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Friday, March 15, 2013

Syrians protest on 2nd anniversary of the Day of Rage

Even after two years suppression as brutal as any the world has ever seen, the spirit of the people remains unbroken. If you want to understand why I keep writing about Syria, take a look at a few of these videos. I can't let these people down.

Let us start with a 6 minute film by Syrian Films:

Two Years on the fight | Uploaded 15 March 2012

From the Google Translates version of the Arabic description:
Published on Mar 15, 2013

Video consists of more than eighty clips of dropping, burning and cracking of idols, tyrants and their pictures and symbols in Syria, in all provinces without exception, fun to watch.
On the second anniversary of the launch of the revolution blessed against tyrants criminals Al-Assad and their loyalists and Sandem salute sons Syria Miami who stood in the face of the most notorious criminal regime sectarians in history and this video gift to all heroes brave who participated peaceful demonstrations or jihad with weapons or even the word free courage .. A tribute to the sons and daughters of men, women and children and our beloved Syria .. Lived and lived free Syria proud
We will celebrate O our beloved people on the date of toppling the brutal criminals which will be the national day of the new modern Syria ..

In the advent of the second anniversary of launching the blessed revolution against the brutal criminal tyrants, ASSAD family and whoever supported them, we are issuing our warm greetings to the brave sons and daughters of Syria who challenged the most notorious sectarian regime ever known .. This video is a gift to all the brave heroes who participated with the peaceful demonstrations, with the armed fighting or even by the brave said or written word .. Greetings to the sons, daughters, men, women and children of our beloved country SYRIA.
Long live the Syrian people, long live SYRIA
Muhannad Al-Boshi

Syrian Revolution | Multimedia team.. Syria team of all monitoring and translation.
With special thanks to Brother sighting of the book Code of our initiative.
And thanks to the professor Muhannad al-Boushi enrichment script.
(03-15-13) Al-Tel | Damascus | Victory for Our Revolution

(03-15-13) Al-Wa'er | Homs | Beautiful Demonstration as Brave Continue Call for Freedom

(03-15-13) Alexandria | Egypt | Syrians Demonstrate for Freedom

(03-15-13) Bebeila | Damascus | We Only Have you God

Syria فري برس مظاهرات الجالية السورية في الإسكندرية 15-3-2013 ج5

(03-15-13) Al-Dirbasia | Al-Hasaka | Demonstration for Freedom

Syria فري برس مظاهرات الجالية السورية في الإسكندرية 15-3-2013 ج6

(03-15-13) Al-Atarib | Aleppo | Funeral of Martyr & Hero Hamdo Obayd, Khan Tuman Battle

Syria فري برس مظاهرات الجالية السورية في الإسكندرية 15-3-2013 ج1

(03-15-13) Hama | Chanting: We Will Step on the Baath Heads

Protest in Aleppo |15 March 2013

(03-15-13) Al-Jarsi | Deir ez-Zor | Two Years: The Baath Will End, We Want Freedom

(03-15-13) Syria - Friday two years of Struggle and victory of our Revolution has loomed

(03-15-13) Khan Shaykhoun | Idlib | Revolution, Revolution O Syria!

Syria فري برس مظاهرات الجالية السورية في الإسكندرية 15-3-0132

Syria فري برس مظاهرات الجالية السورية في الإسكندرية 15-3-2013 ج2

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