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Friday, August 12, 2016

#Trump didn't threaten #Hillary, he threatened violent insurrection

Why does the Media insist on describing Donald Trump's Second Amendment comment a threat to Hillary Clinton when it should be clear that he was talking about a violent overthrow of the US government? And why is nobody mentioning Trump's "Second Amendment people," like the Lions of Trump in the context of these remarks? This is what Trump said:
“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish — the 2nd Amendment.

By the way, and if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the 2nd Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.

But — but I'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. If, if Hillary gets to put her judges.”
Just about everybody outside of the Trump campaign agrees that hidden in these words is the threat of violent action. If one is not to be completely obtuse, "Second Amendment people" means people with guns, so the gist of his comment is that if a President Hillary Clinton were to pick Supreme Court justices that took away the right to bear arms, then those armed people might do something about it.

That much is easy to discern.

But what?

The mainstream media has been almost universal in saying that the Trump statement was a threat against Clinton.The threat of a lone assassin.

I disagree because that makes little sense. Killing a president after she has appointed some supreme court justices can hardly be expected to sway their decisions. I think even Donald Trump's "Second Amendment people" are smart enough to see the logic of that. Killing her before she picked the judges wouldn't be much better. Her vice-president would then make similar decisions. What are they going to do then? Kill him too? Then they have to worry about the whole line of succession. More people to kill. Pretty soon they are talking about overthrowing the government, and I think that's what his "Second Amendment" comment was really saying.

The only unique advantage "Second Amendment people" have in overturning a Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment, or anything else, is that they can attempt to do it by force of arms. Of course, they can't overturn a Supreme Court decision by force of arms without overthrowing the government that stands behind the Supreme Court and enforces its decisions.

What Donald Trump is threatening here is something we've seen in other countries, for example Italy and Germany, in the past. Namely the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government by fascist militias. Even if the Media acts like they don't know that that's what he was talking about, you can be certain his "Second Amendment people" knew what he was talking about. Therefore I find it extremely troubling that, in the context of this remark, the media has been silent about the Donald Trump's personal protection militia, the Lion's Guard, and his other well-armed, well organized, and thoroughly anti-government "Second Amendment people."

Trump and the Republicans

Donald Trump is not a Republican. I'm far from the first person saying that. A lot of lifelong Republicans have been saying that for months. That's why the past two Republican presidents, the last two Republican presidential nominees, and the Republican governor of the state in which it was held, refused to attend the nominating convention for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the leader of a white supremacist movement and they have hijacked the Republican party.

That is why he has refused to definitively denounce and separate himself from the Ku Klux Khan, he needs those people in his ranks for what he's got coming. Consider just how far we've come in a half-century - Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who was the 1964 GOP pick, is widely considered the most reactionary Republican presidential candidate in my lifetime, but when the Klan offered its support, he didn't play nice with them the way Trump has. The New York Times reported:
In an informal conference after the meeting, Mr. Gold­water firmly repudiated the Ku Klux Klan and said he did not want the support of organ­izations bearing that name.
In rejecting support of the Klan, Mr. Goldwater seemed to have overruled both Mr. Miller [his vp pick] and the new Republican Na­tional Chairman, Dean Burch. In recent days both of them have said that the Republicans would not reject the support of Klansmen.
So in 1964, this most reactionary of Republican candidates actually had a better position on the KKK than his party leadership. These days the GOP standard bearers won't go near the Klan, but their party is being led by a demagogue that, while appearing to be to the left of them on many traditional Republican themes, is decidedly to their extreme right on the question of white racism.

Meet Donald Trump's "Second Amendment people"

David Riden is one of those people. This year he was a Trump delegate at the RNC but in 2009 he helped to draft The Articles Of Freedom, which claims the whole Federal government is in violation of the constitution and needs to be violently overthrown. Riden, who said he keeps in contact with a militia group in Tennessee, told Mother Jones, in no uncertain terms, what the Second Amendment means to him:
There's only one reason why the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment…If the federal government were to follow the path of all other governments, at some point it will turn to tyranny against the people. And at that point, when it stops to uphold and abide by the Constitution—and we're talking about the Supreme Court, Congress, and the executive branch, all three are way off away from the Constitution right now—the people have the right to assemble, bear arms, go to Washington, DC, or wherever necessary, and go into military battle against the government and replace those in government with individuals that will uphold the Constitution. The Constitution should remain, but the people that are abusing it should be, the polite word is, eliminated. The harsh word is killed. And they're killed by American citizens with weapons. And if people have tanks, assault weapons, if they have bombs—they need to have the weaponry necessary to be able to overthrow the federal government.
Note: For a different reading on the history and meaning of the Second Amendment please see my: Murders of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile: No 2nd Amendment rights for blacks

Lori Gayne was another Trump delegate before she got booted from the convention for posting things like “Our brave snipers just waiting for some “N—- to try something. Love them,” under her social media handle "Whitepride."

Collins A. Bailey of Waldorf, Maryland, was another Trump delegate. He was associated with the now defunct United Sovereigns of America. Gavin Long, the man who killed three police in Baton Rogue on 17 July 2016 considered himself a black "Sovereign."  They are a very confused group. Bailey once posted something on his MySpace page that might be taken to justify such murders:
"The Second Amendment does not address duck hunting," he wrote in 2008. "Our Founding Fathers…wisely made many provisions to guard against tyranny, including tyranny from our own government."
Bailey's son, Caleb A. Bailey, was also approved as a Trump delegate before it came out that he was being indicted on federal weapons and child pornography charges. Mother Jones reported:
Unidentified federal investigators told local TV news station ABC 7 that when they raided Caleb Bailey's 75-acre gated compound in Waldorf they found a fortified subterranean room under his home stocked with grenades, tear gas, and illegal machine guns.
After Mother Jones broke the story that Trump had selected William Johnson, the leader of the American Freedom Party, a group that "exists to represent the political interests of White Americans", to be a delegate from California, his name was quickly withdrawn and blamed on "database error."

Trump has a long history of courting these groups. For years he played dog-whistle politics with them by being so outspoken about his claim that Obama is not an American citizen that he rose to be the head of the birther movement. And he has dropped other hints, like when he told the New York Times that if he were president, he would invite the anti-government Bundy family to the White House, after they had ended an armed occupation of federal offices in Nevada. The Washington Post, which has been banned from covering the Trump campaign, reported:
top Nazi leader: Trump will be a ‘real opportunity’ for white nationalists

By Peter Holley
7 August 2016
The effort to plant the seeds of white nationalism in the political mainstream, where they might blossom into pro-white political coalitions that appeal to a broader swath of Caucasian voters, will not be easy, according to the chairman of the American Nazi Party.

But Rocky Suhayda thinks there is one political figure who presents a “real opportunity” to lessen the load.

Who is it? Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president.

“Now, if Trump does win, okay, it’s going to be a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon that, and to go and start — you know how you have the black political caucus and what not in Congress and everything — to start building on something like that,” Suhayda declared on his radio program last month. More...
This year, the media has been very concerned about Muslim extremists pledging allegiance to ISIS. Maybe its time for them to also start worrying about white supremacists pledging allegiance to Donald Trump. Rachel Pendergraft, national organizer for the its flagship Knights Party, told the Washington Post last month that the KKK was starting to use Trump's candidacy to recruit.

America's best known Klan leader, David Duke, has let it be known that he's "100 percent behind" Trump's program.

Now we have a new militia that has been formed especial for, if not by, Donald Trump.

Meet The Lions of Trump

Raw Story broke the news 14 March 2016:
Trump militia forms to ‘forcefully protect’ rally goers against ‘far-left agitators’

14 March 2016
By David Edwards
A group of Donald Trump supporters over the weekend called for volunteers to join a would-be militia aiming to protect voters against so-called “violent far-left agitators.”
Hours after a protester rushed the stage at Trump’s Dayton rally, a Twitter group called “The Lion’s Guard” called on supporters of the GOP front-runner to join a make-shift militia, according to RT.

“Do you want to provide security protection to innocent people who are subject to harassment and assault by Far-left agitators?” Lion’s Guard asked in a call to action. “If so, you are welcome to join. That’s the mission — to protect innocents who can’t hire their own security guards.”

Lion’s Guard said that their members would be unarmed, “but willing to forcefully protect people if need be.” More...

Their slogan is “Better to be a lion for a day, than a lamb for eternity.” and the group took its name from a Benito Mussolini quote Donald Trump Retweeted in February:
The group's website, http://LionsOfTrump.net/about says its:
An informal civilian group dedicated to the safety and security of #Trump supporters by exposing Far-Left rioters. We are the voluntary eyes and ears of Make America Great Again on Social Media. We do not endorse instigating fights or brawling with anti-Trump marauders. The Lion Guard seeks to identify and expose plots to attack Mr. Trump, Trump Supporters, and their rallies before they even can happen.
They have a facebook page too. The website itself is very careful to steer clear of any explicit suggestions of violence. Some of the comments, not so much, as for example, Tom, 15 March 2016:
Protesters will not receive mercy….they will be sliced and diced into little bags.
Horace Bloom, author of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler: Making A Serious Comparison has done a very important exposure website About The Fascist Lion Guard Protecting Donald Trump:
This is NOT the web site of the organization that calls itself The Lion Guard. This web site has been created to warn Americans who oppose the presidential election of Donald Trump about the Lion Guard. The Lion Guard web site is at LionsOfTrump [.net]

On Monday, March 15, a group calling itself the Lion Guard has launched a web site, seeking to organize supporters of Donald Trump into a militia to counter protests at Trump rallies. The group claims to be “dedicated to the safety and security of Trump supporters,” but has also declared itself willing to use violence, “willing to forcefully protect” Donald Trump from people it perceives to be threats.

Over the weekend, the Lion Guard organized a Twitter account, which quickly gained over 500 followers, but then shut down in under 24 hours. This led many to believe that the Lion Guard was defunct. Attention to the militia faded, but it soon popped up again at a different Twitter account, and now is organizing through its own web site.
Bloom is also very informative about the history of the lion image in fascism:

If there is any question that perhaps the lion isn’t really a symbol for fascism, consider this image from the British Fascist party in the 1920s. It features, front and center, a lion, and not a serene, peaceful, defending lion, but a snarling lion, ready to attack.

The imagery of the Trump Lion Guard is also associated with Nazi Germany, and with modern Nazi skinhead groups. One of the members of the Lion Guard, using the Twitter username Rhalitra and the white supremacist “anti-cuck” code word, appears to be at the core of the new organization, using a clean, side profile version of the group’s lion icon that has been seen nowhere else before.

Rhalitra also uses another form of the Lion Guard graphic, a black and white version of the graphic in the middle of a good deal of ornamentation, and the motto “God With Trump” on top. God with Trump sounds innocuous, until one realizes that a nearly identical design was worn by Nazis during World War II, with only one different word in the motto: Uns. The Nazi motto was Gott Mit Uns — God With Us.

Here, Rhalitra’s graphic is in the middle. On the left is a graphic used by present-day neoNazis. On the right is a lapel pin worn by the Nazis. The similarities cannot be accidental. The Lion Guard being designed by American who idolize both the Italian Fascists and the Nazis. If you squint, at the bottom of Rhalitra’s Nazi graphic you can just barely see the letters MAGA — standing for Make America Great Again.
He also talked about the significance of the Mussolini slogan for the Trump movement:
The problem isn’t just that Donald Trump admires the words of Benito Mussolini. It’s that Trump — and his supporters — admire the meaning behind the words. Mussolini’s point, one that Trump and his fans embrace, is that people must choose between being strong predators or weak prey, and that, given this choice, it is better to prey upon the weak than to allow oneself to become prey.

This is a fundamentally fascist concept, and one that is familiar to anyone who has spent any time paying attention to Donald Trump’s speeches. Trump is almost constantly talking about how how “strong” he is, and how “weak” his rivals are. He complains that other leaders have allowed the United States to become a nation of weak losers, while he will ensure that our country starts winning — that he will Make America Great Again.
On the website they are careful to emphasis that Lions Guard is a peaceful group and what's more, an Internet only group concerned exclusively with fighting for Donald on-line through social media, but there are indications that that the group is expanding beyond the virtual world. In June, a group of Arizona bikers, mostly retired cops and soldiers, announced the formation of Lions Guard Arizona. Member Cindy Perrin told KTAR News in Phoenix:
“We’re going to stand between them and any protesters that come onto the property and hopefully protect them from any bodily harm, should it get to that point,”
Bikers could turn out be a big source of recruits for Trump's militias. Chris Cox claims his "Bikers for Trump" has 30,000 members and he is in the process of transforming it from a group organizing independent rallies for Trump to a volunteer security force and Politico writes:
Trump’s campaign and paid consultants are doing little to discourage Bikers for Trump or other security volunteers.
Donald Trump is a big supporter of a new conspiracy theory favored by these white supremacist militias that claims that Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, are conspiring with Black Lives Matters activists paid by George Soros to cause riots and civil unrest that then will give Obama an excuse to cancel the elections and declare martial law.

The reason Donald Trump keeps repeating the obvious lie that Barack Hussein Obama is the founder father of ISIS, and Hilary Clinton, its founding mother, is that he is signaling his support for #SummerOfChaos propaganda theories, something else the mainstream media has been silent on.

The Summer of Chaos

Linux Beach did an article in July that debunked the "leaked emails" that allegedly brought the conspiracy to light. Needless to say, that did little to stop it. After five police were murdered in Dallas, The Dollar Vigilante wrote:
It was only two days ago that we focused on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaked documents showing they were planning, in concert with the Obama Regime, a “Summer of Chaos.”

We wrote:
Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson had two of his email accounts hacked recently … [They] showed that they are planning to create massive unrest during this election period in something they call the “Summer of Chaos”.

The leaked documents show that Soros-embraced Black Lives Matter wants to create so much chaos that martial law will be instituted and the elections cancelled. Chaos is the goal in order to destabilize the populace.
Two days later, on 7/7 (the magic number 7!), the opening shots were fired in Dallas, Texas. Just as we predicted.
Another pro-Trump website warns:
The chaos will leave the administration no choice but to declare martial law and keep Obama in office due to this unfortunate summer of chaos. Our own Hillary style ‘Arab Spring’!
Is there a better way to rally the troops for a violent insurrection than to predict that the current government is planning to seize power illegally?

Now Donald Trump has been accusing Obama and Clinton of starting ISIS since he made his Second Amendment comment. The media has also been talking about this non-stop, but they haven't connected the dots between these statements and their real audience. If so many people are saying that this behavior may cost Trump the election, don't you think he is aware of that problem? He continues to make these outrageous statements, even though they may hurt him at the polls, because he doesn't see the election as the only way to get what he wants. I think he is willing to speak more openly to his base, his "Second Amendment people," even if it risks his electoral success, precisely because he is losing badly in the polls and doesn't see the election as his only road to power. That is why he is building para-military organizations or bringing them under his leadership. Maybe that is why he still refuses to release his tax returns. He doesn't want us to know how much money he is spending with certain groups. We don't know how dangerous they are now because they are very secretive and we haven't done our homework yet.

Donald Trump is a fascist. Ivana Trump said he kept a collection of Adoph Hitler's speeches, My New Order, in a bedside cabinet. If he can't rise to power through the election, he may be preparing a Plan B. If he does manage to get elected, it may take more than another election to get him out of power. This election year is unlike any other in American history. It requires all who can vote to do so and to cast their vote in such a way that not only is Donald Trump defeated and defeated by such a wide margin that these avowed white supremacists learn that they can never seize state power in the United States. Those that counsel us not to vote for the lesser evil would have a greater evil come to power and in 2016 that evil is too great to play these silly Leftist games with.

I know it sounds ridiculous to talk about Donald Trump riding to power on the bikes of right-wing militias and I'm sure a lot of Jill Stein supporters will accuse me of fearmongering. But I don't mind. A year ago, I never thought Donald Trump would have made it this far. This year I think the threat is real.

                                                                                              - Clay Claiborne

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