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Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Assad murders today as Aleppo market bombed killing 40

Many people, with no one they care about at risk, like to characterize what is happening in Syria as a civil war. It began as peaceful protests on one side and murder on the other. It continues to be murder even though the people have been fighting back. Now it is becoming fashionable to say Assad is winning. Okay, you can paint murder in those terms. So yesterday, the murderous Assad won another victory and the students as Ein Jalout school lost 25 lives. Today Assad won another victory, and 40 people in an Aleppo market lost their lives. This is how is looks when the world watches a mass murderer at work and treats it like a contest. The Los Angeles Times is reporting:
Government airstrikes kill 40 in Aleppo, Syria

1 May 2014
By Raja Abdulrahim, Patrick J. McDonnell
At least 40 people were killed in the Syrian city of Aleppo on Thursday when government forces dropped barrel bombs on a busy market, according to opposition activists.

The bombs, dropped in quick succession from several military helicopters, tore through the market at a time of day when residents of the war-torn city crowd the remaining commercial areas. Activists at the scene disagreed on the number of bombs dropped.

Dozens of people were wounded.

Video from the scene showed vegetable stalls blown apart and rubble from two destroyed buildings scattered along the street.

Barrel bombs, oil drums filled with TNT, are crude and highly destructive weapons that have been used extensively against opposition-held parts of Aleppo for more than four months.

The blasts came a day after activists reported more than two dozen people killed when a warplane fired a missile at an Aleppo elementary school during a children’s art exhibit. Most of the dead were students. More...
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