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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#Russia now "carpet bombing" #Syria from bases in #Iran

Remember Russia's Grand Withdrawal from Syria and Vladimir Putin's "Mission Accomplished" victory dance way back in March? Russia has now started bombing Syria from air bases in Iran. They are doing this for the same reason the United States bombed Vietnam from bases in Thailand, their heavy bombers are too big for their in-country air fields. By being closer with longer runways they can carry more bombs more often and slaughter more Syrians. This is the Vietnam model. This is how holocaust is done in the 21st century.

American B5-52s carpet bombing Vietnam 50 years ago
Russian heavy bombers carpet bombing Syria today

Famous last words: counterpunch on Russian "withdrawal" from Syria

    Kool-aid anyone?

from Russia is Pulling Out of Syria, When Will the US?
MARCH 16, 2016
The withdrawal, along with Putin’s restated support for a political settlement, could help move forward the fragile UN-brokered Geneva talks on ending the Syrian crisis that began on the same day
The withdrawal is an important step that should help reduce the level of violence in the deadly war.
The reduction of Russian military attacks in Syria, along with Putin’s renewed call for greater Russian engagement in the peace process, may set the stage to reduce...
Washington should follow Russia’s lead and pressure its own proxy forces to shift towards diplomacy. The withdrawal is an important step that should help reduce the level of violence in the deadly war.
from Russia’s Withdrawal From Syria: the Beginning of the End?
MARCH 16, 2016
his decision is a timely, bold and constructive move that may result in some positive developments in the long-running catastrophe in Syria.
in five months President Putin has achieved more in halting the advance of the terrorists in Syria than the West had achieved in five years
The Syrian people are tired of war and bloodshed and are welcoming a period of calm and stability.

It is in the context of these hopes and aspirations that the Russian move seems so positive and so welcome.

It shows that President Putin understands the limited efficacy of military force,
the silence from Saudi officials about Russian and Iranian withdrawals has been deafening. Now that the bulk of the forces supporting President Assad have withdrawn
from Military Aims Achieved in Syria, Russia Switches to Diplomacy
MARCH 16, 2016
The American presstitutes are captives of their own propaganda and are now surprised at the failure of their propagandistic predictions.
If peace fails in Syria, the failure cannot be blamed on Russia.
Putin has also demonstrated that, unlike Washington, Russia is able to achieve decisive military results in a short time without Russian casualties and to withdraw without becoming a permanent occupying force. This very impressive performance is causing the world to rethink which country is really the superpower.

Remember when the peace movement opposed real wars?

How I long to see that again...

Syria is the 1st holocaust of the 21st Century!

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