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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do These Videos Not Outrage You? Volume 8

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Assad’s forces rounded up 50 men from their homes in Qaboun, Damascus and slaughtered them on the street in August 2012.

Dozens of bodies are found in the morgue at the University Hospital in Aleppo in August 2012. All bear signs of torture and execution.

This is the 1st massacre of Jdeidat Aroutz in Damascus in August 2012. Not to be confused with the 2nd much larger one that happened a few weeks ago.

After executing them, Assad’s forces burned them in Al-Arbeen, Hama in Sept 2012.

A massacre by Assad’s forces in Aleppo in Sept 2012.

A massacre in the village of Van in Hama in Sept 2012

Among the 10 people slaughtered in Tal Shoor, Homs, 3 are women, 4 are children.

A massacre in the town of Abel, Homs where entire families were rounded up, had their throats slit, then burnt.

A Massacre in the town of Madamiyeh, Damascus this past January from Assad’s shelling.

Horrific scenes of the dead/injured in Jobar, Homs earlier this year. More from this event here.

The unreal scene after an Assad airstrike on a bakery in Halfaya, Hama.

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