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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 3

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They force this man to sing songs of praise to Assad as they beat him.

Assad’s forces brutally torture and beat a mentally retarded man.

Assad’s forces shoot a man at point blank range, forcing him to ‘confess’ to whatever they want.

INJURIES & DEATH CASUED BY ASSAD’S FORCES: Below are videos showing some of the more horrific injuries and deaths suffered by Syrian civilians, many of them children, at the hands of Assad’s forces. All the injuries and deaths are by way of bullets, knives, stones, axes, shells, rockets, missiles, ballistic missiles, air raids and even a few instances of tanks physically crushing people.

How can we ever forget Hamza Bakour. He had his jaw blown off by Asasd’s forces in Homs more than a year and a half ago. He died a short while later.

Litte Fatima was decapitated last year after Assad’s forces shelled her town in Idleb.

Another little girl is decapitated by an Assad shell in Aleppo while playing the park. Here is the link to six more videos of decapitated little girls in Syria.

Another girl had her head blown of by a shell in Al Ghanto, Homs.

How can we forget Zainab Al Hosni? The girl who was abducted, skinned, stabbed then beaten to death by Assad’s forces in Sept 2011. Then the regime released a video of her (that her mother said was not her) on TV and made her say she ran away from home. This was done before they killed her.

A mother and her fetus are killed by Assad’s forces in Homs. Here are 7 other videos of mother’s being killed with their fetus’s

Little Salah Khaled Qanna had his head blown open by an Assad sniper in Daraa.

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