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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RT comments show genocidal mentality still with us

The story of Bashar al-Assad's Christmas barrel bombing of Aleppo, which has gone on for ten days now, has finally gotten so big that even RT can't ignore it!
Over 360 killed in Syrian army airstrikes on Aleppo - activists

December 24, 2013 17:15
Syrian warplanes have killed at least 15 people in Aleppo, raising the death toll to over 360 during the past 10 days of bombings, activists said. The opposition says it will not attend the Geneva-2 peace talks if the regime continues to launch air raids.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the airstrikes hit Aleppo’s opposition-controlled Sukkari district on Tuesday, killing eight civilians and injuring several others. Government forces also bombed the city’s Marjeh neighborhood, which resulted in the deaths of five civilians - including three children. More...
While I consider the publication of the RT piece something of a breakthrough, I am truly terrified by some of the comments that have been left by some RT readers. They show that the mentality that has been used to justify mass murder on huge scales in the past is alive and well in the twenty first century. Sadly, some on the Left are allied with this fascist mentality:
PeaceKeeper 24.12.2013 19:08

Terrorist Risking Population by hiding among them and using them as Human Shield. God willing all Terrorists may be buried alive in this kind of rubble.
1ns1de J9b 24.12.2013 18:54

No one can live within those extremist strongholds unless they support the extremists. So in reality there are no "civilians" ; in such areas.
Gary David 24.12.2013 18:29

More naked apes killing other naked apes. Homo Sapiens capacity for love being surpassed by the instinct to kill. On with the body count! Just blaming one group of naked ape people isn't going to fix a darn thing.
Saied_RF 24.12.2013 17:52

'SOHR' has little credibility. Because all of his sources are only oppositions and terrorists. The false claim of high casualties in the Aleppo's air raid is only a distraction in order to conceal the heinous crimes of terrorists, especially Al-Qaeda.

They can never conceal the barbaric crimes of these western back mercenaries particularly in Damascus suburbs('Adra' city) and also the massacre in 'Lattakia" .
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