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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today's example of Assad's support for Islamic State

From the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights today we have this report 13 hours ago:
SOHR has been informed that Dawud Brigade swore allegiance to the İslamic State and conveied the fighters and ammunition from the town of Sarmin in the countryside of Idleb province to IS- held areas in the province of Al Raqqa, where a military convoy of more than 50 vehicles were seen carrying fighters from Dawud Brigade and passing near the city of Saraqeb. The convoy was going towards the provice of Al Raqqa through the road located between the two towns of Athrayya and Khanaser which is held by the regime foces which were able to target the convoy and prevent it to cross the area but they did not do so.

Reliabel sources assured to SOHR that the fighters of the Dawud Islamic Brigade will fight with the Islamic State against Al Nusra Front and the islamic battalions in Ekhtrin area and its villages. The same sources assured that some vehicles of Brigade have reached to the IS-held city of Al Bab in order to fight with IS against the rebel battalions and YPG fighters to take control over some Kurdish villages subsequently advance to the city of Ayn Al Arab in the northeast of the countryside of Aleppo.

This comes in conjunction with the arrival of military reinfocements from the rebel and Islamic battalions to the vicinity of the industrial city and the village of Al Sheik Najjar, while military reinforcements from the Special Forces of the Republican Guard and from Hezbollah fighters arrived to Aleppo, where the regime forces have tried to besiege the city and take control over Handarat camp in order to cut the supply lines from the rebel and islamic battalions in the northern and eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

İt is worthy mentioning that only IS is able to cut the regime’s supply lines, from the military airport of Al Nayrab to the industrial city and the northern- eastern entrance of Aleppo city because IS fighters are centering in the two villages of Shamer and Marran located on the northern- eastern entrance of Aleppo which lead to make the regime’s supply lines under IS crossfire.
I have added the bold to highlight the point I'm making with this story.

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