coming out of the closet about Assad?
12/02/2013Assad kills 50 civilans in Al-Bab with Barrel Bombs
11/29/2013BREAKING NEWS: Assad's Thankgiving Massacre in #Raqqa
11/29/2013Interview with Apatris on the Syrian revolution
11/28/2013Mother Agnes Updates: The Choir Strikes Back
11/24/2013How Obama has supported Assad's gas murder always
11/20/2013From Brazil & Palestine ... This is the Syrian Revolution
11/20/2013a small Victory: Mother Agnes-Mariam bites the dust
11/06/2013UPDATED: Syrian American Council takes on Agnes-Mariam
10/18/2013Every Friday: New Slogans of the People’s Revolution
10/18/2013Disillusion in Syria’s Armed Opposition
10/15/2013How CounterPunch makes Syrians invisible, Again!
10/14/2013Why the return of chemical weapons is a big deal
10/07/2013The Courage of Ghouta in a Craven World
10/05/2013Võ Nguyên Giáp on learning war from the people
10/02/2013Obama's Real Syria Policy: Endless War
10/02/2013The Courtship Continues: Obama stopped French strike on Assad
10/02/2013Writing on the Walls - Messages from the Syrian Revolution to the World
10/02/2013The struggle continues: Syria’s grass-roots civil opposition
10/01/2013Communism & The Al Qaeda Threat
09/26/2013More on ex-journalist Robert Fisk's defense of Assad
09/25/2013Where Robert Fisk's defense of Assad falls down
09/23/2013Why didn't the EcoSocialism Conference address these 3 things?
09/23/2013Desmond Tutu: UN owes it to Syria's children to act
09/23/2013منت برس(Mint Press) تكشف دعمها للأسد.AntiWar.com يقدم اعتذاره.
09/21/2013Gilbert Achcar: Full solidarity with the Syrian uprising!
09/20/2013Mint Press exposed as Assad apologist, AntiWar.com apologizes
09/18/2013Obama blocks ICC war crimes prosecution of Assad
09/16/2013UN hints Assad used Russian rockets in sarin gas attack
09/15/2013Sleeping with the Enemy: The Global Left and the 'No to War' Discourse
09/13/2013Inside the Syrian Revolution and what the Left must do
09/12/2013Syria Doc "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" Released
09/12/2013Letter to the Anti War Movement from the Syrian American Community
09/12/2013BREAKING: New Chemical Attack reported in Syria
09/09/2013Secret Intel Source of Ray McGovern & VIPS Revealed!
09/09/2013Why did Assad Regime first Deny CW Attack if Blameless?
09/09/2013Activists in Pictures - For and Against Intervention in Syria
09/09/2013Witness to CW Attack: When Paradise turned to Hell.
09/08/2013Media Body Count Games: Less than 500 or 110,000?
09/08/2013Dr. Zaher Sahloul on the CW Attacks in Syria
09/08/2013Why would Assad use CW with UN Inspectors in Syria?
09/07/2013My dare to Ray McGovern & VIPS on Syria CW attack
09/07/2013Why Alan Grayson & Sarah Palin are united on Syria
09/06/2013Syria: To Deny the Revolution is to Oppose the Revolution
09/04/2013ANSWER Coalition lacks awareness on Syria
09/03/2013Who Used Sarin in Syria?
09/02/2013Recycled Lies: Critique of the Kucinich letter on Syria
09/02/2013لماذا أدعم الثورة السورية
09/02/2013How Obama Helped Assad Kill with Poison Gas in Syria
09/01/2013Anti-War in Form, Pro-War in Essence
09/01/2013The Courtship Continues: Obama's New Gift to Assad
08/31/2013Win-Win for Assad as Obama Response to CW  Put on Hold
08/31/2013The case for ‘Hands off Syria’
08/30/2013Obama Denied Gas Masks to Assad's Victims
08/29/2013Bashar al-Assad is a Brutal Mass Murderer
08/29/2013An open letter on Syria to Western narcissists
08/29/2013Obama's Dilemma and Assad's Opportunity
08/27/2013Do’s and don’ts for progressives discussing Syria
08/22/2013AntiWar.com Disparages Chemical Attack in Syria
08/21/2013Assad Knows: Chemical Attacks Kill Children First!
08/21/20131300+ Dead after Obama "Green-lights" new CW attack in Syria
08/20/2013Revolutions in the Era of "Socialist" Abandonment
08/14/2013More Opportunist Lies on Syria from Counterpunch
08/13/2013Abu Qusay in Syria: The Road from Peace Protester to Rebel Fighter
08/13/2013Antiwar.com's confusion on Obama's Syria Poilicy
08/12/2013Stephen Lendman's Fraud & the Phony Tal Abyad Massacre
08/12/2013Who is Really Killing Kurdish Civilians in Tal Abyad, Syria?
08/09/2013Why do they keep digging up & reburying these kids?
08/08/2013Iran's PressTV Promotes Fake Syrian Rebel Massacre Video
08/07/2013Syrian Rebels Regain Momentum
08/07/2013Russian FM Lavrov calls on UNSC to Condemn Syria Massacre I Debunked
08/06/2013Syria: Major Assad Regime Airbase Falls!
08/05/2013BREAKING NEWS: Fake Photo Exposes Assad Regime Lie about Rebel Massacre in Tal Abyad
08/05/2013Syria: New Poison Gas Attacks Reported in #Douma & #Adra
08/05/2013 5,000 Assad Regime Prisoners Executed, Dumped in Mass Grave in Al Qutaifah
08/04/2013Syria: Assad isn’t Winning and the Rebels aren’t Losing
08/04/2013A popular revolution for freedom, equality & social justice & against absolutism
08/03/2013* Some Exceptions Apply
07/28/2013 Assad's New Strategy: Nothing Makes People Flee Like Murdering Their Children
07/21/2013Why Support the Syrian Revolution?
07/21/2013Assad Regime Thanks US Peace Movement for its Support
07/20/2013The Current Military Situation in Syria
07/18/2013Syrian Refugees demand "No-Fly Zone" from US SecState Kerry
07/18/2013Obama's "Good Cop" tactics in Syria exposed!
07/17/2013UN Reports 5,000/Month Killed in Syria as LA Peace Movement Waves Killer's Flag
07/17/2013Matters come to a Head in Syria's Three-sided Conflict
07/15/2013The July 11th Los Angeles Syria Peace Protest and the Reality of Syria
07/12/2013Protest in Homs, Syria: Are These the Bravest People on Earth?
07/11/2013Syria: Pro-Assad Militias now receiving US weapons
07/10/2013LEAKED VIDEO: Assad forces torture defected soliders
07/10/2013Syria is in a Revolution not a Sectarian Civil War
07/10/2013What's up with these Tweets? "Former US Army Vet Who Fought Alongside Al-Qae'a in #Syria"
07/09/2013Assad may have Children Under Siege in Homs but has his Aleppo Offensive Fizzled?
07/07/2013Ten Things Worst Than Eating a Dead Man's Heart Done by US Soldiers in Vietnam
06/23/2013UN Aid for Assad - A Daily Kos Controversy Revisited
06/21/2013EMERGENCY: Dire Conditions in #Aleppo Central Prison
06/20/2013Syria: 10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart
06/18/2013The Changing Importance of Qusayr, Syria in the Media
06/18/2013Noam Chomsky & John Passant on Syria
06/16/2013Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire's Syria Connection
06/16/2013( Blood of Freedom ) A new film on the syrian revolution
06/16/2013Why have there been so many Syrian Army defections?
06/09/2013Shia Anti-Hezbollah Protest Exposes Syria Sectarian War Lie
06/06/2013Is Qusayr Assad's 1st major victory in over a year?
06/05/2013Analysis: UN Report on Syria lets Assad off easy
06/03/2013The Crime of Qusayr
06/03/2013More False Reports of Sarin Usage by Assad's Opposition in Syria
05/30/2013Are Saudi Arabia & Qatar really outsiders in the Syria Revolution?
05/19/2013When H? Chí Minh Collaborated with the US Imperialists
05/15/2013From the Revolting Syrian: Does This Not Outrage You?
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 2
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 3
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 4
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 5
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 6
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 7
05/15/2013Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 8
05/13/2013Jon Steward weighs in on Obama's "red-line" in Syria
05/13/2013?????????? : ????? ?????? ?? ?????
05/12/2013UNAC demands "US Out of #Libya!"???
05/10/2013Obama's "Red-Line" was nothing but a Green Light for Assad's Slaughter of 70,000
05/09/2013Socialist Alternative on Leftist Assad backers and Chicago Syrians Protest Banias Massacre
05/09/2013How Obama helps Assad: US tried to start war between FSA & al Nusra Front
05/08/2013The Assad Regime Sniper, the Old Man and the Hero
05/08/2013Carla Del Ponte in the WikiLeaks Cablegate files
05/07/2013John Kerry: US agrees with Russia on Syria, Assad stays
05/07/2013Syria falls off Internet, electricity cut in Damascus, as Assad massacres continue
05/06/2013Syria Sarin Blame Game: Is Carla Del Ponte at it again?
04/29/2013Other Echoes of Iraq in NATO response to WMD in Syria
04/17/2013U.S. fears Syria rebel victory
04/16/2013Islamaphobia & the Boston Bombing | Islamaphobia & the Left
04/13/2013In Syria, a gov't makes war on its people. Could it ever happen to US?
04/13/2013Left voices raised in support of Syrian struggle at World Social Forum
04/04/2013Counterpunch: So Wrong on Syria
03/30/2013Is Assad Dead? Forgive me if I'm a bit more cautious this time
03/29/2013France reneges on arming Syrian rebels: More empty promises from NATO
03/28/2013Report says Russia threatens to use its army in Syria
03/22/2013Reports say Dr Mohammed al-Bouti was leaving Assad when murdered
03/18/2013Allies say US holding back fight against Assad in Syria
03/17/2013HRW reports mounting casualties from cluster bombs in Syria since Obama warned Assad on WMD
03/17/2013Australia puts group fighting Assad in Syria on terrorist list
03/16/2013Obama planning drone strikes against Assad's opposition in Syria
03/16/2013Syria: for #Mar15, @AmyGoodman has Assad 'regime apologist' on Democracy Now
03/15/2013Syrians protest on 2nd anniversary of the Day of Rage
03/15/2013BREAKING: EU to Syrian opposition: No Arms for You!
03/14/2013Reports say Iran sending more arms to Assad as he prepares chemical weapons
03/13/2013The children of Syria have been abandoned by the world powers
03/12/2013Why the Daily Kos and everyone else who think that Syria is not their problem are tragically wrong
03/11/2013More on the slaughter in Syria with NATO, UN & Daily Kos acquiescence
03/09/2013What Amy didn't say on International Women's Day
03/09/2013Banned from the Daily Kos for speaking truth to Obama on Syria
02/13/2013Obama: Did the CIA betray Assad's opposition in Syria?
02/12/2013Barack Obama's Courtship of Bashar Assad Exposed!!! in Syria
02/05/2013Syria: Who is the new FSA arms supplier?
02/05/2013BREAKING In Syria a new batte for Damascus is joined: Comeuppance II
02/02/2013{ Syria } - the anti-interventionist masterpiece Syria
02/01/2013BREAKING: Marxist DHKP claims they did bombing at US embassy in Ankara Turkey
02/01/2013More from Wikileaks on the DHKP in Turkey
01/30/2013Was Israeli air strike in Syria for Assad's benefit?
01/30/2013More thoughts on Obama's 'No MANPADS for you!' policy in Syria
01/28/2013How Obama's 'No MANPADS for you' policy in Syria is backfiring
01/27/2013Obama on Syria: They're still dying, he's still looking
01/22/2013Rape in Syria: Woman dies after encounter with rodent
01/20/2013UN reveals its real stand on Syria, giving Assad $500 million
01/19/2013Massacre about to occur in Jobar, big new terror rocket being used by Assad!
01/16/2013Syria: FSA begins final push to free Aleppo
01/16/2013NOT BREAKING NEWS: Just another massacre in Syria
01/15/2013US: Assad didn't use chemical weapons in Syria
01/15/2013BREAKING: FP says Obama ignored chemical weapons attack by Assad in Syria
01/15/2013Assad's systematic use of Rape in Syria
01/14/2013Is Russia getting ready to skedaddle from Syria?
01/13/2013Two years blogging for the Arab Spring
01/13/2013How the US help put Assad in power in Syria
01/12/2013Defections and Murder
01/11/201350 countries want Syria referred to ICC, US should join them!
01/11/2013Diane Sawyer's insensitivity towards Syrian children
01/10/2013BREAKING: Taftanaz, Assad's biggest air base falls in Syria
01/10/2013Syria: Friday of the Death Camps
01/09/2013Syria: UN envoy finally says Assad must go!
01/08/2013Syria: Prisoner swap frees 2130, al Nusra speaks out
01/06/2013NY Times: Assad has sarin in bombs at airfields
01/05/2013Syria: Assad must be defeated on the battlefield
01/04/2013Syrian opposition says still receiving no help
01/01/2013BREAKING: UN says 60,000 killed in Syrian conflict
12/31/20125,000 Syrians murdered in 2011, 40,000 in 2012, what will 2013 bring?
12/29/2012MSM finally reports on Syria massacre story I broke here yesterday
12/29/2012Prediction: In 2013 Syria will see the last of Assad
12/28/2012BREAKING: Massacre in Homs Syria right now! 150 burnt corpses found
12/27/2012Why did this Syrian mother try to kill her own child?
12/26/2012BREAKING: Another high level defection in Syria
12/26/2012BREAKING: Defecting General confirms use of chemical weapons in Syria
12/23/2012Sticking to their story: UNAC's new 'Statement on Syria'
12/23/2012Why I think #Syria is so important
12/23/2012Bashar Assad reported willing to leave Syria with entourage of 142
12/22/2012BREAKING: 300 killed in air strike on breadline in #Syria
12/22/2012BREAKING: Chemical weapons first use reported in Syria
12/21/2012BREAKING: Russia takes control of Syrian chemical weapons
12/20/2012Syria: Assad Regime enters the Deathwatch Phase
12/21/2012SecState[?] John Kerry and his 'dear friend' Bashar Assad
1219/2012A Libyan rebel speaks out on Jihadists in Syria
12/16/2012Does what Obama said at Newtown apply to Syria?
12/16/2012BREAKING: Heavy fighting in Damascus as coup attempt reported in progress
12/15/2012Assad's jets bomb Palestinian refugee camp
12/13/2012Jabhat al-Nusra is a Threat to the Syrian Revolution
12/12/2012AP weighs in on Obama's Green Light for Assad's slaughter in Syria
12/12/2012Syrian opposition says "Thanks but No Thanks!" to foreign intervention
12/11/2012BREAKING: Assad firing Scud missiles at Syria
12/11/2012Is Assad using white phosphorus in Syria?
12/10/2012BREAKING: Obama recognizes opposition in Syria
12/10/2012Speaking for the murderous regime in Syria
12/08/2012State of the war in Syria: Most of Damascus now in FSA hands!
12/06/2012Syria: Obama's moves Assad's "red line" back as SOHR reports 42,000 dead!
12/05/2012Assad asylum offers pour in as he is reported loading sarin gas into bombs
11/30/2012Syria comes back on-line as mystery flight leaves Damascus airport #SYR441
11/28/2012UPDATED: Syria goes dark as "cleansing" begins in Damascus
11/24/2012BREAKING: Assad's Troops Wipe Out a Playground Full of Children in #Syria
11/16/2012General Strike in Damascus
11/1/2012BREAKING: Russia denies Syrian army on brink of collapse
10/25/2012BREAKING in Syria: Explosion rocks Damascus as people use "Truce Day" to protest regime
10/19/2012We condemn Israel. So why the silence on Syria?
10/18/2012Norodom Sihanouk at his finest & more on Syria
10/11/2012Meet a Syrian who doesn't think both sides are equally bad and is betting her life on it!
10/10/2012Two statements about Syria
10/08/2012Syria Today: New videos from the revolutionary war
10/07/2012Syrian Defector: Assad behind "terrorist" bombs
10/03/2012How Assad fights "terrorism" in Syria
10/02/2012Turkey attacks Syria
09/29/2012Panetta: Unilateral U.S. Military Intervention in Syria Would Be a Serious Mistake
09/26/2012305 Syrians slaughtered in bloodiest day yet
09/25/2012Please help me continue my work with WikiLeaks
09/23/2012Syria: Secret source of rebel arms revealed
09/18/2012Amnesty on Syria - Assad Regime guilty on indiscriminate slaughter
09/17/2012Syrian Revolution Digest shows "disgusting" photos!
09/16/2012Syria: The Killing Field the World is Learning to Live With
09/14/2012Barack Obama's Courtship of Bashar al-Assad
09/04/2012Syria: How Assad manipulates US media
08/31/2012LIVE VIDEO: ?World Silence is Killing Syria? Rally in DC
08/30/2012Free Syria responds to Robert Fisk
08/28/2012UPDATED: Assad: "Syria doesn't need a green light!"
08/27/2012Amnesty site hacked, Assad propaganda posted
08/27/2012Obama opposes French support for Assad's opposition in Syria
08/26/2012BREAKING: 630 Slaughtered in new massacre in Syria
08/25/2012Special message from Syrian children to Obama
08/23/2012Assad's Redline and Obama's Greenlight!
08/21/2012General Meade at Gettysburg
08/20/2012Tell US gov't to stop endangering Syrian activists
08/20/2012UPDATED: Obama "green lights" Assad's slaughter in Syria
08/19/2012Syria: Turning Battlegrounds into Playgrounds
08/18/2012BREAKING: Bashar al-Assad is alive as deaths in Syria reach 25,000
08/16/2012The Left and the Arab Spring
08/10/2012Iran increasing its intervention in Syria
08/08/2012Syria: Images from the Battle of Aleppo
08/07/2012Fears grow of WMD attack in Syria
08/06/2012UPDATED: FSA says it killed Russian General in Syria
08/06/2012BREAKING: Syria releases new images of Bashar al- Assad | Are they fakes?
08/05/2012UPDATED: Syrian prime minister defects
08/05/2012Syria: FSA says Iranian pilgrims really Republican Guard
08/03/2012Syria: Aleppo under Siege!
08/02/2012BREAKING: UN votes to condemn Assad Regime as Reuters posts false story on Syria
08/01/2012BREAKING: Kofi Annan resigns as envoy to Syria
07/31/2012Syria: Bashar al-Assad not heard from on Armed Forces Day!
07/30/2012BREAKING: Senior Syrian diplomat to Armenia defects
07/30/2012BREAKING: Big Explosion hits Damascus Syria
07/29/2012UPDATED: Syria's Charge D'Affaires Quits London Post
07/27/2012BREAKING: Ground assault on Aleppo begins!
07/27/2012BREAKING: Protests across Syria in spite of Assad regime violence
07/26/2012ALEPPO: Step outside the Matrix and witness the Horror
07/26/2012UPDATED: US fears massacre in Aleppo, Syria
07/25/2012BREAKING: Reports of clashes between Jordan Army & Assad's Syrian army
07/25/2012BRAKING: Obama stops Putin from re-arming Assad in Syria
07/24/2012Syria: Foreign meddling increases as crisis builds
07/23/2012BREAKING: Aleppo, Syria bombed with fighter jets
07/22/2012BREAKING: Syria issues a correction, it has no WMD to use
07/22/2012Arab League asks Assad to step down!
07/21/2012Bashar al-Assad: New images released as slaughter continues
07/20/2012no blood for oil
07/20/2012BREAKING: Activists report toxic gas attack in Deir ez-Zor, Syria
07/19/2012Glenn Greenwald sees Islamist Terrorism as main issue in Syria
07/19/2012Will Assad make a chemical attack in Damascus on Saturday?
07/19/2012BREAKING: I know where Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is!
07/19/2012Massive Fire near Assad's Presidential Palace in Damascus, Syria
07/17/2012BREAKING: Is Syria's Bashar al-Assad dead or dying?
07/17/2012Damascus explosion kills Defense Minister, other key figures
07/16/2012The battle for Damascus is coming
07/14/2012BREAKING: Intense fighting reported in Damascus now!
07/14/2012Syrian defector spills beans as important new defection reported.
07/13/2012Does Syria's Assad have something on Kofi Annan?
07/12/2012Tremseh Massacre in Syria: What we know
07/11/2012 ~227 reported massacred by Assad's forces in Tremseh,today!
07/10/2012Syria: Is Assad regime on the verge of collapse?
07/09/2012BREAKING: Russian Warships reported in Syria
07/08/2012Russia changing on Assad but not as fast as conditions in Syria
07/05/2012UN Observers say violence in Syria is ?Unprecedented?
07/05/2012BREAKING: Defection of major Assad insider reported in Syria
07/05/2012BREAKING: WikiLeaks releases 2.4 million Syria emails
07/03/2012When did "Never Again" become "Whenever?" | Douma
07/02/2012BREAKING: Incredible mass rally in Aleppo, Syria today!
07/02/2012BREAKING: HRW releases torture report on Syria
07/01/2012BREAKING: Syrian General defects with 293 to Turkey
07/01/2012BREAKING: Items not in the MSM on Syria
06/30/2012To Phyllis Bennis: Where is the non-violent opposition in Syria?
06/29/2012SAF attacks Douma, 10m from Damascus, thousands flee
06/29/2012BREAKING: As Syria Burns, UN Blows More Smoke
06/27/2012BREAKING: Kofi Annan to propose Syrian unity gov't sans Assad!
06/27/2012Douma, Syria under massive attack, another massacre feared
06/26/2012BREAKING: Another mass defection from Syrian army
06/25/2012BREAKING: NATO says No War in Syria shoot down of Turkey jet
06/24/2012NATO meetup tomorrow as more defect from Syria
06/23/2012Turkey calls for NATO consult on downing of jet by Syria
06/21/2012BREAKING: Senior Syrian Officers Defect
06/20/2012UPDATED: Russia reported to be preparing to evacuate from Syria
06/20/2012BREAKING: Syria fighter pilot defects
06/17/2012Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria
06/15/2012BREAKING: Russian troops headed to Syria
06/15/2012BREAKING: UN suspends mission in Syria
06/14/2012Libya & Syria - two videos - no comment
06/12/2012BREAKING: Russia denies supplying Syria with NEW attack helicopters
06/06/2012Syrian people rise up against the massacre
06/06/2012Another "Houla style" massacre in Syria
05/29/2012Fake Houla Massacre Photo: Was the BBC set up?
05/03/2012Idlib, Syria protest today on anniversary of Kent State killings
04/19/2012BREAKING: Massive protests in Syria following Friday pray
04/12/2012Syria is bleeding
04/11/2012Syria: Ceasefire faltering as mass protests breakout

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