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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Calling out Bashar's Buddies on the Left by name

When Syrian dictator was being blamed for the sarin murders of over 1400 civilians in August 2013, these namespaces came to his defense. They had little to say about the carnage Assad was causing before the chemical massacre. As a group, they participated in the media blackout that has "covered" his many massacres in the two years before, and they have been silence about his barrel-bombing and killing in the year+ since. They only came out of the worm holes on Syria to "raise questions" about Assad's responsibility for the sarin murders, then they went back in. They have shown by their actions as well as inaction, that other than Bashar al-Assad, they could care less about the Syrian people. Here is my dishonor roll of shame. I call it Bashar's Buddylist:
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now; David Swanson, [Some] War is a Crime; Seymour Hersh, ex-journalist; Robert Fisk, ex-journalist; Phyllis Bennis, Tariq Ali, Medea Benjamin, Code Pink leader; Ray McGovern, Veterans for Peace, Ann Wright, VFP; Coleen Rowley, VFP; Larry Johnson, VFP; Philip Giraldi, VFP; Thomas Drake, VFP; Blase Bopane, Office of the Americas; United National Antiwar Coalition; Truthdig; AntiWar.com; OpEdNews; InfoWars; Democratic Underground; Global Research; Counterpunch; Friends of Syria; Occupy.com; World Socialist Web Site; Democracy and Class Struggle; ANSWER Coalition; Party for Liberation and Socialism; Worker's World Party; International Action Center; Daily Kos and many more. Please use the comment section to recommend candidates for this list.
Where are these people now that the Assad Regime was forced to give up its sarin and has turned to committing chemical murders with chlorine?
Just Wednesday we have a new report of two chlorine filled barrel-bombs being dropped from helicopters  in the village of Sarmin in Idlib Province. Idlib city recently became the second provincial capital to slip from Assad's control. Reports say as many a 20 were killed in this attack.

Human Rights Watch issued a report on use of chlorine gas bombs by the Syrian Government almost a year ago and the United Nations passed a resolution opposing there use on 16 March 2015. These mean nothing to Assad. So long as he is under Putin's protection, the UN is powerless even to fix blame let alone act to save lives.

Syrian Civil Defense Director: ‘We need a no-fly zone’ 30 April 2015

Bashar's Buddies oppose this too. They want Bashar to have complete freedom to bomb civilians.
Where are Bashar's Buddies when we need them? We need Bashar's Buddies to explain to us how he is not responsible for the chlorine gas attacks either. We need them to explain how the rebels got hold of the helicopters, because as far as anybody knows, they haven't got any. And then they need to explain how they managed to use them, since Bashar and Barack are now working together to insure they jointly have air-supremacy over Syria.

If they can't explain how the Assad regime is also innocent of these chemical murders with chlorine, they need to explain why they rushed to the defense of a mass murderer only when the chemical was sarin. If they elect to go that route, I have a song for them, sung to the tune of "I shot the sheriff":
He used the chlorine
But he did not cross the sarin line.
He used the chlorine
But he did not cross the sarin line.

Yeah! Just because he used some green slime,
They want to charge him with a war crime;
They say they want to bring him in guilty
For the killing of a community,
For the life of a community.
But we say:

He used the chlorine
But he did not cross the sarin fence.
He used the chlorine
But we swear it was in self-defence.
The talents of this team in defending authorities being accused of murder is now badly needed by the Baltimore Police because they are now trying to marshal evidence of how Freddie Gray killed himself inside the police van. [Was his motive to spark more anti-police protests?] This is the sort of thing that should be right up the alley of Bashar's Buddies.

Will we now see a return to the use of chemical weapons against mass uprisings?

After almost a hundred year ban, this re-introduction of the use of chemical weapons for the purpose of suppressing mass rebellion, while protecting property, is starting to show some legs, in spite of Assad being forced to given up his sarin. This will have tragic consequences for humanity going forward and history will long remember the silence of the "Left" upon its re-introduction.

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