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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jill Stein & US Green's make the Left look like a clown act

Its outrageous that this authoritarian will soon be the President of the United States, but there are many forces that came together to cause this, so those looking for blame have a very long list. Even a short list would include the Democrat's poor choice for an opposition candidate, early Big Media profiteering off The Donald, the GOP's Operation CrossCheck which removed thousands of minority voters from the rolls, Wikileaks' dissemination of the stolen emails of only one side, and the FBI director's announced and then aborted new Clinton investigation.

Still, it's a tragedy that the Left had the power to stop this from happening, and it didn't. If Jill Stein voters in three swing states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania had instead voted strategically against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would have won, white nationalist leader Steve Bannon wouldn't be the incoming White House chief strategist and senior counselor, white supremacist Senator Jeff Sessions wouldn't be picked for the new Attorney General, and Maddog "It’s fun to shoot some people" Mattis wouldn't be picked for Defense Secretary.
This data is from Politico [updated 22 Nov. 2016 - PA updated 2 Dec from http://www.electionreturns.pa.gov/ ] :

Candidate Count % Michigan [16] Wisconsin [10] Pennsylvania [20]
Donald Trump 61,201,031 47% 2,279,805 1,409,467 2,955,671
Hillary Clinton 62,523,126 48% 2,268,193 1,382,210 2,906,128
Difference 11,612 27,257 49,543
Jill Stein 802,119 0.7% 50,700 30,980 49,678
Unfortunately, much of the US Left refused the common sense that it was in the interest of working people and people of color to rally around the lesser of the two evils in this binary election 2016 to insure that this anti-democratic white nationalist regime did not win state power. Leading forces in the US Left argued that progressives should refuse to choose between Clinton and Trump by either making a symbolic vote or not voting at all. The result was that the remaining pool of less progressive voters was barely enough to put Donald Trump over the top. In spite of all of the other factors, the election was so close that the US Left, as rallied around the Green Party, held the balance of power.

Instead of fighting this fascist takeover, the US Left joined the #NeverHillary movement that elected Trump. Many supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein and generally argued along these lines:

1.) Clinton doesn't deserve our vote so its better to refuse to vote for "the lesser evil."
2.) The Left needs to focus on building a 3rd party in this way even if it means Trump wins.
3.) They're just using Trump to scare us into voting for Clinton. The fix is in for her.
4.) Trump doesn't really stand a chance of being elected. Its safe not to worry about that.

Most also had a strong, petty-bourgeois, personal revulsion at the thought of doing what was necessary to defeat Trump and refused to "get their hands dirty." As Andrew Levine put it in his post-election defense of these positions, Must We Now Rethink the Hillary Question? Absolutely, Not, counterpunch, 2 Dec 2016:
I would have rather bathed in vomit than voted for Hillary Clinton.
The Left has a very big problem with rethinking anything. It is doubly tragic to hear Left voices raised in opposition to self-criticism and re-assessment after such a colossal failure to provide progressive leadership, or even comprehend what was happening and why.

In many ways the Left acted like narcissistic children of the Democratic Party. That's why they could blame Hillary Clinton for not being good enough, and probably why they thought they could beat up on her to their heart's delight and not inflict a fatal wound. They were wrong. They thought, even with all the damage they were doing, she could never lose. They were wrong. The Green Party thought they could run an explicitly anti-Clinton campaign with their "Jill Not Hill" election slogan and not create a Trump presidency. They were wrong.

First, Jill Stein campaigned hard against Clinton in the three key battleground states, and after she spoiled the election by taking just enough progressive votes away from Clinton in those same three states to put Donald Trump in the White House, she raises millions for a recount, but only in the states she spoiled, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; because she expected Hillary Clinton to win those states. We know this because she told the Alan Colmes Show:
They went the opposite way of what was expected...
Now Jill Stein thinks Hillary Clinton should have gotten more votes. Bill Palmer reported, 5 December 2016:
We reported last week that according to official tallies as many as 87,810 voters in Michigan had ballots which cast a vote for some downticket race but not for president.
Stein is now focused on these “undervote” ballots as well, which she pointed out during today’s press conference
Wayne County went heavily for Hillary Clinton, but not at the level expected, suggesting, some of Clinton’s votes may have indeed been scuttled.
Maybe they were scuttled by Green Party negative campaigning against Clinton? Jill Stein or her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, made no less than five personal appearances in Wayne County, MI in which they campaigned against Hillary Clinton. Does she now hope a recount will fix things, or is she just cashing in?

Andrew Levine expected Clinton to win too:
Along with nearly everyone else, I thought that Hillary would win. The pollsters said so, and they seemed to know what they were talking about; they certainly had enough data. Common sense said so too – this side of a real revolution, how could someone backed by the entire power structure lose?
The answer, Andrew, is that all of these Left assumptions were wrong, but don't trouble yourself to rethink anything. You're willing to say "I was wrong," about the election outcome because that has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, but you still think you are right about everything else? You worked hard, and even misled people to create this new reality:
In trying to persuade people, liberals especially, not to vote for Hillary, I did use the argument that it was pointless to pile on votes for her because she was bound to win anyway, so why not send her a message?
What he was doing is known as negative campaign by proxy and was key to Trump's victory. Trump's negatives were so high, his only chance of winning was to raise Clinton's negatives, but he was ill-suited to do that directly because 1) as her opponent, his bashing of her would be discounted, and 2) he's not creditable, his negatives are even higher. So the key to his victory lay in the proxy negative campaigns of the more credible members of the Never Hillary crowd, including FBI Directory Comey, WikiLeaks, and especially the Greens. Andrew and his fellow Greens got enough progressives not to vote for Clinton to put Trump in the White House. This was the net result of the Left's year long campaign against voting for the lesser of two evils, and even though the results were unexpected, this counterpunch author tells us:
Now is not the time to go back over the case for and against lesser evil voting.
Like I said, this Left doesn't do self-criticism. It is too arrogant for it. Besides, in truth, Levine really thinks Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils:
Neither is there much point in debating which of the two, Clinton or Trump, actually was the lesser evil.

For most liberals, the answer is obvious: Hillary was. I disagreed – mainly, but not only, because I thought that she was the more likely of the two to unleash a Third World War. I still do; and that trumps all.

[Hillary] favors “regime change” whenever and wherever neocons and “humanitarian” interveners deem it in the empire’s best interests.
This view is very common in the pro-Trump Left but it is doubly based on chauvinism, which is to say that it reflects the white chauvinist outlook of a certain segment of the white Left from two quite independent, if intersecting, perspectives:

1) They apply a false white chauvinist perspective on the revolutionary struggles in Libya and Syria that sees the Arabs thuwar (revolutionaries) as proxies of Washington "regime change" operations rather than agents of their own destinies. A fascist government is slaughtering its own civilians by the thousands from the air, and they label Hillary Clinton a "warmonger" for just calling for a no-fly zone to protect them, while they can't use the word humanitarian without putting quotes around it, and excuse Assad his sarin and barrel bomb attacks.. Here is an example of how Jill Stein campaigned [video @ 55:30] against Clinton in Detroit, 3 September 2016:
Yes, Donald Trump is very blunt and he says things in an extremely horrifying way, but I have to say about Hillary's track record, although she speaks much nicer, but when you look at what she's done, its absolutely terrifying, the war in Libya should not be the prototype of our foreign policy, and Hillary wants to start an air war over Syria, that's what a no-fly zone is, its an air war with Russia...
What Jill Stein calls Hillary Clinton's War in Libya, the Libyans call their Revolution!
Libyan Revolution 2011
Misrata post-Gaddafi
Libyan House of Representatives (مجلس النواب الليبي)
Ferchichi, Libya | June 15, 2012
With great courage and sacrifice, the Libyan people got rid of a 40 year fascist dictatorship that many on the Left fancied. Rebuilding has been slow and the struggle against counter-revolution daunting, but just Monday the UN-backed Libyan government announced that they have finally kicked ISIS out of its, and not co-incidentally Gaddafi's former, stronghold of Sirte, The so-called Islamic State at one time controlled 150 miles of the Libyan coastline, and may still be hanging on in Iraq and Syria, but their dreams of a caliphate in North Africa are now over.

A Libyan fighter allied with the United Nations-backed government waved the country’s flag from the ruins of a house in Surt after militias said they had driven out the Islamic State 12/05/16.   Credit Hani Amara/Reuters

While the Libyan freedom struggle could not take place without meddling and influence coming from the Clinton State Department and many other foreign quarters, it has always been, first and foremost, their revolution. They can't be removed from the picture by Jill Stein and the other "anti-imperialists" by labeling it Clinton's War for the purposes of the 2016 US elections.

2) In service of their "don't vote for the lesser evil" thesis, not only have they worked to make Hillary Clinton look more dangerous, they have been tireless in the efforts to make Donald Trump look less dangerous. This has meant downplaying or ignoring the racist foundations of the Trump campaign. Levine does that in his piece. How else could he conclude Clinton is the greater evil. Remembering Trump's promises to kick Mexicans and Muslims out while subjecting black communities to a national stop and frisk program, few people of color were buying what the Green Party was selling.

Apparently, the Green Party didn't care that their fundamentally pro-Trump role in this election was only further alienating this overwhelmingly white party from peoples of color.  They didn't do much to win new support in other quarters either. People will remember for a long time how they gave the election of Donald Trump, what Jill Stein is doing now makes the Left look like a clown act.

The one thing I think the Green's are right about is that bourgeois democracy, which they refer to in its current stage as "neo-liberalist", does trend toward fascist in the period of imperialist decay. It can be fairly argued that WWII was more than just a worldwide conflict between imperialist powers over the division of the world as WWI was, it was also the first worldwide fascist assault on bourgeois democracy and socialism. Fortunately this first assault was beaten back by a worldwide coalition of socialists and "neo-liberals."

We are currently witnessing the second worldwide fascist assault on bourgeois democracy and socialism such as it still exists. It already holds state power in Russia, has developed its barbaric practices in Syria, and is now making concerted efforts to win state power in the West, initially by non-violent means.

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