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Friday, January 29, 2016

Syrian Civil Society Declaration

Note from Linux Beach: Those that would deny the Syrian Revolution deny the forces signed below. Those that claim the only substantial forces in the Syrian struggle are the regime fascists and Daesh in the name of a "lesser-of-two-evils" acceptance of Assad, betray these people. There is an armed component to the Syrian Revolution. Regime violence made that unavoidable. That armed component centers around the Free Syrian Army and is a component part of revolutionary Syrian civil society.

Syria is the Paris Commune of the 21st Century!

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Syrian Civil Society Declaration

Over 200 Syrian organisations and more than 790 individuals, including civil society organisations, local councils, NGOs and refugee groups, have laid out their expectations of the Geneva III peace process, and demanded the immediate implementation of confidence building measures, in a new declaration released this week. The full text of the declaration can be found below.

Text of Declaration

The Syrian cause is at a pivotal moment following recent political and field developments coupled with regional and international agreements – including the Vienna Declaration and Security Council Resolution 2254 – that have called for the launch of a negotiated political process between the Syrian opposition and regime.

In preparation for a political process, international envoys and diplomats tasked with the Syrian file have continuously engaged representatives of Syrian civil society on the political process and issued multiple proposals calling for the participation of civil society in any discussions or negotiations between the Syrian regime and opposition.

The signatories of this declaration – both organizations and individuals – hereby affirm that Syrian civil society would not have emerged but for the March 2011 revolution; a revolution that resisted all tyrannical restrictions of a regime that consistently suppressed calls for basic freedom and the formation of civil society since 2000 through the sacrifices of its people, the suffering of its detainees and the souls of its martyrs.

The signatories also affirm that the main conflict in Syria remains with the leadership of the ruling regime based in Damascus and its repressive policies that have led the country down a catastrophic path.

The signatories of this declaration further affirm that in order for Syria to be put on the road to salvation, the Syrian people and what remains of Syrian state institutions must be liberated from this brute force and that civil society, in its many manifestations, must play a key role in furthering the March 2011 revolution and its values. Only then can Syrians realize peace through justice and thereby transition to a democratic pluralistic system where equal rights and responsibilities are granted to all Syrians. And if indeed civil society is to participate in the political process, it must be those members of civil society who emerged from the womb of the struggle for freedom and dignity and sided with the people’s just demands who should participate.

The success of any political process requires the commitment to the following:
  1. Prior to any political process, there must be confidence-building measures including: an end to the regime’s indiscriminate shelling of residential areas using explosive barrel bombs amongst other munitions as required by Security Council Resolution 2139 (2014); the lifting of the sieges on besieged areas and the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid without the regime’s prior consent as mandated by international human rights law and Security Council Resolution 2165 (2014) renewed by Resolution 2258 (2015); the release of all detainees and full disclosure on the fate of all those forcibly disappeared; the authorization of human rights organizations to visit prisons and interrogation centers; and the cessation of arbitrary political detention once and for all.
  2. That the final outcome of the political process be Syria’s independence, unity and territorial integrity as well as the expulsion of all belligerent foreign forces.
  3. That the rejection of terrorism that Syria currently suffers from and the efforts to end it and address its complex root causes be clear and unequivocal, with the recognition that the foremost cause of terrorism is the Assad regime, its affiliated militias and allied countries as well as other extremist organizations such as ISIS. All Syrians have the right to live securely, freely, and with dignity. Indeed, no party or entity has the right to forcefully dictate an ideological or political vision on the Syrian people.
  4. That the points of reference and goal of the political process be the enforcement of the Security Council resolutions relating to the situation in Syria that have been issued since 2011, including resolutions 2042, 2118, 2139, and 2254.
  5. That the political process lead to a transitional phase towards a democratic pluralistic system where all the powers of the current leadership in Damascus are transferred to a transitional governing body nationally agreed upon and that there be no role for Bashar al-Assad and those responsible for persecuting the Syrian people in the transitional body.
Lastly, the signatories of this declaration emphasize that it is of the utmost importance that the political, military and civilian forces representing the March 2011 revolution values and goals who are involved in the political process take unified positions and coordinate efforts during the negotiations.

254 organizations and 942 individuals signed this statement, for details kindly refer to the Arabic version.

The first 196 Syrian Organizations to sign the Statement (further updates will be to the Arabic statement only):

Al Ameen for Humanitarian Assistance
Al Bab and its Neighborhood Local Committee
Al Baraa Institution for Care and Development
Al Dar Al Kabira Local Administrative Council
Al Fajr Charitable Association
Al Houla Local Administrative Council
Al Irtiqaa Association for social development
Al Jisr Fund Institution
Al Jisr Newspaper
Al Jumhuriya Group
Al Kawakibi Center for Human Rights
Al Kawakibi Organization for Human Rights
Al Maara Media Center
Al Nahda Youth and Scholars League
Al Nasiryeh Local Administrative Council
Al Waar Local Administrative Council
Al Qalamon Local Administrative Council
Al Rastan Local Administrative Council
Al Rhaibeh Local Administrative Council
Al Salamiyah Local Committee
Al Shadadi Local Administrative Council
Al Tadamon Institution for inclusive development
Al Ukuwa Organization for Development and Human Rights
Al Watan Organization for Charitable and Humanitarian Works
Alaa Charitable Association
Alaan Al Janoudiah
Aleppo Abrar Association
Aleppo Free Police
All for Syrians Newspaper
Arabiska föreningen i Töreboda
Asbar Center for Research and Studies
Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU)
Pro Media Syria
Atareb Youth Gathering
Badael Organization
Bahr Organization
Barada Organization
Basma Social Institution
Basr Al Harir Local Administrative Council
Bayan Movement
Baytna Syria
Bonyan Organization
Darb Organization
Childcare Institution
Dahadeel Local Administrative Council
Darayaa Local Administrative Council
Deir Graf Network
Deiri Youth Lens
Dhmeir Local Administrative Council
Dikostamin Initiative
Douma Local Administrative Council
Eye on the City Magazine
For All Organization
For our Children Organization
Free Syria Conference
Free Syrians in Romania
Freedom Raise Magazine
Freedom Youth for Citizenship and Non Sectarianism League
Ghad Syria Movement
Hamish – The Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul
Hashtag Aleppo
Help 4Syria UK
Hikayet Amal
Homs Provincial Council
Humena Organization
Huntah Magazine
I think Magazine
Ibaa Institution for Development
Initiative for a New Syria
Jdeidet Artouz Local Committee
Jeiroud Local Administrative Council
Juzoor Developmental Institution
Kesh Malek
Kurdish Youth Movement
Lawadessa Center
Linartaqi Volunteering Team
Local Administrative Council Unit (LACU)
Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC)
Local Development and Small Projects Support Office (LDSPS)
Maan Organization for Social Development
Madad Organizations
Madar Alyom
Masaken Hanano News Network (MHNN)
Masaken Hanano Revolutionary Council
Masar Center for Studies
Mazaya Center
Moazamiyah Local Administrative Council
Molham Volunteering Team
Mowatanah Movement
Najda Now International
Najda Now Syria
New Syria Website
Occupied Aleppo Local Committee
Orient Policy Center
Oxygen Syria Magazine
Qalam Project
Sada Al Sham Newspaper
Sada Center for Opinion Polling
Sanabel Al Namaa
Saraqeb Local Administrative Council
Shafaq Organization
Shams Movement
Shura Council in Maasaran
Sons of Euphrate Association
Sons of Horan Association for Support to the Syrian Revolution
Souriana the Hope
Start Point
Steps Institution
Syria a homeland for all
Syria Civil Defence (The White Helmets)
Syria First League
Syria’s Clans
Syrian Dignity News Movement
Syrian Emergency Task Force
Syrian Hope Alliance for Modernity and Liberty (SHAML)
Tadef Local Committee
Tal Zahab Field Hospital
Tal Zahab Local Administrative Council
Talbisseh Local Administrative Council
The Aleppo Revolutionary Council
The Bright Future
The Civilian Democratic Dialogue Forum
The Deir Ezzor Relief Office in Qatar
The Executive Bureau of Rif Damascus Provincial Council
The Free Aleppo Doctors Committee
The Free Sweida Diaspora Association
The Free Sweida people League
The Free Syrian Engineers Trade Union
The Free Syrian Lawyers Association
The Free Syrian Lawyers League
The Free Writers of Syria
The General Commission for Sports and Youth in Syria
The International Association for Relief and Development
The League for Freedom and Dignity
The League of Ahfad Al Kawakibi
The League of Syrian Intellectuals
The Media Center in Barada Valley
The Medical Council for the city of Aleppo
Deir Ezzor Local Administrative Council
The National Association of workers in the Syrian State
The National Committee to protect Civil Peace
The Pulse of Life Team
The Revolutionary Council of Bustan Al Qasr and Kallaseh
The Romanian Arab Club for Culture and Media
The Supreme Council for Syrian Clans and Tribes
The Supreme Council for the Revolution Command
The Supreme Relief Commission
The Syria Advisory Center
The Syrian American Council
The Syrian civil society instances in Istanbul
The Syrian Economic Forum
The Syrian Engineers Association
The Syrian First School in Kilis
The Syrian Forum
The Syrian Human Rights Association
The Syrian Media Group
The Syrian Network for Human Rights
The Syrian Organization for Studies and Services
The Syrian Revolution General Commission – Al Raqqa
The Union of Syrian Kurdish Journalists
The United Media Commission in Damascus and its suburbs
The United Medical Office in Eastern Ghouta
The United Office for Golan people in Southern Damascus
The United Relief Commission in Madaya and Zabadani
The Medical Commission in Zabadani
The United Services Office in Eastern Ghouta
The Virtual National Syrian Movement
The Youth of Aleppo Revolution
The Youth of Future Syria Movement
The Youth of the Syrian Revolutionary Movement
This is my Life
Thought and Building Association
Union of Aleppo Revolutionaries
Union of Free Syrian Students
Union of Homs Neighborhoods
Union of Syrian Revolution Coordination Committees in Europe
Vector Design
Violations Documentation Center
Voice of Free Damascus Radio
Warsheh Organization
Wisdom Cultural House
Women Now for Development
Yasmine Syria Magazine
Youth for Change in Salqin
Zaitoun Newspaper

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