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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 2

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A member of Assad’s forces calls his mother and asks her to listen to him as he executes a man.

The man from the video above before he was executed. They beat him and say “Don’t speak of God! … Your God will f**k your sister you son of a whore!

Assad’s forces torture three of their own soldiers for helping the opposition.

After Assad’s men execute these two, they set their bodies on fire and say: “Let this be a warning to all who challenge Allawites, this is what we will do to you”

Assads forces repeatedly whip this woman over and over after they abducted her at a checkpoint.

Assad’s forces slap, humiliate and shave the heads of a husband and wife in-front of their children.

Assad’s forces run over dead FSA soldiers with a tank.

Assad’s forces beat a man in the streets of Homs

Assad’s forces film themselves as they attempt to decapitate a dead FSA fighter

Assad’s forces beat, slap, spit at and humiliate this boy.

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