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Friday, December 2, 2016

@DrJillStein now officially 'the Ralph Nader of 2016'

Although Democrat Hillary Clinton beat white nationalist Donald Trump by several million popular votes, the weird geometry of the slavery-compromised electoral college made Trump the new president. The electoral college math meant that less than 80,000 votes spread between three states made the difference between Hillary Clinton winning and what happened. Those three states are Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Those are the same three states Green Party ex-candidate Jill Stein is now fundraising for a recount in, and they are the same three battleground states that then candidate Jill Stein campaigned hard against Hillary Clinton in.
Jill Stein to visit Wisconsin Thursday, October 27
Stein, Green Party running mate to campaign in Michigan
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein to visit Penn State on Wednesday
In an earlier post-election post we showed that votes for Jill Stein in two key states, Wisconsin and Michigan, were greater that the margin by which Trump beat Clinton, and in Pennsylvania they would have brought Clinton to within less than 20,000 votes of victory. At that time we speculated that Jill Stein's "JillNotHill" campaign of trashing Clinton and painting Trump as the lesser evil when she clearly had no chance of winning herself, could have easily discouraged that many PA progressives from voting at all.

Now the final vote tally is in and speculation is no longer needed. When the final count for Philadelphia was tallied, Hillary Clinton gained about 24,000 more votes, bringing her to within 49,543 votes of beating Trump in PA where 49,678 progressive voters opted out of the presidential contest by voting for Jill Stein.
This story has been on Tweeter for days but Linux Beach waited until the results were posted on the PA Department of State website this morning before declaring that what we warned about for months, that Donald Trump can only win if Jill Stein stays in has been proven by these results.

Jill Stein voters were enough to elect Hillary Clinton all by themselves, no stay-at-home voters were needed. It was Jill Stein voters, who apparently lacked the common sense to choose the lesser of two evils in a binary election, that allowed a less progressive pool of voters to hand state power in the most powerful country on the globe to a white supremacist regime.

This data is from Politico [updated 22 Nov. 2016 - PA updated 2 Dec from http://www.electionreturns.pa.gov/ ] :

Candidate Count % Michigan [16] Wisconsin [10] Pennsylvania [20]
Donald Trump 61,201,031 47% 2,279,805 1,409,467 2,955,671
Hillary Clinton 62,523,126 48% 2,268,193 1,382,210 2,906,128
Difference 11,612 27,257 49,543
Jill Stein 802,119 0.7% 50,700 30,980 49,678

The Independent is reporting:
Jill Stein 'handed Donald Trump the presidency' by splitting support for Hillary Clinton
Labelled 'the Ralph Nader of 2016', after Green Party nominee who split the left-of-centre vote in 2000, helping George W Bush narrowly defeat Al Gore

Charlotte England
2 December 2016
The total number of votes for the Green Party has exceeded Donald Trump’s narrow lead over Hillary Clinton in several US states, leading some commentators to suggest Jill Stein handed the Republicancandidate the presidency.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Ms Stein got 51,463, 49,678, and 31,006 votes respectively, whereas Mr Trump won by a margin of 10,704, 46,765, and 22,177 in the same states, new figures show.

Most people who voted for Ms Stein would otherwise have been more likely to vote Democrat than Republican, analysts have said, particularly in this election where Mr Trump's denial of climate change and far-right policy proposals were the antithesis of many Green Party values.

Ms Stein has been compared on social media to Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate who is widely believed to have split the left-of-centre vote in 2000, helping Republican candidate George W Bush narrowly defeat the Democrat candidate Al Gore. More...
Now we will have to struggle under much tougher conditions and this is all the more reason why we must learn from our mistakes and not just shine them on as many in the Left are now doing.

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  1. Voting for the lesser of two evils is STILL voting for evil! When will you people understand that!? You should be blaming the DNC for rigging the primary. If Sanders had won the nomination, I would have voted for him instead of the Green Party. Under no circumstances would I have ever voted for HRC. I would love to see a woman president, but she and most other Washington insiders are way too corrupt. They are bought and paid for by corporations.

    You should also be flat out blaming the corruption of both Republicans and Democrats for being the reason that someone like Trump managed to get elected. Most people I talk to voted for him because they were sick of establishment politicians and they thought voting for Trump would mean he wouldn't play their games. An ignorant position to be sure, but that is what most of them thought. The remaining people who voted for him are those who are just like him and would have voted for him no matter what.

    Your position would have all people support a party and candidate no matter how corrupt they are because it's the only way to win. It's people like you with your logic that elected Trump, both on the Republican side and the other side of that coin which is the people who stayed voting Democrat despite knowing that the Green Party is better, because they feel they can't win with the Green Party. If they would abandon that mentality, the Green Party could actually win and Americans would actually have a choice for the first time in a very long time.

  2. Trump didn’t win because of Stein’s vote, he won because ____fill in the blank. The reason I consider this a false argument is because it's like arguing which straw broke the camel's back. If the camel's back would have held with even one less straw, then the answer is that every straw was necessary to break the camel's back.

    Trump lost the popular vote by millions and won the electoral college by less that 100K strategic votes. With a margin that thin, he couldn't afford to lose a single advantage and win. If Bernie had won the nomination it would have been a different ball game. This is true. If Clinton had been a little better candidate, Trump would have lost. This is true. If the Democrats had run a more populist campaign, Trump would have lost. This is also true. If Wikileaks hadn't released the Clinton emails, if WikiLeaks had also released Trump emails. If Comey hadn't caused an 11th hours revitalization of the FBI Clinton probe, if Comey had also made public the FBI's Trump investigation, and so on. With Trump winning by margins thinner than the votes for Jill Stein in three states, it is clear that if you took away even one of the "straws" supporting Trump's victory, the world would be looking a bit brighter right now.

    Anyway you slice it, it comes down to the same thing. In the US presidential election of 2016, an election of world historic importance, the margin of victory by the Trump cabal was so slim that the US Left, as small and weak as it is, actually held the balance of power in its hands and it threw its weight behind a fascist victory. If the battle cry of the Left had been "all out to defeat the racist Trump cabal" instead of "Jill not Hill" we would have had plenty of time to develop our critique of the Clintons, and I'll wager there would have been a mite less suffering along the way, especially for people of color. They will suffer the most with an open white supremacist in charge. Too bad the Left didn't say more about that before the election. Trump would not be president today without the aid of the so-called Left. People will know that for a long time. It is a big set back.