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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Republican support for Green Party's @DrJillStein is emerging

The GOP website says Sean M. Spicer "has served as RNC Communications Director since 2011, and in February of 2015 added the duties of Chief Strategist." So why is the Republican's chief strategist tweeting for Jill Stein?
He's followed the Stein campaign from the beginning. In September he started to show his support:
Looking at who retweeted and liked his tweet, we can see that some of Trump's most deplorable white nationalists are also Jill Stein supporters. 

Gary's avatar is the logo of Trump's personal protection militia. Why does the Hitler lovings Lion Guard want to see more of Jill Stein CNN?

I wonder how many Green Party progressive have re-tweeted his Republican tweet.

Jill Stein meet your newest supporters. In "The Green Party and Syria," Louis Proyect writes that many Jill Stein supporters are "backing the Syrian equivalent of General Francisco Franco’s fascist military in Spain." Are US fascists now returning the favor?

Jill Stein loves Sean Spicer
@DrJillStein liked his tweet but I guess she was ashamed to re-tweet it. If the Greens agree with the Republicans that more publicity for Jill Stein is a good thing, they should re-tweet it. I wonder how many of those 59 retweets are from Republicans and how many are from Greens. I wonder what how many Jill Stein "supporters" generally are really Republicans when they are at home; and I wonder if Jill Stein likes his tweet would she refuse his money?

Moishe is on #TrumpTeam and promotes LyingCrookedHillary.com which is paid for by the RNC.

The next obvious question is: Is this Republican putting any money where his mouth is?

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