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Sunday, November 1, 2015

70 killed, 550 wounded in air strikes on market near Damascus

I feel compelled to report this because I know so many other media outlets will ignore it. Will Democracy Now report this tomorrow? Listen and learn. We know they consider Doctors Without Borders a trusted source, at least with regards to some civilian causalities. I hope they will report it. otherwise, I have plenty of these left.->

Medecins Sans Frontiers reports:
Syria: At least 550 wounded in horrific market-bombing in Damascus besieged area

MSF urges five permanent members of the UN Security Council to stop the massacres in Syria
31 October 2015

At least 70 people have been killed and 550 injured in an air strike on a marketplace in the Douma neighbourhood near Damascus, Syria.

As the nearest makeshift hospital had been bombed the previous day, medical workers struggled to cope with the influx of injured people. MSF fears the intensification of bombing that has been seen in northern and central Syria over the course of October could become even more horrific if it spreads to besieged areas around Damascus, where almost a million people are trapped with no way to escape, few medical facilities, and no options for medical evacuations of seriously wounded.

The devastation caused by the initial air strike on the market was exacerbated by further shelling on the rescue teams who were attending to the wounded. Two hundred and fifty patients required surgery, and a further 300 patients have been treated for non-surgical wounds. The multi-trauma wounds are described by medics as being worse than anything they have seen before.

"This was an extremely violent bombing," says the director of a nearby MSF-supported hospital who assisted in the first wave of mass-casualty response. "The wounds were worse than anything we've seen before, and there were large numbers of dead. We had to do many amputations. And a lot of the wounded had massive blood-loss, which means we needed large amounts of IV-fluid and blood bags. We did out best to cope, but the number of critically wounded was far beyond what we could handle with our limited means."

Because so many hospitals have been destroyed in Syria's conflict, many facilities have moved services underground or split up services across different locations in a bid to remain operational. The entrance gate of the Douma makeshift hospital had been struck by bombing on Thursday, causing 15 dead and 100 wounded. Because the services had recently been split across several buildings, the hospital was able to respond to part of the mass casualty influx. However, the overwhelming numbers of critically wounded meant that no one single hospital could have coped, and six other makeshift hospitals also launched mass casualty response plans to help treat the wounded from the marketplace bombing. More,,,

These unchallenged air attacks by the Assad regime, that have always been enabled and now are directly joined by Putin's military, are the main thing driving the European refugee crisis. That also has mostly been kept out of the news. Below is a strong reminder of what these people are going through in the 21st century:

Drone footage shows the flow of migrants in Slovenia | 27 Oct 2015

Will Syria become the first holocaust of the 21st Century?

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