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Friday, July 1, 2016

One hour from Istanbul: The bombs you don't hear about

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In the month of June 49 people in Orlando and 43 people in Istanbul were murdered by terrorists and the news about these events has been detailed and nonstop. In the month of June 1200 civilians were also murdered in Syria. These are the deaths you don't hear about. The bombs that killed them were more often dropped from planes. These are the bombs you don't hear about.

Many of those planes have been Russian. Possibly the last thing you heard on this subject was that Putin was pulling many of his forces out of Syria and congratulating himself on a job well done. That was done with a lot of fanfare. You may not have heard that they have returned and/or never left and are now carrying out a Vietnam style [ incendiaries - white phosphorous - cluster bombs ] carpet bombing campaign over Aleppo. Russia has been using white phosphorus in Syria for six months now, and we never hear about it. We hear a lot about Syrian refugees but very little about what they are fleeing from. In the coming days we will hear non-stop news about three bombs that exploded in Istanbul, and if that news is from western media you are likely hear nothing about hundreds of bombs exploding in Aleppo everyday, less than an hour's flying time from Istanbul.

I'm quite sure that if the US imperialists were really interested in building support for military intervention to overthrow the Assad regime, news of these murders would be headlines in the US. They may not be what get labeled as "terrorism," but it is mass murder in the best imperialist tradition, death delivered from above by pilots that aren't suicidal. They'll be back again, although they may never see their victims. Beside, if the US was to complain too loudly about Russian carpet bombing it might limit their option to do the same.

One more thing about the Istanbul bombing. Why does no one raise the possibility that it was a false flag attack done by Putin or Assad? There is a five year history of so-called terrorist attacks that Damascus blamed on jihadist that looked to be false flag attacks. I've written about these before. In Man behind the Curtain for al-Qaeda in Syria is Assad I include a list of suspicious regime terrorist claims that is by no means complete or inclusive. Here's an example from Are ISIS and Assad enemies in Syria?:

Nawaf Fares, formerly Syria's ambassador to Iraq, defected in July 2012. He was interviewed by James Bay of Al Jazeera live on Inside Syria. Among the many interesting things he said was that all the large explosions in Damascus were not the work of terrorist but of the regime. He said the explosion that struck the intelligence headquarters, most people got a 15 minute notice to get out of the building. that's how he knew it was the work of the regime. He said they had also done this sort of thing in Iraq. [Al Jazeera video now blocked in the US]

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Daesh hasn't claimed responsibility for this extremely destructive attack. After all, they were quick to take credit for Paris and Brussels, and even for San Bernardo and Orlando, although they almost certainly didn't have any foreknowledge of those last two. So why are they silent about the Turkish airport? Perhaps it's because they didn't do it. That possibility should at least be considered.

In December of 2011 there were some suspicious explosions in a very secure sections of Damascus that were declared the work of jihadists by the regime within minutes. Writing about this attack in World Affairs, Michael Weiss said:
Surely a Guardian contributor will have found it suspicious that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem last week predicted that an al-Qaeda attack would occur in the country on the eve of the much anticipated arrival of an Arab League team of observers. Al-Moallem’s deputy, Faisal Mekdad, wasted no time lamenting his boss’s prediction come true...
There were a great many things that pointed to this as a false flag attack. I won't detail them here but you have the links above, however I will share this humorous part with you: The official government news agency, SANA, name a al Qaeda agent named Munir al-Binjali as the lead bomber and the announcer promised the “arrest of the terrorists who blew themselves up today.” Only problem was al-Binjali was alive and well in Saudi Arabia, and the al-Qaeda–linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, upon hearing that they were being blamed, issued that rarest of terrorist communiques, a flat out denial:
“The mujahideen have no connection whatsoever to these sinister bombings [in Damascus] … Those who are truly responsible are the beneficiaries, the Assad regime and its intelligence agents.”
What would we think if Daesh issued such a denial about Istanbul? I'm not saying that it was a false flag attack, mind you. Only means, motive and opportunity allow for the speculation, plus the close ties, including command and control, between the Assad regime and Daesh. I'm just saying that I find it interesting that no one seems to be looking to the possibility. Whenever I look for the culprit of a crime, my first question is cui bono, who benefits? And ISIS terrorism is an essential element of the strategy Assad and his Russian allies are using to stay in power.

Here is some of what you won't see on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News:

Syrian regime airstrikes kill at least four in Aleppo | 23 June 2016

The White Phosphorus Bombs On The Heads Of People In Aleppo | 28 June 2016

During the Vietnam War US pilots use to justify dropping white phosphorus on civilian by saying they were all Viet Cong. For Russian pilots they're all al-Nusra. This is what white phosphorus or "Willie Pete" as the US Army calls it. This is how they used it in Falluga, Iraq.

Internationally-banned incendiary weapons used by Russia against Syrian cilivians | 25 June 2016

Russian airforce incendiary munitions strikes on Huraytan village west | 25 June 2016

Russian airstrike with parachute bombs on Kafr Naha, West Aleppo CS | 25 June 2016

Aleppo province on fire tonight as RuAF strikes | 25 June 2016

Airstrikes target Aleppo City with incendiary bombs tonight | 25 June 2016

Continuous Russian night airstrikes on north Aleppo countryside | 20 June 2016

More bombs you don't hear about in Syria:
The moment of dropping a bunch of barrel bombs by Assad helicopters on Daraya city | 30 June 2016

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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