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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Assad worst than ISIS: Another 50 civilians murdered in Douma today

While ISIS is still the headline on Syria for the major media, most of the day to day slaughter in Syria is done by Assad. ISIS doesn't even have an air force and clearly the US Air Force is not in Syria to stop Assad's slaughter. Not a single strike against civilians has been opposed by US military forces in Syria. Their rules-of-engagement say that Assad's slaughter of civilians is not to be interfered with.

For more than four years now Veterans for Peace and most of the US "Left" have demanded that a no-fly zone not be imposed on Assad's air force and demanded that the Syrian "rebels" .i.e. anybody Assad wants to bomb, be allowed no defensive weapons. I can't say Assad's campaign of "Death from Above" is happening because VFP demands that there be no foreign intervention that doesn't support the current Syria government because the "Left" doesn't make US policy but these murders are a direct result of US policies VFP and most of the "Left" have demonstrated for, namely the right of the Syrian government to slaughter its own people without foreign interference.

Today from Reuters we have this report of more carnage created by Assad's forces in Douma:
Over 50 people killed in Syrian missile strikes at rebel areas near Damascus

Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:52pm EDT
Naline Malla and Suleiman Al-Khalidi
At least 50 bodies were retrieved from buildings leveled to the ground after Syrian army missiles hit residential areas in the rebel-held northeast of Damascus on Saturday, rescue workers said.

They said more bodies were believed to be under the rubble of buildings occupied by dozens of families in the city of Douma, about 15 km (10 miles) northeast of Damascus, with dozens of victims taken to field hospitals, many seriously wounded.

Rescue workers said 20 bodies were identified. A further 32 victims remained unidentified and the toll was expected to rise as civil defense workers step up the search amid the rubble of the four multi-story buildings that were directly hit.

“There are entire families still under the rubble. We couldn't reach them yet, because as you know the process of removing debris must be done with extreme caution," said Majd, an official from the Syrian civil defense corps, a group which operates in rebel-held areas.

The latest casualties follow last Sunday's air strike on a bustling market place in the same area which killed at least 100 people.

Sunday's attack on Douma was one of the bloodiest in the four-year-long war that has killed an estimated quarter of a million people and driven 10 million from their homes. The conflict grew out of protests against President Bashar al-Assad in 2011 which were put down with force.

The UK-based Observatory for Human Rights said the heavily populated parts of the area where at least 250,000 civilians lived were probably hit by ground to ground missiles on Saturday, followed by air raids.
Air strike in Douma kills more than 50 | 22 August 2015

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Assad's sarin attack on Douma and East Ghouta that killed more than 1700 when the final body count came in. At the time Assad had many brave defenders on the "Left" that came forward to claim Assad was innocent. They included Amy Goodman, Sy Hersh, Ray McGovern, Phyllis Bennis, Ann Wright and many others. Where are they now? Why have they never come out to condemn Assad's "conventional" slaughterer or to "expose" the "secret rebel air force" that can be used to "cast doubt" over who is slaughtering Syrians from the air?

Could it be that their only interest in Syria was protecting Assad [as a members of the "Resistance"] and not the welfare of the Syria people?

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