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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BREAKING In Syria a new batte for Damascus is joined: Comeuppance II

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A new battle for Damascus has been initiated by the Free Syrian Army. Perhaps the final battle! From samer (@samersniper) we have this report

The latest developments of the Grand Epic battle (Comeuppance 2) to liberate the capital Damascus.
Wednesday 6th of February 2013 | 25th of Rabi Awwal 1434 AH

Several FSA battalions and brigades in Eastern Ghotta destroy both Hirmilleh and Kabbas checkpoints on the Southern ring road, at the eastern entrance of the capital Damascus

As usual Reuters is on the ball, as I get ready to publish, they beat me to it with:
Syrian rebels fight close to heart of Damascus

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Mariam Karouny
AMMAN | Wed Feb 6, 2013 6:08pm EST
Syrian rebels battled President Bashar al-Assad's forces on the edge of central Damascus on Wednesday, opposition activists said, seeking to break through to the heart of the capital.

Their offensive aims to break a stalemate in the city of 2 million people, where artillery and air strikes have prevented rebels entrenched to the east from advancing despite their capture of army fortifications, the activists said.

"We have moved the battle to Jobar," said Captain Islam Alloush of the rebel Islam Brigade. The district links rebel strongholds in the suburbs with the central Abbasid Square.

"The heaviest fighting is taking place in Jobar because it is the key to the heart of Damascus," he said. More...

The samer report continues:
FSA battalions have lauched the the Grand Epic battle (comeuppance 2) to liberate the capital Damascus.
Clashes erupted in several parts of the capital especially the eastern part, in Jobar and Qaboun neighborhoods, leading to a high state of alert in Abbasids and Zablatani, where regime forces spreaded heavily in the two neighborhoods and sirens were launched in Abbasids and Khatib areas.

The regime forces blocked all the roads to Abbasid square and the eastern neighborhoods of the capital, and they evacuated the personnel working in the power company near Abbasid parking garage.

The clashes also were renewed in the southern neighborhoods of the capital like, Yarmouk amp, Qadam, and Assali.

Very violent bombardment targeted the neighborhoods of the capital such as Jobar, Qaboun, and yarmouk camp, as well as the Ring Road (Mutahalleq Janoubi).

A ground to ground missile hit Badayer Jadyah area in Jobar neighborhood, causing a tremendous explosion shook most of the capital neighborhoods.

11 people got martyred in Orouba neighborhood in Yarmouk Camp (most of them from Rayyan family) after a shell fell on their house.

The first achievements of the battle::
- FSA fighters destroyed Haramleh army barrier in Jobar neighborhood, which was full of regime forces and thugs.
- FSA fighters attacked tthe regime snipers stationed on "Town Center" Mall on Damascus-Daraa highway.
- FSA carried out a martyrdom operation on the thirtieth street in the Yarmouk Camp that killed a number of regime soldiers.
- The (Athan) calling for prayer was raised for the first time from Harmala ibn al-Walid Mosque in the neighborhood of Jobar after its liberation from the regime forces that occupied it for nearly a year and a half.

The documented martyrs in Damascus until now are::
10 martyrs including 2 were extra-judicially executed.

* The Footage and photos::
Daff Al Shouk||
-- Sounds of clashes and explosions from Tadamun neighborhood.

Jobar ||
-- The Grand Epic Battle

-- FSA destroyed Haramleh army barrier and seized weapons and ammunitions
-- Freedom fighters in front of Haramleh Ibn AlWaleed mosque
-- The mosques calling Allah Akbar as the clashes continues
-- The beginning of the attack on Haramleh Barrier
-- FSA getting ready to attack several barriers on Mutahalleq Janoubi (Ring Road)
-- Several FSA battalions and brigades in Eastern Ghotta destroy both Hirmilleh and Kabbas checkpoints on the Southern ring road, at the eastern entrance of the capital Damascus
-- FSA raise their flag as a sign of liberating the checkpoint
-- Shelling on Haramleh mosque after liberation
-- Clashes and targeting the camera man
-- A man bidding farewell to his martyr brother
-- FSA targets a building where shabiha were hiding near Zamalka Bridge checkpoint
-- Bombardment and clashes
-- A tank withdraw after FSA hit the area.
-- A shell fell on Haramleh mosque
-- Huge fire erupted due to shelling near Abbasid square
-- Buildings were set alight due to shelling
-- FSA raise their flag as a sign of liberating Haramleh mosque.
-- A map that demonstrates the checkpoints which have been targeted today by Ansar al-Islam Group fighters in collaboration with other FSA battalions.
-- Billowing smoke from haramleh mosque after FSA attacked regime forces.
Qaboun ||
-- Shelling on the areas near the Southern Ring Road
-- Mortar shelling on the neioghborhood
-- Billowing smokes
Barza ||
Many shells targeted the neighborhood, and smoke billowed.
-- Injuries due to shelling
Adawi ||
Shell landed beside the Nahr Toure near the College of Agriculture in the region.
Rukn Al Din ||
-- A shell fell in the new avenue
-- A state of alert in Shamdeen army barrier
The southern neighborhoods of the capital
Yarmouk Camp ||
Fierce clashes took place in 30th street and heavy shelling with mortars and tanks targeted the area.
-- Two martyrs fell in this area after a mortar shell fell on them
Qadam ||
Fierce clashes took place in Bour Saeed area near the police station, amid heavy shelling on Qadam, Assali, and Madiniyeh.

The regime forces and the "People's Committees" looted and burnt the houses of civilians
-- Clashes and billowing smokes
-- A tank near Bour Saeed roundabout
- FSA fighters attacked tthe regime snipers stationed on "Town Center" Mall on Damascus-Daraa highway.
Assali ||
-- A cluster bomb was dropped between Assali and Sbeineh
Zahera ||
-- A car bomb exploded near a school in the neighborhood.
No casualties were reported.
Hajar Aswad ||
3 martyrs and dozens of injuries fell in the heavy shelling anf in the clashes in the neighborhood.
-- Injuries
-- Billowing smokes
-- Aftermath of shelling
-- Huge fire erupted due to shelling
Tadamun ||
-- Clashes
The latest developments of the Grand Epic battle (comeuppance 2) to liberate the capital Damascus.
Wednesday 6th of February 2013 | 25th of Rabi Awwal 1434 AH

While I've got you in the mood for lists, here is a very good list of Syrian sources composed by Brown Moses last December:
Syrian Channel Listings

Saturday, 15 December 2012
The following is a list of Syrian Bambuser profiles, Youtube channels, and Facebook pages sorted by order of district and town/city whenever possible. To my knowledge the channels I've listed are used by activists to upload videos, and are not channels that repost videos from other channels.

Collected Live Streams from across Syria can now be found here.

These list are by no means complete, and I'm always looking for suggestions for additional channels and any corrections. More...

Click here for a list of my other diaries on Syria

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