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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fake Adra massacre photos expose bloody hands on Left

This can also be considered Item 12 in the series started in Through the Looking-Glass: Viet Cong Terrorism and Syria

Timed to coincide with the beginning of a new assault on Aleppo by helicopters carrying barrel bombs, an assault that has so far cost more than four hundred lives, the world of pro-Assad media began chortling about an ugly new massacre of civilians, some of who had their heads cut off, that had just been carried out by the terrorist opposition in Adra, Syria. Although the BBC News reported that "An attack by Islamist rebels has left at least 10 people dead over the past two days in the Syrian town of Adra," 13 Dec 2013 the pro-Assad, Russian state funded, RT reported a much bigger story:
‘Whole families murdered’: Syrian rebels execute over 80 civilians...
15.12.2013 19:18
Over 80 civilians in a town northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been executed by Islamist rebels, sources within the Syrian military told RT. Many others were kidnapped to be used as human shields. More...
As you will see from the investigative reporting done below, we have every reason to question the veracity of this RT report, or any of the evidence being promoted to prove Assad's opposition has committed atrocities in Adra, or even whether the claimed massacre has taken place at all.

If this turns out to be the case, it won't be the first time the Assad PR people brought out phoney claims of "rebel atrocities" to divert attention from their own intensified killing. On 24 December 2011, the regime needed to change the subject from the massacre it had carried out 20 Dec in the village of Kakar Quaid, Idlib Province, when suspiciously, a pair of suicide attacks, predicted only days before by the foreign minister, happen in Damascus, and just after the Arab League observers had come to town! Ammar Abdulhamid wrote of this on Christmas Day, 2011:
It’s amazing how “terrorist” attacks in Syria always occur at a time when it’s very convenient for the Assads to have them. Pleeease! Some of us were not even fooled the first time around, to be fooled now.
Most of the photo comparisons below were documented earlier at @lopforum Syria Statistics & Collated Articles in Alleged Adra Massacre Collated Media. I made a few additions or substitution where I found better material. Mainly I contributed the formating and the text.

An Essay on uruknet.info titled Questions about the evidence of the alleged Adra Massacre asks some good ones:
What is an "official source"? RT told us that their source was an escapee, does this official refer to the same thing or is there a different source? The source appears to report that 200 people were killed according to their 'sectarian affiliations' but how can that source estimate this number? Also the source then appears to have stuck around til the evening to watch the government 'burned the homes of some government officials'? Would this source have done that after watching 200 people be executed?
After almost three years of bloodshed it should be clear to everyone that killing large numbers of civilians is a major component of Bashar al-Assad's strategy for defeating any opposition to his dictatorship and remaining in power. His concocted stories about terrorist massacres done by his opposition are another component part of his strategy for staying in power.

He can use these stories, whether real, false flag or completely made up, to scare most of the Christians, Shia, Allawite, Kurds and other minorities into supporting him for fear of these sectarian atrocities.

He can use them to morally condemn the revolutionary opposition and have a chilling effect on support for them.

He can use them to make his own brutal regime sound more acceptable by comparison.

Most importantly, it gives those outside of Syria a good excuse to look the other way and do nothing while the Syrian government slaughters thousands of Syrian civilians. "Its a civil war" and "Both sides commit war crimes, etc."

This anti-revolution propaganda campaign is being conducted by the Assad Regime because it directly supports its main strategy of wholesale slaughter. Those on the Left that uncritically promote stories like this from RT and SANA aid Assad's main strategy and they have a lot of blood on their hands.

Leave the Matrix! See what is really going on....

Warning Graphic Violence in Images Below!

On 12 Dec 2013, Al Alam posted a video just below the title of its headline story "Syria rebels attack Adra homes, piles of bodies." This screenshot, taken ~00:18 into the video does show a pile of bodies. The article says:
According to Al Alam reporter Mazen Salmo, militants from the terrorist Jaysh al-Islam group and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front attacked Adra on Wednesday and started killing people, family by family.

A video showed piles of dead bodies in houses, among them children, who were killed during militants’ attack.
The problem is that this same image of a pile of bodies was provided to this Algerian website by the Syrian news agency [SANA] as the image of people massacred by "terrorists groups" in Homs back in April. The accompanying description was translated by Google to read:
Homs / A terrorist group has carried out a massacre against number of citizens in a previously removed farm in the district of Deir Baalbé in Homs.

The terrorists committed their crime with composure before mutilating the bodies of victims in the farm that has been transformed into a place of torture, where authorities found sharp metal tools and chemicals to make explosives.
The offer of this same image as proof in these two separate massacres, that the Assad regime alleges its opposition committed, raises serious questions about whether either alleged massacre has occurred.

These next two falsely labelled images are in a Syrian News Channel broadcast on the so-called Adra massacre that can also be found on You Tube where it has over 16 thousand views.

This screenshot was taken ~ 01:15 into the YouTube video where it is claimed to show people massacred in Adra in December 2013.
Here is the same image of dead bodies from tHE rHizzonE in May 2013 where it is said to show "Free Syrian Army massacres being ignored by the media" in Homs.

Apparently they felt so ignored that they thought it safe to recycle the same images for another massacre.
This screenshot was taken ~ 01:18 into the YouTube video were it is claimed to show children massacred in Adra in December 2013.
Here are the same dead children. Here it is claimed they were massacred by the FSA in Homs eighteen months earlier in May 2012.

This picture was published 17 December 2013 10:07pm under the headline "Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded:"
Extremist militants have posted photos of people they have beheaded in Syria’s Adra, located near capital Damascus.

Survivors have been describing unprecedented levels of atrocities committed by the extremist militants who attacked their town to kill.

But here we see the same photo, dated almost a year earlier [29.12.2012] on the badly named Syria Truth website where it claimed to be FSA members killed in four days of fighting in Homs. According to the Google translates it says "What it shows is the effects of a firefight." Apparently it is clip art to them and shows whatever "rebel massacre" they are promoting at the moment.

This tweet and photo was published 18 Dec 2013 by RT under the heading "Russia condemns Adra massacre, calls on world community to react." The RT article says:
Those who managed to flee the violence in Adra and reach Damascus say they saw the militants slaughtering Alawites, Druze, Christians and Shiites indiscriminately. Fearing their interviews might do harm to their relatives still in the occupied town, the fugitive survivors asked not to reveal their identities.

The tweet claims to show Tartous loyalists massacred at Adra being buried and even sarcastically asks where are pictures from the burials of the sarin gas attacks in Ghouta, implying that if you don't show pictures, it didn't really happen.

The problem is that RT's funeral pictures are fake. They were published earlier, 23 Nov 2013 in Suriye Gercekleri and said to be a funeral of soldiers killed in a suicide attack, in al Nabk.

RT is usually careful to put some space between itself and the lies it tells. It will put on commentators who give their opinions as facts and it will use a lot of here say. In this case it uses anonymous witnesses and fake pictures embedded in tweets.

One of the most grotesque aspects of the reported massacres at Adra were the stories of rebel beheadings. This is a picture al Alam ran to document this under the headline Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded.

Here is the same beheading picture on another pro-Assad site. The problem is this was on 02 Dec 2013, almost two weeks before the events in Adra and is used to illustrate beheadings the regime claimed took place in the predominantly Christian town of Maaloula.

This image was promoted as a picture of the alleged "rebel massacre" at Adra in al Alam and RT Arabic among other places.

The problem here is that the Daily Beast already used this photo three months ago. They said it was "Bodies of Syrian rebels lie on ground where they were killed during an ambush by Syrian forces near the Damascus suburb of Adra, Syria, August 7, 2013, according to the Syrian official news agency SANA. (SANA/AP)"

Sadly these false stories, backed by this false proof, was happily spread far and wide by many held in high regard in the "antiwar" or "anti-imperialist" movements. For example AntiWar.com ran this piece only days after the alleged massacre was reported, so how much "fact checking" could they have done?
Syrian Islamists Execute 80 Druze, Alawites and Christians in Adra
Locals Blame al-Qaeda Faction for Massacres
by Jason Ditz, December 16, 2013
The brief rebel-offensive against the Damascus suburb of Adra, and the Syrian military is once again in control. As usual, it was the civilians that bore the brunt of the clash, with reports of mass kidnappings and 80 civilians executed by the rebels before they were ousted.

The rebels, identified as al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra faction by locals, began targeting Druze, Alawite and Christian residents early on in the siege of the city, kidnapping them en masse. More...
Those that promote this stuff, like Jason Ditz and AntiWar.com, should know that they are in the brutal business of helping a fascist regime use murder as a weapon of mass suppression and cover up its crimes.

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  1. Daily Kos some jackass also filibustered me and than Kos banned me for my footholder post on Obama lies. dK should be call the democrat rage it has become or may have always been.

  2. many Islamic became more clearly to be infected by covered regime supervision and informants. The massacre took place in Adra and I heard from my friends inside Syria about the horrible killing made by unknown fighters and targeted every body even Muslims who are still working with some official department related to the regime. As usual the regime facilitated these criminals to enter as it happened many times before. It was said that Nusra front did it besides Al Islam Army. Some regime supporters and loyal people spoke very badly against the regime with this regard. No body could picture or film any of violence happened there.

  3. please, if you use the blog "urs1798" as source, show the whole article and not the propaganda you made with it. Thanks
    And I´m not for "Assad" as you wrote, I´m for the internatinal human rigths, the genever convention, against torture, against crimes


    1. Forgive me if I have mis-characterized your site and your views. I don't read German and relied on Google translates, but using the fake photo was a pro-Assad action, your article on Maaloula seem to reflect Assad's story, Your banner has the slogan "Hands off Syria" which is one that usually equates Syrian with Assad, and you fly the flag of the Assad dictatorship and not the flag of the revolution, so I'm still not convinced to change my oponion.

    2. On my page you will see the Syrian flag, is not Assads. There is no revolution in Syria. I will never fly the "french" flag of fascists and warcriminals.

  4. "Leave the Matrix! See what is really going on...." http://claysbeach.blogspot.de
    Hör auf die Propagnda zu benutzen wie sie dir in den Kram passt.
    Hör auf mich zu benutzen für Kriegspropaganda. Verbrechen wurden in Adra begangen, schwäche es nicht ab oder lüge sie nicht plump um.
    Köpfe wurden abgeschnitten und Du weißt es und stellst dich dennoch auf die Seite von Todesschwadronen, von Barbaren welche jede menschliche Zivilisation vergessen haben. Und so wie Yalla... die Houla-Massaker für Propaganda benutzt, so benutzt du sie auch. Kein Interesse am Beendigen der Morde, kein Interesse am Schutz der Einwohner?
    Look in may archiv back to march 2011 nd stop the lies and the abuse for propaganda.

  5. One question, why you don´t condem beheadings? Why you are seaching for the so called propaganda from "pro-Syrians"? There are so much Videos over beheading, uploaded by "rebells, the so called rebels". Do you love "never ending" beheading? Stop the propaganda and the lies. You have pictures about al Houla and you don´t know what happens there. Inform yourself and stop the propaganda for the people of Syria. Open your eyes!

  6. "Fake Adra massacre photos expose bloody hands on Left "
    No search, no question?

  7. "Leave the Matrix! See what is really going on"
    What a fraud, did you ever open your eyes? Did you ever leave yout Matrix for the people in Syria? Did you ever left the propaganda?

  8. @urs1798 Unfortunately, this guy knows VERY well, what he is doing, he IS part of the matrix!^^

  9. You have to realize that Russia has always used disinformation as a foreign policy tool dating back to the Tzars, and this was dramatically compounded and globalized during the days of the Soviet Union, where countless numbers of people were enrolled in Soviet and Soviet satellite country propaganda mills, as well as their finding plentiful "useful idiots" throughout the Left in general, to create and disseminate disinformation throughout the world, the Matrix if you will. Certainly clients of the Soviets such as Syria were tutored in these arts as well, so much of the same machinery, globally and locally, was in place or could be reconstructed to support the Assad regime as soon as the Syrian Revolution began. Indeed, we had seen this disinformation network already reactivated during the Libyan Revolution to support Gaddafi, to the point where much of the Left was posting "news" that Gaddafi was winning up until the moment he was cornered and executed.