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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Donald Trump wants to be the Last US President

Owing to the fact that the Masters of War have seen fit to give the President of the United States the unbridled power to launch enough nuclear weapons to end this experiment called humanity in less than four minutes flat, and no one can stop him and no one can call the missiles back, the most important outcome a week from today is that Donald Trump gets no where near our nuclear codes.

Every other question raised in this election is way secondary.

Not only is Donald Trump a power hungry madman out to show the whole world how important he is, he is obsessed with nuclear weapons. He makes a fetish of them. I rushed this video together because it is apparent that with the help of Wikileaks, Putin, the FBI director and whoever's next, Trump could still win this thing. I also did this because while there are a lot of videos that focus of Trump and nukes, none I've found really illustrated his profound madness on the subject.

As you watch and listen to this 60 second production, think about how you would feel about a neighbor that talked about guns the way The Donald talks about nuclear weapons. If you wouldn't be happy with such a neighbor owning an arsenal, I hope you will circulate this video and do anything else you can think of to get out the vote to stop Trump by electing Clinton.

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