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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Syria: 10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart

Republished from RacAnarchy:
May 15, 2013 by Racan Alhoch

First and foremost, the act of cannibalism depicted in that video featuring Abu Saqar is unacceptable in every way imaginable. I understand the bitterness that Abu Saqar felt when watching the videos of rape this dead enemy combatant had on his cell phone. However, this does not excuse his actions and it is unfortunate that Abu Saqar seems to have become the very monster that he is fighting against.

With that being said, this video has brought to light something that needs to be talked about. Where was all this outrage over the thousands of videos from Syria that have been posted online depicting horrible acts of mutilation? Some of them were uploaded by the very men who participated in the mutilation in an obvious show of pride. Besides that, as the opposition and its representative bodies scramble to condemn this act by a lone rebel why has the regime not condemned any of the atrocities their soldiers have committed and proudly put on display? More importantly, why are people demanding the opposition condemn these acts when almost nobody has demanded the regime condemn their’s? As a proud member of the opposition I will answer this question myself. This regime has proven itself over the last 40+ years to have an extremely low regard for human life and as the people who oppose that type of paradigm we must hold ourselves to a much higher standard. So I am proud that people demand we condemn these acts while not asking the regime to do the same because it means that people have come to expect this kind of filth from Assad’s party but they hold the opposition to much high standards.

One thing that is always important to note when comparing the mistakes of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to the atrocities of Assad’s military is its structure. The Free Syrian Army is an idea more than it is an actual military. There is no central command, there is no hand book, and there is no official training. The idea of the FSA is to use weapons in defense of yourself and your people and to retake the rights guaranteed to all human beings by default but have been taken away by this regime. The idea of the Free Syrian Army does not include the mutilation, torture, or cruel & unusual punishment of anybody alive or dead. Anybody can become a part of the Free Syrian Army by picking up arms and subscribing to this ideology. If one is to commit a crime that is not in alignment with the idea of the Free Syrian Army than they have left the realm of the FSA and moved into something different.

On the other hand, Assad’s forces are a ‘national’ military. They are trained the same, they wear uniforms, they have a central command, they have a command structure. Anything that is committed by these combatants is representative of the entire body. They are products of the system that they believe in and are willingly a part of. While the evidence of atrocities this military has committed are undeniable and plentiful we have not heard of many (if any) criminal cases against perpetrators of said atrocities. This in itself is a significant testament to why Assad and his government must be dismantled.

Now that we got that out of the way I present to you ’10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Guy’s Heart’:

  1. While beating a group of men to death you suddenly get an urge to ask “Which one is the religious scholar?” so you can make the beating extra unpleasant for him.
  2. Saying “We will let you see your children again if you let us fuck your wife” to a man you have been torturing for an extended period of time before you execute him.
  3. Stabbing and and stoning men to death.
  4. Beating a man with a metal rod while insulting his mother before you execute him.
  5. Beating and humiliating a young kid before you execute him.
  6. Setting a man’s head on fire while he is alive and you are beating him to death.
  7. After torturing a man for hours you cut off his index finger while saying “I fucked your sister”
  8. Abducting a woman from a checkpoint you were manning then whipping her as she cries and you call her a whore.
  9. Beating, humiliating, and shaving the heads of a husband and wife in front of their children.
  10. Beating an elderly man as he cries like a child and begs you not to hit him.

These next videos are in their own category:

Arresting, castrating, and torturing to death a 13 year old boy is worse than eating a dead guy’s heart.

Arresting a 15 year old boy and using power drills to torture him to death is worse than eating a dead guy’s heart.

Shooting a 3 year old girl in the eye and killing her in front of her father is worse than eating a dead guy’s heart.

Notice all the people in the above videos were alive when horrible things happened to them. It does not justify Abu Saqar’s actions but it gives you something to think on.

I will be waiting for your outrage.

Special thanks to @YallaIr7al on twitter and his website The Revolting Syrian for providing most of the videos.

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