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Sunday, June 16, 2013

( Blood of Freedom ) A new film on the syrian revolution

An important new documentary on the struggle in Syria has just come out and we are publishing it here together with an introduction by Basel Watfa.
An Amateur Documentary Made By The Free Youth Of Syria.
Translation: Reem Mouhamed
Editing Translation: Karim Elwan
Idea: Alaa Shanana
Scenario: Mouhammed Mustajab
( Blood of Freedom ) syrian revolution

Our revolution is not for bread nor, against hungry.. Our revolution is calling for freedom, for dignity""

Those were not Words said by not an educated man or Syrian political figure.. But by Mohammad Aref Ammoura, the Syrian citizen who talks in this documentary..an indigenous man from Aleppo, speaks spontaneously, straight, doesn't beat around the bush.. on behalf of Syrians majority who sacrificed blood, money, homes and fled out of their beloved Syria escaping from daily death implemented by Bashar Al Assad army. Ammoura words express the intolerable pain and sadness which overwhelmed the Syrians lives...

Ammoura was very sad for a question being asked repeatedly: why did revolution erupt in Syria?? What are you suffering from???!! And here where the story starts.. here` s the crux..

Needless to say, Syrians were influenced by revolutions erupted in the Arab spring states, but it was hard to imagine that, it will extend to cover Syria as well.. why? Because, Syria since decades turned to be the kingdom of silence hidden behind high barriers, a big prison ruled by bloody iron fist and beasts hired by Assad family.. Syrians wanted to live just like all people on this planet!! Want to live free of fear..to feel they are citizens not slaves.. to have press and media liberty.. to have independent judicature.. to clean their life form bribery and corruption which became the only way to survive.

The toughest part was security establishments, the de-facto ruler of the country!! In Syria, there`re countless jails more than universities and scientific research centers. Who can live a normal life when fear becomes his twin, following him like a shadow?? who can speak freely when he doubts everyone around him, afraid of someone might be linked to intelligence ? Who can write an article without getting arrested and accused with silly charges?? Who can tolerate the unbearable torture and humiliation he has to suffer in regime horrible jails?? Who can wait for decades seeing his beloved ones listed as missing persons?? Who can start a fruitful career or private business without bribing the security officers or top people to avoid their depravity?

Who is willing to raise his kids to respect and love their country ,while the lovely country turned to be the source of subdue, the bed of nightmares ,the best model of media lying and foisting in every said word.. who is willing to be proud of his national army when Assad family offended the military honor and undermined it`s reputation to be pitiful,miserable, but prepared well only to face and repress people who paid money to build it up..!

Look at numerous number of Syrians who left Syria running away from military duty to exchange it by money they struggle to pay them finally to corrupted establishments.

See how many Syrians living outside, refusing to settle their life in Syria?? Does it sound strange and worth to investigate???!!

What mentioned above, were little samples about the nature of the regime against which these people marched in the streets challenging it`s suppression and calling for freedom..

Who can deny the Syrians rightfulness of living a decent life in the state the love, of dreaming to build up a country makes them proud of.. ??

Endless number of videos showed the peaceful demonstrations, when people face the army with roses, songs, flags and civilizational slogans, what was the regime immediate reaction??? We do need to say.. just killing civilians in cold blood..!

Who knows the nature of Assad regime wouldn't be surprised..! Freedom is redline, democracy is red line, criticizing regime is red line, calling for change is red line.. Who dares to cross the regime redlines must pay a red price.. BLOOD..!

Not anymore..Not anymore, we shall pay.. Freedom is valuable and deserve this cost.. you can`t turn the clock back. As Ammoura said: do you think it 80`s to fool us again??!! Not anymore.

At the very beginning, The regime went nuts, full of its extreme haughtily reacted just like a wounded beast.. killing, detaining, torturing, bombarding, devastating, humiliating it`s people when they raised their heads seeking the dawn to erase the darkness and write a new page on their new history book..

Those who criticized the Syrian revolution, wrote and spoke to twist the facts and justify the Assad approach of handling the revolution.. Giving him all excuses to maintain his country according to their sayings.. Can I ask you something?

Are you willing to live under such regime and tolerate such conditions? Are you willing to give your freedom and dignity up at any circumstances?? Do you believe that, such army is able to fight a real bottle with Israel or any potential attack?? If a wise leader wants to keep his country safe, will he destroy it as such, will he use air raids, exploded barrels, ballistic missiles against his citizens and ruin their life?? Words are futile in here.. aren't they?

Alas, Syrians were left at their crisis point under the most bloody regime known on earth, a revolution could have changed their life and fill them with hope for a better future was ignored from the entire world.. but in 21st century, and the advanced communication tools allowed to record, convey, and document every moment of their revolution.. refuting the regime and it`s allies propaganda.. they will keep doing and struggling until obtaining what they paid for: freedom and dignity..

Look carefully to grief marks on Ammoura face, listen carefully to his voice full of strength and hope..look how he`s working hardly for his family utility..Insisting to go back someday and live peacefully in Syria..

Listen to this pretty little girl, tearing while craving wrings her heart… Sad.. isn`t it??

History taught us, the greatest states were born from the womb of pains, and the brightest dawn shines after the darkest nights.

Basel Watfa : Syrian and proud to be….

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