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Monday, May 12, 2014

David Swanson's Dream

Whenever I hear David Swanson talk about how the anti-war movement stopped Obama from carrying out a massive bombing campaign against Assad, as I did this Satuday @ USC, I am reminded of 2011 Superbowl commercial in which a boy dress as Darth Vader thinks he has just started the family car with The Force when in reality it was his dad with the remote.

Does he still not understand that Obama never wanted to bomb Assad in the first place? Obama just asked for a Congressional approval that he knew he wasn't going to get because he was looking for away out of a promise of protection he had made to the Syrian people.

All of these bogus theories of David Swanson, Sy Hersh and Ray McGovern are predicated on their thesis that Obama actually supports the rebels and wants to see Assad overthrown.

Where is their proof? They offer his words as proof! As if all of a sudden we are suppose to believe what he says!

But that is really all they have.

They certainly can't prove that Obama supports the Syrian Revolution and the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad by his actions. Even after a hundred thousand dead, even after a UN resolution, passed unanimously, telling Assad to stop barrel-bombing civilians, Obama still refuses to support the creation of a no-fly zone or even allowing modern air defense systems, MANPADS, in the hands of the opposition. Is this how you support an overthrow?

Can David Swanson explain how the anti-war movement forced Obama into arm-twisting the French into calling off their own independent strikes?

Can David Swanson explain how the anti-war movement forced Obama into stopping the Saudis and Qatar from providing Assad's opposition with heavy weapons?

Can David Swanson explain how the anti-war movement forced Obama into getting Turkey to stop MANPADS already purchased by the Free Syrian Army from crossing the border?

David Swanson needs to educate himself and then he will understand that Obama really doesn't support the insurgency. David Swanson and his government are on the same side in this struggle.

For his education, I offer my most recent work - Benghazi
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David Swanson was one of 15 million that turned out to protest the start of the Iraq War, so was I. The government didn't even blink before moving forward with its war plans, but now, after a handful of pitiful demonstrations its stopped dead in its tracks? Please!

Anyway, enjoy the commercial and laugh.

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