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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Assad Regime Sniper, the Old Man and the Hero

Some on the Left say there is no good side in the civil war in Syria. They see regime thugs on one side and Islamist terrorist on the other side.

That is just so much propaganda. That's not how it is.

This is how it is [Thanks to Basel Watfa ‏for the link to the video] :

A Syrian hero saved an old man life wounded by sniper in Aleppo | 8 May 2013

The old man in the middle of the street has been wounded and still can be targeted by Assad's snipers. They could easily finish him off at any time but they want to use him as bait for other civilians.

The trick for the people is to get the old man to safety without anyone else gets shot. After they try it with ropes, one hero runs out into the street to bring the old man to safety. That's when the sniper opens up on them. You'll have to watch the video to see how things turn out.

This is the type of depraved regime the Syria people are dealing with. Now some on the left, like Carl Davidson, would argue that its wrong to characterize this as a struggle between the regime and the people. He would point out that the sniper is people too, to which I respond, "Those aren't what I call people."

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