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Saturday, March 5, 2016

104 opposition rallies across Syria on Friday show revolution lives!

There were at least 92 104 anti-Assad rallies across Syria on Friday. The popular Friday protests that launched the Syrian Revolution five years ago continue, in spite of the horrific violence they have been subjected to. As world powers, including the United States, seem more and more intent on shoving the criminal Assad regime down the people's throat, the voice of the Syrian people has been rendered almost silence in the world media and they are given almost no role in the debate about their country's future.

What has five years of ignoring the just demands of the Syrian people and turning our backs while Assad and his supporter resort to the mass murder of civilian to stay in power wrought? As many as half a million dead, the biggest refugee crisis since WWII, an EU being strained to the breaking point, the Islamic State terror and and in the United States, possibly the most reactionary and racist political campaign of the modern era.

I have a lot on my plate these days, including holding down a full time industrial job, but I realize that due to the criminal negligence of both the bourgeois and "Left" media, you probably won't hear anything about these rallies from other sources. You won't hear about them from Democracy Now, that's for sure!

Here are videos from a few of these rallies. I want to thank EA Worldview for collecting them.


Maarat al-Num’an in Idlib Province in northwest Syria:

Azaz, near the Turkish border:

Atarib in Aleppo Province:

Anjarah in western Aleppo Province:

Aleppo city:

In and Near Damascus




As-Safir in East Ghouta:

Southern Damascus:


Busra al-Sham:


Al-Yadudah, near Daraa:

Al-Hirak in Daraa Province:

Homs Province:

Al-Waer district in Homs city, which agreed to a ceasefire last year after years of siege and bombardment:



Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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  1. Very stirring, indeed.

    Still it would be nice to see some women out there as we saw in Tahrir Square in Cairo--young boys and men but not a girl or woman.

    But, I suppose that's a struggle for another time.

  2. I see some women in the protests even without rolling the videos. Did you miss them? Look carefully at the starting images. True they are relatively few but people are murdered for protesting in Syria which also has to be considered when demanding more women at protests. Let's stop the wholesale murder of civilians in Syria. Stop th bombs from dropping!