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Thursday, August 22, 2013

AntiWar.com Disparages Chemical Attack in Syria

I am reprinting an AntiWar.com blog post in full because I think this one should haunt them forever:
Syrian Rebels Claim Hundreds Killed in Chemical Weapons Attack
Officials Deny Allegation
by Jason Ditz, August 21, 2013
Oddly timely since the UN chemical weapons experts arrived in the nation just days ago, Syrian rebels are now claiming a sudden massive chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus, saying 213 people were killed in a nerve gas strike on Ghouta. Other rebels claimed 635 had died.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague, always willing to buy into anything the Syrian rebels say, dubbed it a “shocking escalation,” but the even more shocking aspect would be the timing.

It makes no sense to believe that after finally capping off months of negotiations to get chemical weapons inspectors into the country the Syrian military would just happen to pick that same moment to launch a strike far beyond anything previously alleged.

Riad Haddad, Syria’s Ambassador to Russia, denied the claim, saying that it was fabricated and meant to mislead the inspectors who had just arrived. The UN has yet to comment on the matter, but will presumably show up in Ghouta to investigate it.
[note from Clay: Syrian regime is blocking UN experts’ access to “chemical attack” site]
They treat this attack as if it didn't really happen. Those children aren't really dead. This is all just a CIA fabrication. Why would such a good guy as Assad even do something like this? It just makes no sense!

So it didn't happen. That's the way they think.

The AntiWar.com article didn't include any pictures of dead children, which I find ood, because there are so many this time. And originals! No need to go digging through the files and hoping no one will notice.

Anyway, here are some graphic suggests AntiWar.com can add:

Ghouta Massacre - more terrorists killed by Assad | 21 Aug 2013

Suffer the little children if we don't make chemical attacks a red-line we enforce!

Assad Must Go Now!

Those little angel aren't sleeping, they are massacred by chemical weapons | 21 Aug 2013

Hundreds of dead kids due to poisonous gases by Assad Regime | 21 Aug 2013

Their right to know what happened to them, let this dead world know | 21 Aug 2013

A mother in Damascus, found her child among a row of dead children | 21 Aug 2013

A statement from Jobar's Medical Point regarding the chemical attack

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  1. What makes you so sure that the heart-eating terrorist killers, the only party to have used these weapons thus far in the Syrian conflict, didn't perpetrate this massacre? Moreover, what evidence do you have, apart from what the cannibals say, that Assad did it? Finally, what's the logic in the recognized Syrian gov't to invite the UN inspectors into Syria only to launch this attack upon their arrival?

    How does the Syrian gov't benefit?

    Or is it really a pure PsyOp, with any 'evidence' of the crime simply an afterthought to the propaganda value of repeating your accusation over and over again, supplemented (of course) by pictures of dead children?


    1. Crickets.

      All you have is pictures of dead babies, Agent Claiborne. Once you get past the vapid, sentimentalist 9% of Uncle Sam's plantation who believes your fairy tale (the Proyects and Pham Binhs of the world) and seeks offensive war, what do you really have?

      You've got an entire planet that knows you're totally full of shit.