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Friday, July 26, 2013

Assad's New Strategy: Nothing Makes People Flee Like Murdering Their Children

To hear the main stream media tell it, Assad is on a roll following his victory in Qusayr, but the ground truth is quite different. After abandoning Qusayr, the opposition was able to re-establish its supply lines through nearby towns. Assad's "Northern Storm" that was to take Aleppo next has sounded little thunder and shown even less lightning, in fact with the recent victory in, and yes I can say it, the strategic town of Khan al-Assal [series of videos here], Assad has lost his last major town in Aleppo province and is on the verge of losing Aleppo all together, and with it, northern Syria.

With all its difficulties, the opposition has apparently regained its footing after the shock of the massive Hezbullah invasion. Qusayr, close to the Lebanese border, was relatively easy pickings for them. Still it took much longer than expected. Now their supply lines are getting extended and they are starting to get hit in their rear. Meanwhile, the main body of Assad's force is still trying to put down the opposition in Damascus and wipe Homs off the map. While he has continued ability to rain down great death and destruction from above, overall, he has been losing ground since Qusayr.

So in spite of the hype, Assad knows what the score is. Northern Syria is all but lost to him and he probably can't get it back. So now he is preparing the ground for his "worst case scenario" which would be to carve a rump state in western Syria around Damascus, Homs and heavily Alawite areas like Latakia. It has been reported that he has already asked Israel to accept this. He is trying to create an exclusively Alawite-Shia area in which his power can best be conserved and to do this he has to kick all the Sunnis out. So in these areas he has been engaged in a very brutal campaign of 'ethnic cleansing'. The Guardian reported 22 July 2013:
In Homs city, Sunni districts of Ashere, al-Khoder, Karm al-Zaitoun and Bab al-Sebaa have largely been emptied and replaced by Alawite families, numerous local leaders claim.
The UN recently reported that the number of Syrian refugees has topped 1.8 million in what they are calling the worst humanitarian crisis since Rwanda, the worst refugee crisis in 20 years. What has gotten a lot less coverage are the brutal methods Assad is using to force so many people from their homes and their country.

He is using artillery, missiles and aircraft to make certain areas of the country unlivable and he is wantonly slaughtering civilians. He is specifically targeting children, even attacking play grounds, because he knows nothing makes the people give up the fight and flee like killing their children. Assad might say he gets more "buck for the bang" by targeting children.

The Syrian conflict is also unique in all of history in that the worst torture techniques are regularly used even on pre-teen children. In many ways, Assad's strategy directly involves attacking children by the government. In his war, they aren't collateral damage; they are targets.

Warning! Extremely graphic images below

Of course, when a government rains down this level of destruction on its own cities, they have to know they will be killing a lot of children:

Picture from roof top of famous Khalid Bin Al Walid mosque in Homs | 24 July 2013

According to a UN report released on 23 July 2013:
About 7,000 children under the age of 15 have been killed since the conflict began in March 2011. Half of the refugees are children, and within the country more than three million children need aid.

And from the beginning of the uprising, the Assad regime has specifically targeted children.

A little boy is shot dead in the head in Daraa Oct 2011 after protesting in the streets.

A little boy is choking on his own blood after being shot in the
head and neck by Assad’s forces in Homs in Oct 2011.

Recently, with Assad's new ethnic cleansing campaign, it has gotten even worst and it looks like Assad is specifically targeting children to terrorize whole communities into uprooting and moving.

The question we all have to answer is why do we give him the freedom to implement this child-killing strategy?

And the kids of Syrian have been killed by Bashar al-Assad ever since.

Homs kids see death everyday | 24 July 2013

Homs | This is what bombs do to kids | 24 July 2013

Homs | Many children in this city under siege are starving to death | 21 May 2013

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Every hour Syrian children die from the lack of medical attention | 13 July 2013

Families were executed on the street in Banyas | 6 May 2013
Photo taken by Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Yet another baby executed in the street of Banyas | 6 May 2013
Syrian Arab Red Crescent photo

Three siblings at makeshift hospital after mom was killed by
Assad's bombs in Tabaqa, al Raqqa | 24 July 2013

This image is not acceptable! Is this the world we want? | 8 May 2013

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A father carries his dead daughter. Look at mother's face. | 22 July 2013

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Mother and child murdered and left on the street | 24 July 2013

Another Syrian child has his head blown off.
They don't understand our silence | 25 July 2013

Child victims of Assad torture | 1 July 2013

Syrian kids waiting for food in refugee camp | 23 July 2013

Look what Assad did to this baby | 25 July 2013

30 "terrorists" killed by Assad's thugs | 18 July 2013

A child killed in Aleppo when a tank shelled a vegetable market | 25 July 2013

Assad treats children like garbage | 18 July 2013

Child injured by regime shelling attack in Hamah | 24 July 2013

Child decapitated by Assad shelling in town of Airi Tarma | 9 July 2013

The injured smile - the Syrian child's will to live | 21 July 2013

Another girl had her head blown of by a shell in Al Ghanto, Homs | 3 May 2013
Here is the link to six more videos of decapitated little girls in Syria.

A mother and her fetus are killed by Assad’s forces in Homs.
Here are 7 other videos of mother’s being killed with their fetus’s

Smiles despite wounds | 25 July 2013

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  1. How many of these poor kids were thrown on a grill and eaten by your alCIAda comrades, Agent Claiborne?

  2. Poor kids they cannot defend themselves,Thanks for sharing these photos,really touch my heart. We need to do something about it.

  3. sorry i meant why would Assad waste his money to commit bad crimes? You are listening to america and Israel, to make you believe them.

  4. Israel is brainwashing you, Assad is a honest and good man