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Monday, September 23, 2013

Why didn't the EcoSocialism Conference address these 3 things?

I attended the EcoSocialism Conference in Los Angeles on Saturday. The conference was designed build Left unity and to promote:
- the protection and restoration of the health of our planet for ourselves and future generations
- the creation of a society free of exploitation, economic oppression, and profit motive
- a community consciousness whereby we measure our quality of life based on our relationships with each other and nature
According to its mission statement, but a few things I thought should be important items on the agenda never even came up. [except once when I spoke] Here are three that came to mind:

The wholesale destruction, by aerial bombardment of some of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth, and with them the destruction of a world heritage that belongs to all of us.

The biggest humanitarian crisis in 20 years and counting.

The reintroduction of chemical weapons in warfare for the first time in a quarter century

Of course, all of this stuff is happening in Syria and Syria was the elephant in the room and either the plight of the Syria people was being opportunistically sacrificed in the name of Left unity or the majority of the Left, as represented at this conference, just doesn't give a fuck about what is happening to Syria and its people.

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