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Thursday, August 28, 2014

If Obama doesn't want to do it, he'll go to Congress

That's what the commentator or politician, I didn't get the name, said on CNN this morning. He was talking about President Barack Obama's threat to attack ISIS in Syria. His point was that if Obama was bluffing and really didn't want to attack, as was the case after Bashar al-Assad's use of sarin to kill more than a thousand people in East Ghouta, Syria last year, he would go to Congress and let it die. If he did want to bomb ISIS in Syria, he would just do it.

When Obama was looking for a reason to renege on his promise to attack Assad if he killed with chemical weapons, he took his problem to Congress. Most of the anti-imperialist "Left" promptly started organizing anti-war protests to protect Assad from Obama, as if Obama ever had any real intentions of attacking the fascist dictator that for years he has been publicly appealing to "step down" voluntarily.

When Congress did what everyone knew they would do, oppose Obama's "proposed" military action against Assad, the whole anti-imperialist "Left" burst out in celebration, took credit for the "reversal", and bragged about their growing power. I heard David Swanson do exactly that when he spoke in Los Angeles afterwards. Now he calls Obama's new bombing in Iraq without going to congress first "justified." What jerks these people are! At the time I likened them to the little boy in car commercial dressed as Darth Vader that thinks he started the family car with "the Force," while his father creates the magic with the cars remote start.

Ironically, the threat we face from ISIS this year is owed, in no small part, to Obama's failure to attack Assad last year. When Obama went back on his word, when all of America, as represented by Congress, reneged on its promise to the Syrian people to finally respond militarily when Assad used chemical weapons, many Syrians who had been looking to the West felt stabbed in the back. Some left the fight entirely, others joined fighting groups with an anti-western stance. The Free Syria Army lost strength and ISIS gained strength, as many concluded that the west lacked even the moral foundations to do what it says and only a return to the most reactionary forms of Islam may save them.

Now Obama really is in the advanced stages of planning the bombing of Syria. It is clear he will only go to Congress if it suits him. Most likely he won't go to Congress at all, and where is the anti-imperialist "Left" this time? Silence! One would think they would be trying to fill the streets to defend the "gains" they made a year ago by "forcing" Obama to seek congressional approval before taking military action. Instead the silence is deafening.

As I said, what jerks these people are.

From Linux Beach in San Antonio.

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