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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Assad Regime Thanks US Peace Movement for its Support!

The Syria State TV News carried a glowing report on the "No War on Syria" anti-intervention protests organized by the US Peace Movement on July 10th & 11th in Los Angeles, New York and other cities.

From Assad's point of view: What was not to like? None of these demonstrators were protesting intervention by Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezbullah in support of his war against his people. And they weren't protesting his use of Scuds, cluster bombs, and poison gas on his cities. They were only protesting suspected or promised intervention by anyone in support of the people Assad has been slaughtering with the help of his friends for two and a half years.

These protests were endorsed by a Syrian-American group "liked" on Facebook by Bashar al-Assad himself and many prominent U.S. anti-war groups like Veterans for Peace and United for Peace and Justice [UFPJ] [complete list here]

Syrians for Trayvon Martin rally under revolution's flag

Peace Protesters in Los Angeles rally under Assad's flag

In a conflict where the opposing forces rally around completing flags, the exclusive appearance of the Assad regime's flag at these protests lets the world know where they stand. Some activists think they can endorse a rally that flies only Assad's flag and promotes his propaganda and still deny that they support Assad, but the Syria government knows better. This newscast takes a break from telling us about all the terrorists they have been killing at about 0:05:08.0. to spend a few minutes to thank the US protesters for their support.

Earlier, at 0:03:09, the image of the US veteran who fought with Al Nusra in Syria before he returned to the US and was arrested, is falsely used as one of the 1500 terrorists the broadcast claims entered Syria last week.

The announcer introduces the segment, saying:
"Thousands of Americans and citizens of the Syrian community in different U.S. cities organized mass marches in solidarity with Syria, calling on the US administration to stop supporting terrorists with money and weapons"
The segment features images of the protests in a number of cities and comments by some of the protesters, including these:
One American activist says "Today we have once again taken a stand with the people of Syria and against the United States policy of intervention and war. This practice by the United States have, of course, been going on for many years and the Syrian people are the latest to suffer from it."

A young blond woman says "I'm here because I believe Syrians should chose what kind of government they should have and the U.S. shouldn't intervene."

Another young American says "I don't think there is any clear indication that the opposition forces have anything positive to contribute to Syrian society."
Obviously these activists don't know what they are talking about, but their naiveté and especially their equation of the Syrian government with the Syria people and their willingness to blame the US government for what is happening to the Syrian people, makes them very useful propaganda supports for the Assad regime's military campaign.

Other SANA headlines that day included:
  • Terrorists killed in Homs and its countryside
  • Armed forces target terrorists’ gatherings in Aleppo city and countryside
  • Terrorists killed in Idleb countryside
  • Terrorists killed in Deir Ezzor and its countryside
Of course the Assad regime only kills terrorists!!

Wounded being treated in field hospital after aerial shelling from regime | 21 July 2013

18+ | 15 civilians killed by Assad's forces in Ariha, Idlib | 21 July 2013

Intense shelling by the regime on the Palestinian Yarmouk camp in Syria | 21 July 2013

18+ | Gruesome Aftermath of Regime Barrel Bombardment | Idlib | 18 July 2013

Child killed by Assad missile in Idlib | 15 July 2013

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  1. Yes i watch a news in TV No War on Syria anti-intervention protests organized by the US Peace Movement on July 10th & 11th in Los Angeles, New York and other cities.