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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 5

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Mohamed Al Dali, another boy, was also shot in Deir Ezzor. His brain was blown out as well. Only in this video he is still alive, taking his last breaths. his body still twitching.

Basel Aslan, a young volunteer with the Red Crescent and medical student in Aleppo was arrested by Assad’s forces and had his bones broken, was stabbed and burned alive.

Little Ayat Al Sleik had most of her head blown off in Douma, Damascus in Sept 2012. She is still alive in this video, taking her final breaths.

Mohamed Jasem Al Ahmar takes his final breaths after a horrific injury from a shell strike in Deir Ezzor.

Her legs are shredded, yet she’s still alive. A tiny victim of Assad’s shelling in Talbiseh, Homs in July 2012.

A horrific scene in a clinic in Houla, Homs in July 2012. One of the children was decapitated.

You can’t even make out that this pile of flesh and bones was once a 7 year old boy named Mustafa Khalil Al Khalil from Idleb.

Assad’s forces run over this boy in a car during a protest in Al Bab, Aleppo. His brains came out through his mouth.

Ismail Al Khateeb is a little child. His head was blown off by Assad’s forces in Sha’ar, Aleppo in August of 2012.

Sarah Zakaria had her skull blown open by Assad’s forces in Al Bab, Aleppo.

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