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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Crime of #Qusayr #Qusair, #Syria #RescueQusair

If 1500 injured people were trapped in a mine somewhere with more than ten thousand other living souls trapped with them, it would be all over the news and help would be streaming in from every part of the globe.

If a natural disaster or industrial accident was threating the lives of so many people, the world would be holding its breath while it watched rescuers assembled from many nations save the still living and return the dead to their families.

What is happening in Qusayr is not a natural disaster or industrial accident. It is a government willing to use mass slaughter as a method to regain control over people in an area that had freed themselves from that murderous control over a year ago, and because it is what it is, and because some people are fighting back, they can call it a battle, ignore the massive civilian suffering, and generally pretend that what has been happening in Qusayr is not simply murder.

This blog post will not attempt to update you on the current state of that struggle or even catalog the many atrocities of the Assad regime and its Hezbollah allies around Qusayr. I will provide some links to information of that type at the end.

The crime to which my title refers is one of criminal neglect and it is shared by all those that ignore what is happening while everyday more people are being murdered. This especially applies to those in the media who march forward in "battledress" what little news they tell on Qusayr and fail to report the wanton attacks by one side to this "battle" on a surrounded civilian population.

It applies even more to the governments that have the power to lift the siege of Qusayr and do nothing. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, speaking of the future, warns the killers there will be "no impunity for the perpetrators". She should be so bold and honest as to admit that, for the present, there will also be no interference with the commission of their crimes.

Emergency Relief for Qusair (Homs, Syria)
(إغاثة إسعافية لمدينة القصير (حمص، سوريا

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