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Thursday, July 11, 2013

LEAKED VIDEO: Assad forces torture defected soliders in Syria

Republished from the Revolting Syrian:
***LEAKED VIDEO*** ASSAD’S FORCES VICIOUSLY BUTCHER THESE DEFECTED SOLDIERS AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT. Daraa (Sanameen): You will not see this on your local or international news, they have become more concerned with the ‘crimes of the opposition rebels’ … which do exist mind you, but pale in comparison to the unprecedented massacre Assad’s forces have carried out against Syrians, killing close to 45,000 men, women and children in under two years.

In this ‘trophy’ video Assad’s forces capture a group of defected soldiers, they accuse one of them (already dead) of being Libyan. They are all dead except for one of them. A man pleads for his life. Assad’s soldiers don’t care, they kick the man in the head and insult him, telling him that he is next to die. There is no doubt that he died a horrible and brutal death.

For soldiers that dare to defect, that dare to defy the orders of Assad to kill innocent Syrians, when and if they are caught, they suffer the worst deaths of all, a death that is unimaginable, a death that can only occur in Assad’s Syria …

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