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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Democracy Now connection to Trump's Obama lies revealed

Donald Trump made his political bones by promoting the lie that Barack Obama didn't possess the birthright to be POTUS. The base reason Trump, and the birther movement he came to lead, feel that way is because they see POTUS as the last job preserved for white men, and Obama is an African-American. Since they can't express that in the way they could when America was great before, they attached their disqualification to a proxy tied to Obama's birth - they claimed his place of birth disqualified him! How convenient for them.

BTW, this is also what I thought when I woke up this morning to find that a new terror warning and air travel restrictions to 10 MENA countries had replaced Comey's rebuke of Trump as the top story on the morning news. How convenient for them.

Anyway, through the birther movement, Trump showed the maybe 30% of white Americans that are still diehard racists that he had the skills to effectively promote their cause in the 21st century. Because the neo-liberals promoted such weak candidates, and the "Left" stood down from fighting Trump to focus on defeating Clinton, {A posture much encouraged by Moscow and its minions.} they were able to put their man in the White House, and he is in the process of handing state power over to white supremacists.

That is why the "Cult 45" klan, who are in fact, deplorable basketcases, don't care about Donald Trump's lies. They accept his lies because they know he can't speak the truth with regards to their shared beliefs. They believe that he, like them, would like to rid the United States of people of color, and their support for him will not waiver as long as they think he is carrying out this racist agenda behind all the lies.

Trump's latest lie on Obama debuted in a handful of tweets a couple of weeks ago.
Most in the mainstream media offered support for Trump's lie by pretending he didn't mention "phones," thus making it easier for him to clean up.

Since President Donald Trump is the one person on Earth with access to all the proof on which to base such a charge, and he offered none, the world knew going into this circus that none would be found. Donald Trump called upon congress to investigate charges that he knew were a lie. Then, knowing that the FBI and NSA chiefs would soon officially deny that they had put a wire tapp on Trump, he shifted ground preemptively. He claimed Obama had the Brits do it! This was also refuted at yesterday's congressional hearings. This is how Amy Goodman covered it in today's Headline News on Democracy Now:
During the hearing, the director of the National Security Agency, Michael Rogers, also refuted President Trump’s claims that President Obama asked the British intelligence agency GCHQ to carry out the wiretap on Trump Tower. This is Rogers being questioned by California Democratic Congressmember Adam Schiff.

Rep. Adam Schiff: "Now, the British allies, our British allies, have called the president’s suggestion that they wiretapped him for Obama 'nonsense' and 'utterly ridiculous.' Would you agree?"

Michael Rogers: "Yes, sir."

President Trump appears to have issued the unfounded claims that the British intelligence agency GCHQ carried out the alleged wiretap after watching a Fox News report last week. Fox has pulled its senior legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, who made the claims last week, off the air.
The juicy bit that Amy neglected to mention is that Andrew Napolitano got the story from Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity [VIPS] member frequent guest on RT, and past guest on Democracy Now.

Larry Johnson was interviewed by Brian Stelter on CNN's Reliable Sources, Sunday about Trump's wire tapp allegations:

Justin Baragona reported on it in Mediaite, in a piece titled ‘Why Appear on a Kremlin Propaganda Network?’: Stelter Confronts Guest on Russia Today:
As Stelter noted at the beginning of the segment, it appears that one can trace back Napolitano’s comments in numerous Fox segments to Johnson, who has been cited as one of the judge’s sources. (Johnson is a former Fox News contributor who is likely most known for pushing a Michelle Obama hoax.)

Johnson observed that the day after Trump sent his infamous wiretap tweets, he was interviewed on Russia Today and stated that he had known that GCHQ was passing information, though it wasn’t done at the direction of former President Barack Obama. Johnson pointed out he heard about this from two different people within the intelligence community.

“You had this second hand,” Stelter asked. “You didn’t get this information directly — you’re hearing it from others?”

“I’m hearing it from people who are in a position to know,” Johnson responded. “That’s correct. I posted that on the discussion board and one of the individuals there shared that with the judge.” He added that he’s unsure who Napolitano’s other sources are.
Larry Johnson is a great example of the famous "Left/Right" convergence so celebrated by Democracy Now and other "Left/Right" fusion sites. He was a terrorist consultant for Fox News before he appear on Democracy Now:

Former CIA Agent Lashes Out at White House For Blowing Colleague's Cover 02 October 2003

Former CIA Agent Larry Johnson: Bush Should Ask for Karl Rove's Resignation Over CIA Leak, 31 October 2005

16 May 2008, Larry Johnson claimed to be a Hillary Clinton supporter and launched his own racist attack on Michelle Obama:
There's speculation that one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is still in the race is because she wants to be running should another bombshell like the Rev. Wright scandal hit the Obama campaign. According to Hillary Clinton supporter Larry Johnson, there is another bomb out there, but it won't see the light of day until Obama is nominated:

"I now have it from two - three - four sources close to senior Republicans that they have video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Jeremiah Wright's church. Republicans may have a lousy record when it comes to the economy and the management of the war in Iraq, but they are hell on wheels when it comes to opposition research. Someone took the chance and started reviewing the recordings from services at Jeremiah Wright's United Church of Christ. Holy smoke!! I am told there is a clip that is being held for the fall to drop at the appropriate time. The last thing Barack and Michelle need is a new clip that raises further questions about her judgment and temperament."
The promised recordings never surfaced.

Later, Larry Johnson joined Ray McGovern in his #fakeLeft Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity [VIPS]. Together they promoted the conspiracy theory that the sarin attack that killed over 1400 Syrians in suburban Damascus, 21 August 2013 was a "false flag" attack done by Assad's opposition on itself, and campaigned in support of Obama's decision to renege on his promise to respond forcefully if his "red-line" was crossed.

More recently, he embodied this "Left/Right" convergence by campaigning against Hillary Clinton last year. Larry Johnson's own website: http://www.noquarterusa.net appears to have gone dead but Ray McGovern still carries a listing of his most recent works:

VIPS member Larry Johnson, who was a CIA analyst and later worked in the Department of State, explains to friends why he could never vote for her [ 4 June 2016]

Larry Johnson on President Trump’s Charge He Was “Wiretapped” [ 10 March 2017 ]

Ray McGovern says about him:
Larry has several reliable sources with excellent access. He was correct on the false-flag sarin gas attack outside Damascus on August 21, 2013 [I just notice this - was LJ the "source" for McGovern & Hersh's claims of a "false flag" attack - Clay] (aimed at mousetrapping Obama into doing “shock and awe” against Syria). He is correct here, as well. Small wonder the Fawning Corporate Media avoid him, and others of us VIPS, like the bubonic plague.
I have dealt with this plague before, as for example, in:

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I've also called out Larry Johnson by name in:
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So now he turns up as the "anonymous intelligence source" behind Donald Trump's latest attack against the first African-American president. Surprise! Surprise!

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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