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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why the Daily Kos and everyone else who think that Syria is not their problem are tragically wrong

Since the title is so long, I will make this blog short and to the point.

The most common refrain in the Daily Kos community on Syria is that it is not their problem. It is also President Obama's public position and most US citizens support him in this. I was told at Jay & Rachel's progressive film showing in Santa Monica last week that there were enough lives to save right here in the US, and earlier at Jerry Rubin's Activist Support Circle, that plenty of people were dying in VA hospitals, I didn't need to go to Syria to find them.

I have heard a million reasons for doing nothing about Syria and the Syrian people have reaped the awful, frightful consequences.

All of these voices, if they are human, and tragically, fatally, wrong.

The reason is simple:

We will either survive and strive on this planet Earth, or be consumed by our own destruction as one human people. Anybody that still hasn't grasp that at this late date is a fucking idiot.

It should also be clear that going forward we will face any number of catastrophes. Going forward, global warming, wars, ethnic tensions, natural and manmade disasters are likely to fall upon one people after another until, hopefully, we get things sorted out in the next hundred years or so. Or we don't?

Yesterday was the second anniversary of a major disaster in Japan that took 20,000 lives and still threatens the health of the whole planet. In Syria, a despot's desperate attempts to cling to power in those same two years has cost 75,000 lives and counting.

These and many other such catastrophes are likely to be beyond the ability of the people most immediately affected to deal with.

If the people that say "it's not our problem" rule the day, they'll be nobody left to help when it is our problem.

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