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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Russian FM Lavrov calls on UNSC to Condemn Syria Massacre I Debunked

On Monday I showed that a photo that was being widely promoted in the pro-Assad media as proof of a new massacre in Syria of 450 Kurds, including 120 children, actually appeared a year ago in a photo display titled "Children of the Drones." To put it bluntly, the image being provided to prove this massacre was shown to be a fake.

Further doubt that any such massacre has taken place has been created by the lack of any confirmation by Kurdish sources.

However, this has not stopped Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov from rushing to the United Nations Security Council with the demand that they condemn the alleged massacre.

RT is reporting today:
UNSC should condemn crimes committed against Kurds in Syria - Lavrov

August 07, 2013 10:07
The UN Security Council must unambiguously condemn the reported killings of Kurds by radical forces, which try to establish an Islamist state in Syria, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Lavrov commented on Wednesday on the reported slaughter of 450 Kurd civilians, including more than 120 children, by the Islamist Al-Nusra Front.
The international community must send a clear and coherent and unambiguous message condemning the killing of civilians in Syria by the forces opposing President Bashar Assad, Lavrov said. More...
There is good reason why Lavrov would want any condemnation of the slaughter of Syrian civilians limited to "the forces opposing President Bashar Assad." Any general condemnation of the slaughter of Syrian civilians would also have to indict Russia for supply the ballistic missiles which Human Rights Watch said are "killing civilians, many children."

The link in the RT story above is to another RT story that reports the same incident I debunked in BREAKING NEWS: Fake Photo Exposes Assad Regime Lie about Rebel Massacre in Tal Abyad on Monday only they didn't use the fake picture or provide any other images of the alleged massacre:
Disturbing report alleges killings of 450 Kurds in Syria

August 07, 2013 19:28
Unconfirmed reports have emerged detailing a new massacre in which 450 Kurds - including 120 children - were allegedly slaughtered by al-Qaeda-linked rebels fighting against the Syrian government. The report has sparked international concern.

According to Iranian TV channel Al-Alam, militants from the Jabhat al-Nusra Front attacked the town of Tal Abyad on Monday, killing 120 children and 330 women and elderly near the Turkish border.

The channel also ran horrific uncensored footage from the scene - the authenticity of which can’t be independently verified at this moment. For ethical reasons, RT will refrain from airing the video. More...
Notice how they hedge their bets with phrases like "unconfirmed reports", "allegedly", "accoding to", "the authenticity of which can't be independently verified." and so on. But this doesn't stop Lavrov from demanding that the UNSC, not first investigate but to, "unambiguously condemn the reported killings." This is how the propaganda war is played by these fascist killers.

In this digital age, maybe Lavrov should provide some images of this massacre that haven't already been proven fake before demanding United Nations action.

I want to thank Sickle CellJehovah for bringing the RT story to my attention.

Here are four more uses of this phony Syrian opposition massacre picture, including Before It's News, the Examiner, Gagrule and of course Global Research.

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