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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

@DrJillStein now claiming @realDonaldTrump is less of two evils

While most of Jill Stein's surrogates have been arguing that appearances to the contrary, Hillary Clinton is as bad as Donald Trump, the candidate herself is now claiming that a Clinton presidency would be worst than a Trump presidency. If that isn't a pro-Trump argument, I don't know what is. Patrick Tomlinson, writing in The Hill, 21 September 2016:
Speaking of the possibility of a Trump Presidency, Stein made the stunning claim that Donald Trump, despite the unbridled awfulness of his agenda, would actually be the “less dangerous” choice for President compared to rival Hillary Clinton, because he doesn’t know how to work the levers of government and would be held in check by Congress.

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that Trump knows how to manipulate the levers of politics at least well enough to become a candidate for President on a major party ticket. Can anyone name an example of a time in history when a xenophobic demagogue leading a populist movement has seen their power diminished upon winning national office? Because that’s not typically how that particular story ends.
The argument that a Trump presidency won't be that bad because congress will limit his power has been one of the basic themes of the Jill Stein campaign from the beginning. We have already seen where H. A. Goodman and Carmen Yarrusso did this. Now, not only is Jill Stein making this argument herself, she is doubling down by making the further argument that Trump will actually be less dangerous because he has less experience with Washington ways. Never mind that he has captured the leadership of the Grand Old Party with more than century of experience with Washington ways and a legion of experience operatives at his disposal.

Also, notice how little consideration is given to Donald Trump's plans to build a wall on the Mexican border, deport thousands of workers, ban Muslims, or institute a national stop and frisk? Jill Stein doesn't want to shine light on the white nationalist aspects of the Trump campaign any more than the Trump campaign does. So again the Green Party is leaving the concerns of non-whites at the back of the bus. In order to convince voters to make a protest vote for Stein, they have to argue that it really doesn't matter whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes the next POTUS. This leads to a need to demonize Clinton at every turn, while papering over Trump's white nationalist foundations and fascist tendencies.

Finally, knowing that many already know that the Green Party is trying to hide the truth about Trump, and won't buy their argument that Trump is no more dangerous than Clinton, they fall back on their faith in the system. They ask us to forget about the many things POTUS can do on his own authority, like issue Executive Orders and launch nuclear weapons!

Now Jill Stein is taking Ralph Nader's argument that Trump "doesn’t really know much about anything," and is "basically wondering how he ever got to the top of the Republican Party" one step further by claiming he is such a fool that it will be less dangerous to have his finger on the nuclear trigger than that of Hillary Clinton.

Either the Green Party has sold it soul in pursuit of 5% and millions in tax payer money that it will bring, or it really does want Trump to be our next president, in any case this treachery will be documented and remembered.

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