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Friday, November 20, 2015

Assad's Grand Mufti threatened Paris type attacks in 2011

In the frenzied efforts to impose new hardships on Syrian refugees and bomb the hell out of Daesh held areas in Syria and Iraq, it has been all but forgotten that more than four years ago Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Grand Mufti of Syrian Arab Republic threaten Europe and the US with Paris type suicide attacks if Syria was bombed by western powers. Speaking on Syria News TV in Damascus, 9 October 2011, he said:
“I say this to all of Europe, and I say this to America, we will prepare suicide bombers, who are already in your country, to strike you if you strike Syria or Lebanon. After today, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and the initiator is the aggressor”... “After the first rocket hits Syria, Lebanese and Syrian children will set off for Europe and Palestine, where they will be martyrs.”
Grand Mufti of Syria is known to be a strong supporter of Assad and close to the regime. This threat was made on Syrian News Channel, a private news channel close to the regime. He also warned:
"Do not think that the people who will commit martyrdom in France, Britain, or the US, will be Arabs and Muslims. They will be a new Jules Jammal or a new Muhammad Al-Durrah. They will all be like the righteous [of the past]. I beg you not to come near our country. "
At the time this threat was strongly denounced by Syrian scholars. This is long before Daesh or al Nusra had been created with Assad regime help. Now that the West is bombing Syria and now that Paris has been hit by this terrorist attack that included multiple suicide bombers, not from Syria but from Europe, we should not forget that, in effect, the Assad regime threaten just this response more than four years ago.

Just saying....

Qui profite? Who benefits from the Paris attacks?
now in Spanish, soon in French,
¿Cui bono? ¿Quién se beneficia con los ataques de París?

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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