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Monday, August 5, 2013

Syria: New Poison Gas Attacks Reported in #Douma & #Adra

We are seeing reports of another chemical weapons attack in Syria today. Activists in Syria are saying government forces used chemical weapons on the cities of Douma and nearby Adra on Sunday and Monday. A poison gases attack is said to have hospitalized or affected between 200~400 people. Details are still very sketchy and no fatalities have been reported as yet. This probably won't be mentioned on the evening news or even make Democracy Now* tomorrow.

The Al Jazeera Syria Live Blog has this preliminary report:
Activists in Syria claim poisonous form of gas was used by regime forces in an attack on Douma and Adra.
5 Aug 2013 12:33
Activists and local opposition groups in Syria accused regime forces for using poisonous form of gas in the city of Douma and Adra, outskirts of Damascus.

According to the local media offices, Syrian army has launched a series of attacks on these two big cities on Monday. More than 400 people have been hospitalised showing symptoms of convulsion, shortness of breath, profuse sweating and frothy sputum, activists said.

The video footage below, which cannot be independently verified by Al Jazeera, shows injured civilians rushing into a hospital.
The video above was posted to YouTube by the Local Coordination Committee of Douma Revolution and the Unified Medical office for the city of Douma and Surroundings. This video is described as people suffering from suffocation symptoms being treated after a “chemical attack" on the city at dawn.

NOW. has this report which includes a second video as well as the one above:
Regime conducted chemical strike on Douma, activists say
August 5, 2013

A YouTube video published Sunday shows a number people being hospitalized in the Damascus suburb of Douma following a purported regime chemical weapon strike that activists said left hundreds injured.

The video shows frantic scenes of people moving about the hospital with face masks on, while outside the facility an orderly can be seen bring children into the facility.

The activist Local Coordination Committee said that “hundreds suffered from asphyxiation after the city was attacked with chemical weapons and poisonous gas.”

Meanwhile, another video posted online of the alleged Douma attack shows a hospitalized victim, while the narrator says that “dozens of people were injured after houses were shelled with [the] poisonous sarin gas.” More...

Resident gets chemical attack on video | 5 Aug 2013

Residents escape to roof tops to escape the toxic gases | 4 Aug 2013

We also have this English translation of a report in Al Arabiya:
The activists said the cities of Duma and Adra in Damascus Countryside been subjected to bombardment with toxic gases and chemicals in addition to قصفهما with heavy artillery, causing suffocation between people and wounding 30 of them so far.

And set off sirens as a result of using the system for chemical and toxic gases on the city, according to the Information Office of the City Duma There are dozens injury where houses were bombed sarin gas.

Witness recounted the details of the chemical attack on Adra Rural Damascus, where he said, "in prayer شممنا time smell like sulfur and confirmed that there is bombardment with chemotherapy and ran to wear respirators after he stopped praying."

He added that there is a young never worn masks of chemotherapy to become choking, shortness of breath, noting that the target area where there are civilians.

He said that "the sky has become a color red so we have not been able leadership, prompting the arrival of ambulances to save us."

Reports of breathing difficulties as a result of the attack | 4 Aug 2013

Treating victims of chemical attack in Adra | 4 Aug 3013


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