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Monday, November 21, 2016

Did Wikileaks call this election 10 years ago?

The best party is but a kind of conspiracy against the rest
of the nation.
                                  - Lord Halifax
This quote comes from a blog written by Julian Assange titled Conspiracy as Governance almost 10 years ago, 6 December 2006, when Wikileaks was in its infancy. Fast forward to the US presidential election of 2016 and no close observer can doubt that the one-sided release of DNC and Clinton-Podesta emails by Julian Assange have had a very significant, perhaps decisive, influence on the outcome of the election. That makes something else he said in that paper ten years ago far more interesting:
Literacy and the communications revolution have empowered conspirators with new means to conspire, increasing the speed of accuracy of the their interactions and thereby the maximum size a conspiracy may achieve before it breaks down.

Conspirators who have this technology are able to out conspire conspirators without it. For the same costs they are able to achieve a higher total conspiratorial power. That is why they adopt it.

For example, remembering Lord Halifax’s words, let us consider two closely balanced and broadly conspiratorial power groupings, the US Democratic and Republican parties.

Consider what would happen if one of these parties gave up their mobile phones, fax and email correspondence — let alone the computer systems which manage their subscribes, donors, budgets, polling, call centres and direct mail campaigns?

They would immediately fall into an organizational stupor and lose to the other.
Apparently Clinton's email wanted to be freer than Trump's 
Of course the Democratic Party didn't voluntarily give up its email communications in some sick social experiment. They were "given up" by Julian Assange, and behind him, most likely Russian hackers. Since the GOP is not known for its technological sophistication, there can be little doubt whoever hacked the Democrats would have been equally successful if they had set their sights on the Republicans. The election was close enough that had they done that, the outcome of the election would have likely been very different. Donald Trump barely survived his public tweets and rants, one can only imagine the results if the scandals and outrages lurking in his private emails had been made public.

Julian Assange knew ten years ago how he could swing a US election. He used his mad tech skills and connections to target his old enemy, the Clintons, and in doing so he made Donald Trump president. He may still be a virtual prisoner, still hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but Julian Assange is probably feeling very much like the king maker today, but he will have a lot to answer for on judgement day.

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