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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

After Trump drops "Assad removal" from US goals, Assad drops sarin again

There has been another chemical weapons attack in Syria today, and again many children died. This attack happened a few days after Trump officials announced that Assad need no longer concern himself with US efforts to topple him.

This latest attack took place in Idlib. Idlib is the place the survivors of the brutal assault on Aleppo were evaluated to.  Now Idlib has been coming under attack by the same Russian/Iranian/Assadist forces that massacred Aleppo. According the Aleppo Media Center, now in Idlib, 70 have died so far and about 500 have been injured. The hospital where many were being treated was also attacked.

On 21 August 2013 Assad's forces killed more than 1400, including including more than 300 children with sarin. Although the Assad regime vigorously denied responsibility for that attack or any CW attack in Syria, it agreed to give up most of its chemical weapons capabilities. [Later it was found to have cheated and held some back.] Since then there have been dozens of attacks using chlorine gas as a weapon. At least 3 have been investigated and blamed on Assad by the United Nations.

Early reports indicate that this attack is difference. It was not chlorine, which has a very distinct odor and color and typically only kills people caught in enclosed spaces. This was something new and far more deadly. Most investigators have already concluded that it was sarin or some similar nerve agent.

While chemical weapons have been proven to be largely ineffective on the battlefield against troops equip and trained to defend against them. They also proved to be a very effective weapons against rebellions because they could be quite efficient at killing an unprepared civilian population, especially children, the old, and infirmed, while keeping property damage to a minimum, and this is how they were widely used before World War I. The horror at their use in that war enabled a worldwide campaign that forced their ban in 1925.

Surprisingly, that ban had largely stood the test of time before the Syrian conflict. Although there was Saddam Hussein's use of CW against the Kurds at Halabja in 1988, it was one of a very few mass casualty attacks since World War II  - until the Syrian conflict. Now it is in danger of becoming normalized. It is also now being used in the Sudan.

Chemical weapons use is making a come back and it is entirely against people in rebellion. Assad had already been using tanks, artillery, rockets, napalm, cluster bombs, barrel bombs and small amounts of chemical weapons to massacre his people before Obama's proclamation. Exactly, a year before the massive sarin attack, US President Barack Obama acknowledge his acceptance of all that when he drew his famous "red-line" and said Assad would cross it only by using "a whole bunch of chemical weapons."

Clearly a "a whole bunch of chemical weapons" had been used on 21 August 2013, and in the refugee camps and the cities besieged by Assad, they were calling upon Obama to honor his pledge. Now he needed a way to weasel out of it.

The US peace and justice movement became active on the Syrian conflict in a big way for the first time. It opposed any military response to the use of sarin in Syria. Many questioned the evidence that Assad was behind the massacre. They addressed themselves only to representatives of their own bourgeoisie, while ignoring the complaints and evidence presented by the Syrians under attack.

Assad started using chemicals again within months of the US failure to enforce Obama's year-old "red-line" prohibition against them, and he has been quietly using them ever since. Quietly, because he has largely stuck with low level chlorine attacks, and quietly because the world's media and the world's governments have seen fit not to make too big a fuss about them.

When the UN scientists compared the sarin used in the attack with the sarin surrendered by Assad, they concluded that the sarin that killed the children came from Assad's arsenal. That didn't stop Assad supporters on the "Left" from denying Assad complicity or even treating it as a real tragedy. They treat it like it never even happened. Listen to the off-handed way Mike Whitney referred to this massive and tragic loss of life recently in counterpunch, when he still thought Clinton was going to win in spite of his best efforts, 8 Nov 2016 [my bold]:
The public probably feels equal contempt for the Loretta Lynch Justice Department which is loaded with Clinton toadies that have done their best to quash any investigation into the illicit pay-to-play machinations at the Clinton Foundation. And, let’s not forget the media which has lost whatever shred of credibility it managed to salvage after its myriad of war-promoting lies about WMD, mobile weapons labs, aluminum tubes and Assad’s imaginary chemical weapons attacks, attacks that were invented from whole cloth at one of Washington’s many neocon think tanks where these fake ideas are typically hatched. 
The WMD, mobile weapons labs, and aluminum tubes used to justify war on Iraq were fake. Lumping Assad's very real sarin attack on East Ghouta into that list is a crime. 

Now we can expect these same forces to come out again in defense of Assad. It may be a little harder this time because all eyewitness reports say the chemical weapons were dropped from aircrafts and the opposition doesn't have any. No matter. Assad and Putin have already denied any responsibility and their minions have no choice but to follow their lead like Sean Spicer follows Trump.

So now the circle is joined as these long time Putin/Assad supporters on the "Left" turn themselves into Trump supporters.

We now know that Larry Johnson, one of the signers of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity [VIPS], statement in support of Assad during the sarin crisis was the ultimate source of President Trump's claim that Obama had his phone tapped at Trump Tower. Trump say he got it from Judge Napolitano but the judge say he got it from Larry Johnson.

And former congressman Dennis Kucinich, long time supporter of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, has now come out to support Trump's wiretapping story.

Talk about chickens coming home to roost.

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Picasso's famous antiwar painting Guernica commemorated the bombing of that Basque town 80 years ago on 26 April 1937
Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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