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Monday, May 1, 2017

Postol's Apostles & the normalization of chemical weapons use

Human Right Watch published this May Day a four minute video that graphically documents what I have feared most would result from the world's indifference to the suffering of the Syrian people. That has been the normalization of the use of chemical weapons against rebellious civilian populations. The HRW reports how the Assad regime has regularized the use of chemical weapons in the past six months while the world paid it no never mind. Only with the 92 sarin murders at Khan Sheikhoun has the matter made the news again, and this has again brought out Assad's defenders to blame the victims and "question the evidence." In the cases of attacks that don't make the news they don't question the evidence because they don't have to be bothered.

But as we have already seen with the refugee crisis and the ISIS terror, what happens in Syria doesn't stay in Syria. Now, after a ban that had been largely effective for almost a hundred years, chemical weapons are being used regularly and systematically to terrorize a civilian population, and not just in Syria. Although the HRW report deals just with Syria, I have seen recent reports of CW use by the government in Sudan.

Syria: New Evidence Shows Pattern of Chemical Weapons Use

In the last six months the Syrian government has used war planes, helicopters, and ground forces to deliver chlorine and sarin in Damascus, Hama, idLib, and Aleppo. That's widespread and systematic use of chemical weapons which could amount to crimes against humanity.
HRW Report online - Death by Chemicals:The Syrian Government’s Widespread and Systematic Use of Chemical Weapons

This new chemical weapons use against civilians is being done with complete impunity and almost no protests in the West against this terrible resurgence. The attitude of the western peace and justice movements has been most shameful. Groups like Code Pink and Veterans for Peace have acted as defense counsel for the killers. As long as the killers weren't called out, they remained quiet, but when the killers were "caught," and faced the "trial" of public opinion, as with Assad in 2013 and today, they have come forward with a vigorous defense that begins by "questioning the evidence."

When it comes to the fight against the return of chemical warfare, the "Left" has been in the smoke screen business.

This HRW video also reveals new evidence about Khan Sheikhoun that blows away Dr. Theodore A. Postol's sarin pipe-bomb theory. It is just as well that he has abandoned it. Now Dr. Ted has been shown to be an incompetent fool willing to go to any length to please Putin. He is totally exposed. Still there are many, on both the "Left" and the Right that have made Postol's conclusions, backed by Postol's supposed expertise, the keystone of their defense of Syrian mass murderer President Bashar al-Assad in the case of Khan Sheikhoun. I call this group Postol's Apostles, and I am impatiently waiting to hear what they have to say now. This list is by no means complete, but it's a start...

Postol's Apostles

Vladimir Putin
US President Donald Trump’s unfounded decision to blame Damascus for using chemical weapons to justify an attack on Syria has endangered his own goal of destroying the Islamic State (Daesh), former US Chief of Naval Operations scientific advisor Theodore Postol told Sputnik.

Noam Chomsky
This was analyzed closely by a very serious and credible analyst, Theodore Postol, professor at MIT, who has a long record of highly successful, credible analysis. He’s a highly regarded strategic analyst and intelligence analyst. And he gave a pretty devastating critique of the White House report. You might—you can pick it up online and take a look at it. So there certainly are some questions.

Stephen F. Cohen
But several independent American investigators have cast serious doubt on the White House report, most forcefully MIT professor Theodore Postol, an eminent and highly qualified expert on such matters. Thus far, the mainstream media has steadfastly ignored the findings by Postol and other skeptics.

Jonathan Steele
But the crucial evidence is: Where did the sarin gas come from? And Professor Theodore Postol of MIT has just come out with a report trying to discredit the White House statement of the day before, a four-page White House statement. And Postol argues that the 122-millimeter rocket tube that is lying on the ground, that has been shown to reporters and others who’ve come to the site, was not broken open by impact with the ground, but by something that crashed onto it from above. That suggests it has to have been broken by somebody standing on the ground, putting explosives onto it from above, rather than being something that was dropped from an aircraft from on high.

Robert Parry
Postol, whose analytical work helped debunk Official Washington’s groupthink regarding the 2013 sarin attack outside Damascus, expressed new shock at the shoddiness of the latest White House report (or WHR).

Ben Norton
When the White House released a brief report accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons at Khan Sheikhoun, a prominent arms expert accused the Trump administration of "politicizing" the intelligence.
The expert's report was ignored by the vast majority of major English-language media outlets.

Steven Rosenfeld
Postol, who has received numerous awards for his work on missile systems and has worked for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, looked at the same information sources cited by the White House and concluded in a 14-page analysis that, first of all, whatever happened in Khan Shaykhun was not the result of an air attack

John Wight
The growing number of voices within the US that are questioning the conclusions being peddled by the White House over this alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack have thus far been dismissed as the product of conspiracy theory and pro-Assad propaganda. However the latest intervention by MIT professor Theodore Postol cannot be so easily ignored.

James Carden, The Nation
Yet the administration’s report has come under withering scrutiny from Dr. Theodore Postol,
Postol’s exhaustive critique of the White House report...
The Nation spoke to Postol over the weekend.

“What I think is now crystal clear,” he said, “is that the White House report was fabricated and it certainly did not follow the procedures it claimed to employ.”

Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Poster

Eric Striker, Daily Stormer
The Jewish media continues to frame the attack as Assad thumbing his nose and challenging the West to attack him because he’s a demented maniac, but that makes no sense as the Syrian government continues to adamantly deny it committed this act.

That is because their entire justification for pre-emptively striking the Syrian army airport was based entirely on images of this hole with a gas can in it. Weapon’s experts like Postol posit that the men in the video below in contact with it would’ve dropped dead on the spot.

Tareq Haddad, IBT
Theodore Postol of MIT says there is no concrete evidence linking Assad to the attack.

Paul Craig Roberts Report
Guest Column by Eric Zuesse: After detailed decimation of President Trump’s ‘intelligence’ ‘justifying’ his invasion of Syria, the MIT specialist on such intelligence-analysis, Dr. Theodore Postol, concludes:

Robert L. Borosage, The Nation
It cited credible independent groups concluding that nerve gas was used, and Amnesty International reported evidence that pointed to an air-launched chemical attack. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Theodore Postol has aggressively questioned many of these claims, however.

Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report
A top scientist in weaponry and the physics of explosions at the nation’s foremost institution of technology says the chemical event that the U.S. used as a pretext to attack Syria could not have happened the way the White House says it did. MIT Professor Emeritus Theodore Postol says the bogus U.S. reports indicate “a willingness to use intelligence claims that are false to make political points and political arguments.”

I hope Democracy Now does that show. I'm rather curious to find out what their new story will be.

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