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Monday, August 24, 2015

Is Assad creating the first holocaust of the 21st century?

Perhaps you have already noticed that the Assad regime has suffered serious set backs on the ground recently and has become more desperate in its fight to save itself. There can be no doubt at it has seen a serious reversal of fortunes since the heady days of Hezbollah's conquest of Qusayr and the "On to Aleppo" campaign. Even with all the international help he is receiving, it is becoming increasingly clear that Bashar al-Assad is going down.

However, he still has one thing going for him. He still has air supremacy, now with US connivance. With his air force he is still free to bomb any area of Syria he wants to and it has become clear that he targets civilians and especially children. Now, as the regime starts to question its own survival and become more desperate, that unopposed campaign of "Death from Above" is being greatly intensified.

Remember that the regime slogan throughout this struggle has always been:

Bashar al-Assad or we burn the country

ASSAD or we burn the country , and they are doing

It is this policy that has already caused a quarter-million Syrian deaths while reducing the population of Syria by 5 million. Now he is engaged in an all out campaign of slaughter. He knows he has nothing to lose. He has already killed so many. If he is allowed to continue, we could all be witnessing the first holocaust of the 21th century. The question this poses for the world as a whole, and each of us as individuals is:

What are we going to do about it? Stand by and let it happen or stop it? 

This is a survey of today's bomb damage, and we'll start with yesterday's new attack on Douma:
Syrians opposition says 34 killed by regime rockets, shelling in Douma

24 Aug 2015
A Syrian opposition activist group said at least 34 people were killed Sunday as a new wave of Assad regime attacks on the western city of Douma killed at least 34 people, CNN reported on August 23rd.

Government forces shelled and launched rockets on the city in the countryside outside Damascus, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The group said the death toll is expected to rise, as many of those injured are in critical condition and there are people missing -- possibly buried under rubble.

Sunday’s violence marks another bloody day in Syria’s 4-year-old civil war. More...

The Syrian regime says, 'Al Assad or we'll burn the country down'

UPDATE: According to this new IHS Jane's report, the Assad regime no longer controls 83% of the country.

However, he can still bomb 100% of it. When will this end?

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