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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 6

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Mohamed Saleh Khubiyeh has the top half of his head blown of by Asasd’s forces in Douma, Damascus.

The shrapnel pierced his mothers womb and killed him in Dier Ezzor in Sept 2012.

A little boy is confused, shocked and terrified as he stand over the body of his mother who was just killed before his eyes in Idleb.

All they could do was watch her take her last breaths and die. A little girl in Douma, Damascus.

Her final moments on Earth are agonizing. She’s only a toddler in Idleb.

Shahed Al Khattab is a three year old girl from Kafrzeita, Hama. In Dec 2012, this is what Assad’s forces did to her.

Majed Rajab is a 14 year old Palestinian boy who lived in Damascus (Al Asali). In Dec 2012, Assad, the ‘Leader of The Resistance’ ordered his home to be shelled.

Two young boys in Maaret Misreen, Idleb who are very much alive and are experiencing the unimaginable horror of having their entire bodies burnt.

Little Walid Al Hannash has his face blown off by Assad’s forces in Douma, Damascus in Jan 2012.

A FEW OF THE MASSACRES CARRIED OUT BY ASSAD’S FORCES: The video’s below are a few of the massacres that have occurred over the last 2+ years. All by Assad’s forces. I’m sorry that I have not included a great deal of the videos here, there are just too many and the objective was not to list all of them, but to show people that this is small fraction of what happens everyday … what they should be outraged at …

One of the many videos from the most recent massacre that took place in Banyas, Tartous. Hundreds of men, women and children were slaughtered.

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