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Monday, December 23, 2013

Aleppo school bombed as more killed by Assad in 8th day of slaugher in Syria

Thanks to Assad's brutality in the 21st century, we all know what we we would have done had we known about the great holocaust of the 20th century while it was happening.
  • The mainstream media would have covered it up and not reported it even if film and testimony were available at the time.
  • Our government would have done nothing to stop it because we are not in the business of humanitarian intervention.
  • The Left would have demanded that our government do nothing in the name of "humanitarian intervention."
  • The anti-war movement would have said it is not our fight and opposed any our foreign intervention.
  • Democracy Now would have ignored it.
I know, without a doubt, what I would have done. What would you have done?

This is not Civil War. This is simply Murder

Peter Clifford reports, 23 Dec 2013 14:05 GMT:
President Assad’s genocidal barrel-bombing campaign on Aleppo province continued over the weekend, killing an estimated 93 people, in addition to the 200+ killed in the previous 5 days.

These Children Got a Special Delivery from Assad at Their School

The total of those injured now well exceeds 1,000. At least 28 of the latest deaths are thought to be those of children.

Over 2 days, Assad’s aircraft have dropped at least 25 barrel-bombs on 5 different districts, hitting a school, a market and a line of 10 vehicles including a bus. All those inside the bus were killed.

Hassoun Abu Faisal, an activist with the Aleppo Media Center said, “The medics say they are removing people in parts; they aren’t sure how many there are.”

The main districts affected were Hanano, Al-Ahmadiya, Sakhour, Baideen, and Ard al-Hamra, plus the countryside villages of Marea and Atarib.

In Marea children were hurt while classes were in progress, and in Aleppo city itself 2 of the victims killed were ambulance workers rushing to help the injured.

These Children Got a Special Christmas from Assad at Their School
Elementary school bombed while classes were in session.

More bombs hit Bab al Nayreb in Aleppo just minutes ago | 23 Dec 2013 7:05am pst

This little boy calls for his rescued sister in a collapse building | 20 Dec 2013

This little boy was found alive under the rubble | 21 Dec 2013

This child didn't make it | Marjah, Aleppo | 23 Dec 2013

AP is reporting:
Aleppo Air Strike Death Toll Raised

By DIAA HADID 12/23/13 08:57 AM ET EST
BEIRUT (AP) — Government forces widened a bombing campaign in rebel-held areas of northern Syria on Monday, striking one of the main border towns near Turkey and killing 15 people, said activists.

The attack on Azaz was the latest attack using powerful but inaccurate "barrel bombs" on the northern city of Aleppo and its surrounding towns and villages, said an activist who goes by the name of Abu al-Hassan Marea. He said residents in the town told him that 15 people were killed in the strike. Another activist group, the Local Coordination Committees, gave the same death toll.

The Azaz attack suggests the government is expanding its range of targets a week after it began an unusually heavy air offensive against Aleppo on Dec. 15., dropping barrel bombs on rebel-held areas from helicopters. Aleppo, Syria's largest city, is divided into government-and-rebel-ruled areas. More...
Vehicles burning after the airstrike on Hananao | 22 Dec 2013

A train in the Al-Muslimiyah neighbourhood| 22 Dec 2013

Al Jourm Houria reports:
300 dead in 8 days of air raids on Syria's Aleppo

Syrian warplanes have killed more than 300 people, including 87 children, in an eight-day bombing campaign against rebel-held parts of the northern city of Aleppo, a monitor said Monday.

"From December 15 to 22, 301 people have been killed, including 87 children, 30 women and 30 rebels," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of activists and witnesses on the ground to track the civil war.

Opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad accuse his forces of dropping explosives-filled barrels on rebel-held areas in an effort to demoralize their supporters and turn them against the insurgents.

A security source told Agence France Presse on Monday that the army had adopted the tactic because of a lack of ground forces, and argued the heavy civilian toll was because the rebels were in residential areas. More...
The Assad Regime is suffering from "a lack of ground forces" because so many have defected. Its just not that easy to get Syrians to kill other Syrians even though Assad does all he can to stoke sectarian hatred. So even with the foreign intervention of soldiers from Iran, Iraq, Russia and Hezbullah, he can't kill fast enough without using his airforce.

Shahba Press Agency playlist on attacks on Aleppo | 20-23 Dec 2013

Marrjah, Aleppo | Students describe when school was bombed | 22 Dec 2013

AFP is reporting:
Syria bombards Aleppo, killing hundreds

The vicious air campaign has seen regime aircraft drop barrels of TNT onto rebel-held neighborhoods.
23 Dec 2013
BEIRUT - Syrian warplanes have killed more than 300 people, including 87 children, in an eight-day bombing campaign in the second city of Aleppo a month before planned peace talks.

The vicious air campaign has seen regime aircraft drop barrels of TNT onto rebel-held neighborhoods -- a tactic widely condemned as unlawful -- flooding hospitals with victims, according to activists, medics and other witnesses.

The attacks come as President Bashar al-Assad's forces have advanced on several fronts in recent weeks while Western nations have been preoccupied with Syria's chemical disarmament and preparing for January peace talks. More...

More homes destroyed by Assad's warplanes and missiles | Sukhari, Aleppo | 23 Dec 2013

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