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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 4

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He was arrested in Homs by Assad’s forces on May 29th, 2011 and returned like this to his parents on June 18th. Abdullah Juha was only 13 years old.

We also remember little Ola Jablawi, shot through her eye in Lattakia by Assad’s forces in August 2011.

Of course, we have Hamza Al Khatib, the horrific torture he endured after being arrested (he was 13) included chopping off his genitals, breaking most of his bones, being shot, electrocuted and beaten. We thought, back in 2011, that this event would lead to world intervention and help. This was before the people of Syria took up arms to defend themselves and before a further 8,000 children were killed.

Maher Al Zourbi, 11 years old, was shot along with his father by Assad’s forces in Rastan in Sept 2011. Here he is taking his final breath.

A little boy is shot dead in the head in Daraa Oct 2011 after protesting in the streets.

A little boy is choking on his own blood after being shot in the head and neck by Assad’s forces in Homs in Oct 2011.

This is all that is left of two children in Kafr Takhareem, Idleb after Assad’s forces shelled them in Feb 2011.

Ammar Abdul Nasser Zamour, a boy, was abducted along with his entire family in Homs in March 2012. Assad’s forces ‘released’ the entire family. Dead. This is what they did to Ammar. he was tortured to death.

Mustapha Saeed Al Jarkass is not even 10 years old. He was arrested by Assad’s forces and returned to his parents like this in March 2011.

Mohamed Al Naser had his skull blown off when he was shot by Assad’s forces in Dier Ezzor in April 2012.

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