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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why doesn't KPFK care about this Syrian child?

The Washington Post is running an excellent series of articles on the plight of Syria refugees and it is very timely because reports of children freezing to death are already starting to come in and winter is still a week away:
Dania Amroosh wears a Hello Kitty shirt, tiny heart-shaped earrings and her hair in cute little pigtails. She looks like any other 7-year-old, except for the jagged scars on the bridge of her nose and across her chin.

There is much worse beneath her blanket on the third floor of the Kilis State Hospital in southern Turkey. A huge seeping wound on her stomach is closed with an angry grid of stitches. The casts are finally off her broken right leg and right hand, but her fingers are still black and blue and she can barely walk. Her lower body is covered with shrapnel scars.

Five months ago, Dania and her family were sitting in their home in Aleppo, Syria, about 60 miles south of here, when a bomb dropped from the sky. Her grandmother, aunt, uncle and two cousins were killed instantly. Another cousin lost his legs. Dania was mangled.

Mohammad Amroosh, her father, says that after what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's military did to them, he can't go back. When Dania is ready to leave the hospital, the family will stay in Turkey, joining nearly 700,000 other Syrians who have taken shelter in the country.

Sadly, you won't hear about the plight of children like Dania on KPFK, the so-called progressive Pacfica radio station in Los Angeles, because they don't talk about the damage done by Assad's war planes.

Mind you, KPFK has done a lot to protest the bombing of Syria, they just haven't protested the bombing of Syria that has actually taken place! When they advertised Code Pink's "Vigil To Stop Attacks On Syria", they weren't trying to stop the attacks that injured Dania and have taken more than a hundred thousand Syrian lives. Their only concern is stopping attacks that aren't taking place, attacks that Obama never had in real intentions of carrying out in the first place.

They have no protest against the bombs that scared this poor child or killed so many Syrians, but they are absolutely opposed to any imposition of a no-fly zone that would stop Assad from doing this or any measures designed to make him stop that go beyond asking him to stop, and they absolutely don't oppose Assad's use of his air force against Syrian neighborhoods.

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  1. I'm not in southern California so I don't know the radio station you're referring to but, I love your message. I'm saddened and ashamed that our country isn't doing more to help children like Dania. Wouldn't it be nice if we could send some toys, dolls and stuffed animals to Dania and the other children recuperating at the hospital in Turkey? The thousand of children at the Zataari camp in Jordan would also appreciate new toys. Code Pink wouldn't think of helping them though, would they?

    Karam Foundation is doing all they can to help but, they need more assistance.