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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bashar al-Assad is a Brutal Mass Murderer

Amidst all the back and forth about who has been responsible various chemical weapons attacks that have been contributing to the slaughter of the Syrian people lately, let us not forget that Bashar al-Assad is the one known mass murderer being considered and his regime has definitely been responsible for all the carnage done to civilians from air craft and helicopters.

For example, there is no serious question about who was responsible for dropping a napalm like incendiary on a playground as documented in this BBC report because the incendiary bomb was dropped by a Mig jet and only the Assad regime has those.

Similarly, any serious examination of the sophisticated chemical attach carried out in East Ghouta shows that only the Assad regime's chemical weapons units have those capabilities. Those like Amy Goodman and her guest yesterday on Democracy Now, Phyllis Bennis, try to obscure who is slaughtering Syrians by blowing smoke around this latest chemical attack, should consider that they are defending a mass murderer who has killed tens of thousands with conventional weapons and is actively killing children even as they mount a defense of him.

Syria crisis Incendiary bomb victims 'like the walking dead'

29 August 2013 Last updated at 17:43 ET Help

A BBC team inside Syria filming for Panorama has witnessed the aftermath of a fresh horrific incident - an incendiary bomb dropped onto a school playground in the north of the country - which has left scores of children with napalm-like burns over their bodies.

Eyewitnesses describe a fighter jet dropping the device, a low explosion, followed by columns of fire and smoke.

Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway's report contains images viewers may find extremely distressing.

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  1. What's up, Agent Clay:

    Remember when Ian Pannell invaded Syria from Turkey alongside your heart-eating alCIAda buddies? Those were good times!

    Keep spinning the lies, white man. Proyect may be willing to throw you a few bucks based on your ability to post pictures of dead babies, but he and his little mailing list are about the only people on the planet to support Clay and the Cannibals.

    Ever think of forming a band? That's a pretty good name, I have to say.

    Keep plugging away with the propaganda anyway, Agent C--before long you might have 25% of the white male population in the US behind your demand for world war!