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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Free Syrian Army of Homs Statement on Russian Aggression

The simple truth of the Syrian Civil War is that a revolutionary people have risen up against the fascist police state they had lived under for more than 40 years. For 4 years, the Assad regime has been allowed to use the most brutal and terrifying methods to put down that uprising, while western leaders shed crocodile tears from eyes that watched a quarter million Syrians get slaughtered to teach them a lesson. ISIS has been aided and abetted by Assad as a tool to spread terror in areas Assad can no longer control and now Russian forces are joining in the slaughter of what now is really shaping up to become the first holocaust of the 21st century.
This statement was signed by a hundred FSA officers which makes it about as close to an official Free Syrian Army statement as we are likely to see. This statement was found at http://homs-l-m.com.

The Syrian Arab Republic
Free Syrian Army
Homs Liberation Movement

In the name of Allah the Merciful and the Companionate

Statement issued by: The Officers of the Movement

On the Russian aggression and their response to its Minister of Foreign Affairs

The officers of Homs Liberation movement and the rest of their fellow free comrades stress that Russia had put itself in a direct confrontation with the rebelling Syrian people and the free people of the whole world who are supporting them when it publicly moved from a supporter of a criminal person into a supporter of a criminal who kills children. The first targets of its planes were the densely populated villages inhibited by unarmed villagers fleeing from the Assad regime in Homs. In these villages there is no presence of any extremist organization.

We, as the biggest gathering of the Free Army in Homs, which gathers more than 100 officers in its ranks, who had defected from the criminal regime, and who are acknowledged by the Russian occupation minister of foreign affairs as part of the political solution, emphasize our total rejection of any initiative or any convergent step, which Russia sponsors as long as it remains biased to criminal Bashar instead of siding with the oppressed Syrian revolution’s people.

To implement the orders of our general command, we declare that we have put all our strengths, means and expertise at the disposal of a unified operations room to confront the Russian and Iranian occupation and to clean Syria up from the abomination of criminal Bashar and his cronies. We will not stop our march until we reach victory or martyrdom.

God is predominant

Homs Liberation Movement

3 October 2015

Free Syrian Army declares war on Russia at meeting in Homs | 4 Oct 2015

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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